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Timberborn All Maps in Game With Photo Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Timberborn All Maps in Game With Photo Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

A simple photo guide to inform your journey. Know before you go.
Editor mode photos of each of the playable maps included in the game, with tips and notes about resources.


The Maps are arranged below by order of size, largest to smallest. They come in Full size, Three quarter, Half size, and Tiny.
You are also able to create your own maps in the editor, or edit one of the game maps, and save it under a different name for playing.
Whatever you choose, there’s much to see and do already in this early access title.

Plains Map

This is the first map, and the one that is recommended for starters. It is a full size map.
Timberborn All Maps in Game With Photo Guide - Plains Map - 46184BC
Size is 256X256
It is very basic, with easy access to the water and the bank opposite the river.
In addition, the river can be filled with platforms, creating a riverwalk for industrial buildings, and freeing up arable land for growing things. You’re not going to want to have a district without arable land until later in the game when you can adequately terraform. So stay along the river for awhile.
I recommend adding multiple resources and more water pump/ tanks on the reachable bank, which you probably spanned with a dam (just above the waterfall.) The dam here keeps water inside for the drought season. And, once you’ve stocked plenty of resources over there and built a barracks with your starting district workers, you can add a new district over there that’s already stocked, so you can reach metal. This overlap district method is an easy way to start new districts.

Lakes Map:

The Lakes map is one of the biggest, with a very balanced terrain. It is of mid-range difficulty.
Timberborn All Maps in Game With Photo Guide - Lakes Map: - 80FA912
Size 256X256
The river winds off of two larger lakes. But, the map is mostly land, as opposed to the Thousand Islands map. You could do just about anything with this full size map. Everything is possible here: terraforming, explosives, suspension bridges, and either faction is do-able.

Terraces Map:

The Terrace map is a more balanced version of the Mountain range map, with lots of table land mesas.
Timberborn All Maps in Game With Photo Guide - Terraces Map: - 4832BE1

Size 256X256
This is one of the biggest, a full size map. It could be played with a mix of terraforming and suspension bridge strategies. But, the hinterland is daunting and dry. Expect a big project here. This is a decent map for the Steel Teeth Faction.

Thousand Islands Map:

Waterworld! The most beautiful map in the game to date, and one of the biggest full-sized maps.
Timberborn All Maps in Game With Photo Guide - Thousand Islands Map: - 32F4671
Size 256X256
This is the wanderer’s dreamworld. You start out on a mid-sized island with only basic resources to ensure a safe and successful early game… with no steel. You will most likely make a detour right or left with early districts to obtain some steel, before moving along the middle archipelago to the lovely cascading waterfall at back.
The good news is most of the map is arable. And, industry can be built on water platforms to make better space on the smaller islands. The limits are in terraforming. There is probably nothing here you would want to blow up.

Mountain Range Map:

This challenging Mountain map is basically a three quarter size playing area.
Timberborn All Maps in Game With Photo Guide - Mountain Range Map: - 5AA7BDB
Size 196X196
No doubt about it… this map is not for the faint hearted. Terraforming will be essential in thriving in this world. Fortunately, the start between the waterfalls is picturesque and makes it an obsession for the creative.

Canyon Map:

The Canyon map is half the size of the larger maps. It is also a bit more of a challenge, as the steel resources are difficult to obtain.
Timberborn All Maps in Game With Photo Guide - Canyon Map: - F78F6BD

Size 128X128
The variations in height promise a visually stunning world on this map. It also offers quite a bit of terraforming potential.

Meander Map:

The Meandering river is perfect for the Steel Teeth Faction. It is another of the half size maps, and one of my favorite.
Timberborn All Maps in Game With Photo Guide - Meander Map: - AAB7DE0
Size 128X128
The biggest advantage is close steel resources. Also, arable land edges every area, making plenty of room to build self-sufficient districts anywhere. Of course, terraforming options are few, with little reason to terraform much of it. But, it is the perfect map for building splendid suspension bridges.

Waterfalls Map:

This featured waterfall is one of the half-sized maps and provides a safe start.
Timberborn All Maps in Game With Photo Guide - Waterfalls Map: - 253447B
Size 128X128
It is a medium challenge and best left to the Folktail Faction. While the middle of the map provides a wealthy early game, steel is more distant on the average. Less than a third of the land is arable, but terraforming will open up the hinterland.

Diorama Map:

The tiny sized Diorama is the smallest map and provides an opportunity for a high game, as opposed to building wide.
Timberborn All Maps in Game With Photo Guide - Diorama Map: - E1E0C37
Size 50X50
It is small enough to see everything in an overview. And, every pixel could be made arable with a bit of terraforming. Keep your pop low early game, and expect a bit of challenge.


You’re sure to find a map you like already. Also, everything is movable in game, even your starting location can be moved, if desired.
Simply place a second district in the sweet spot nearby.
Add a gate on the trail between the two districts by deleting the trail in that spot.
Then delete the unwanted start district, and the gate.
You can now rename the new district to something other than District 2.
*Be careful not to strand your eager beavers. They must have immediate access to the new district.
I hope this guide has helped. Let me know if I can give more info. Have fun!

Written by EdenStarGazer

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