TheHunter Classic How to Increase FPS

TheHunter Classic How to Increase FPS 1 -
TheHunter Classic How to Increase FPS 1 -

Multiple people complained about not being able run the game at higher speeds than 60hz. My personal 60hz limit is due to my high-end rig as well as my high-hz monitor. After much searching and testing, I found the solution. I hope it works for your!

How it works (Give it a rating so other people can see!)

  1. Go to Steam Library and click theHunter:Cla*sic.
  2. Next, click properties. Once browse file explorer has opened, click on “game” and scroll down
  3. Click on “game” and then click properties. Make sure you check the compatibility tab.
  4. Finally, click the apply button. Once you’re done, run the game and adjust your refresh rate.

I hope this helped!


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