The Walking Dead WALKING DEAD EPISODE 1 – A NEW DAY Guide 1 -
The Walking Dead WALKING DEAD EPISODE 1 – A NEW DAY Guide 1 -
​There are five Tough Decisions noted in the walkthrough below. The choice you make will directly affect the events of future episodes.



⭐ Look at the mirror to talk to the cop. 
⭐ Check the body through the broken window. 
⭐ Turn right and kick out the window. Climb out. 
⭐ Approach the officer and take the keys on his waist. They will drop once, but you can pick them up and point at your cuffs to unlock them. 
⭐ ​Back away and, when you hit the car, look to the right to pick up a shell. Look to the left to pick up the shotgun. Pick up the shell once more. Aim for the head and fire as soon as you can. 


⭐ ​Walk up onto the back porch and select the back door. Open it. 
⭐ Pass the kitchen and activate the answering machine. 
⭐ Enter the kitchen and open the middle drawer to find the walkie talkie. 
⭐ Aim at the babysitter’s head to kick her. Repeatedly pass the cursor over her and kick her when you find a target. 
⭐ When you get to the door, look behind you and pass the cursor over Clementine. Use the hammer to finish off the babysitter by targeting her head. 
⭐ Choose whether you want to leave during the day or night. 
Day Option: 
⭐ Approach the front gate and meet Shawn Greene and Chet. 
⭐ It is preferable to tell the truth, as lying here will earn you a lecture by Hershel Greene. 
⭐ Select the car hood repeatedly to move it. 
Night Option: 
​⭐ Approach the front gate and meet Shawn and the Sheriff’s deputy. 
⭐ ​Talk to them and they will take you to Hershel’s Farm. 


⭐ ​Converse with Hershel Greene. 
⭐ Converse with Clementine in the barn. 
⭐ In the morning, meet Kenny and Duck. 
⭐ Talk to Kenny at the truck to learn about his boat and plans. 
⭐ Talk to Clementine on the porch to learn about her background. Talk to Katjaa to learn about her and her family. 
⭐ Talk to Shawn by the fence to cut wood and learn about him. 
Tough Decision 1: 
⭐ Go to the barn and talk to Hershel. It’s difficult not to lie to Hershel, but your honesty is noted by the game. 
Tough Decision 2: 
⭐ At the fence, choose whether to save Duck or Shawn. 
⭐ Shawn dies anyway, regardless of your choice, but your choice will affect your relationship with Kenny. 
⭐ The best thing to do here is to save duck. 
⭐ ​Talk to Hershel and Kenny. Kenny will still offer a ride to Macon no matter what you say. 


⭐ ​Meet Lilly, Larry, Doug, Carley and Glenn. 
Tough Decision 3: 
⭐ In the standoff over Duck, you can further loyalties with Kenny or the new group. 
⭐ The walker in the bathroom will go for Clementine. Focus on her when you fall down and you can select her to save her. 
⭐ ​Talk to the new group. 
⭐ When you gain control, grab the Energy Bar behind Carley. There’s another Energy Bar past Kenny’s family, and another in the Shaving Needs section past Lilly and Larry as you walk around the room counter-clockwise. You can give one to Duck if you wish to build trust with Kenny. 
⭐ Talk to Lilly to find out about the fate of the pharmacy owners. 
⭐ Pick up the radio Carley is working on. Twiddle the dials. Flip the radio over. 
⭐ One battery is against the wall behind the greeting card rack. 
⭐ Another battery is on the floor. Return to Carley with the batteries. You can then reorient them in the radio to get it working. 
⭐ Enter the ‘Employees Only’ door. 
⭐ Move the wooden pallet and the desk blocking the office door. 
⭐ When Clementine cuts her finger, look for the first aid kit, a red box on a shelf to the right. You can bandage her finger by returning to her. 
⭐ Now you can examine a picture on the ground to have a conversation with Carley. 
⭐ ​Examine the television above the first aid kit, high above the shelf. You can find the remote in the drawer under Clementine. It won’t work on the TV, but it will come in handy later. 
⭐ ​Glenn should call back when you exit the office. 
⭐ Head back inside and talk to Carley. 


⭐ Lean to the left and pick up the pillow just on the other side of the wall. 
⭐ Look to the right and choose to run to the truck. At the truck, you can’t get in the window. Instead kill the zombie leaning against the nearby car by peering around the truck and selecting the pillow icon while looking at the zombie. 
⭐ Open the car door next to the zombie you just killed and take the spark plug. 
⭐ Move the gear shift. 
⭐ Return to the truck. Use the spark plug on the window to get the icepick. 
⭐ Return to the motel sign where you started the area. 
⭐ Look over the wall and highlight the zombie and choose the icepick option. 
⭐ When you get near the zombie, pass the cursor over its head QUICKLY until it turns orange. Stab it. 
⭐ From the RV, you can peek around the side and activate the icepick on another zombie. As it comes at you, you will need to stab it TWICE by carefully passing the cursor over its face. 
⭐ Return to the car where you found the spark plug and push the car to trap the zombie. Now you can use the icepick one final time on the trapped zombie by the fire axe. After its dead, take the fire axe.’ 
⭐ Approach the zombies until the first one recognizes you. Let it come to you, aiming at its head. Swing when it gets extremely close and the cursor turns orange. Do the same for the second walker. 
Tough Decision 4: 
⭐ ​Make a tough decision: Decide whether the girl uses your gun or not. No matter what she will die, but depending on your decision you will anger Glenn or Carley. 


⭐ ​Once back at the pharmacy, talk to Doug to go outside. 
⭐ ​Note Lee’s brother with the keys, to the far right, the brick on the ground, and the combination lock on the door. Look at each one. 
⭐ ​Try to use the remote on the televisions to the far left. After this, hand it to Doug and he will use the remote to turn on the TVs. 
⭐ ​First, knock off the lock with the fire axe. 
⭐ ​Push open the door and grab the brick. 
⭐ ​Throw the brick through the window of the TV store. 
⭐ ​Run to Lee’s brother. You’ll have to hit him with the axe a few times to retrieve the keys. 
⭐ ​Use the keys on the door in the pharmacy office. 
⭐ ​It should be noted here that, that keys aren’t necessary for gaining entrance into the pharmacy, you can use your axe to break in. 
⭐ ​Either way though an Alarm will go off by using the keys or by breaking in with the Ax. 


⭐ ​Keep selecting the door to block it from the incoming zombies. You have to pay attention to the icon on the door to make sure you are blocking it with the right actions. 
Tough Decision 5: 
⭐ ​After Clementine helps block the door, you’ll have to choose between Doug and Carley. Choose the person you want to save. 
⭐ ​Hit the zombie attacking Clementine a few times. 
⭐ ​Run towards the door. 
⭐ ​​Grab Kenny’s hand. 


⭐ ​​​Talk to everybody to wrap up the episode. 

My Decisions

The Walking Dead WALKING DEAD EPISODE 1 - A NEW DAY Guide - My Decisions 


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