The Sims™ 4 How to get DLC Guide

The Sims™ 4 How to get DLC Guide 1 -
The Sims™ 4 How to get DLC Guide 1 -

How to get free DLC in-game guide.

Real free dlc

Step 1. Download EA DLC Unlocker V2

Step 2. Execute set up batfile

Step 3. Type 1 to Install EA DLC UNLOCKER

Step 4. Type 2 To add Add/Update game config and type 14 to choose sims 4

Step 5. Type q to exit and Click this link Link – []

Step 6. Select and get auth (MAKE SURE YOU USE DUMMY GMAIL ACCOUNT)

Step 7. Press load and a list of dlc will appear and check them (Limit 15gb just remove them after you download)

Step 8. Press copy and Download

Step 9. Open the DLC zip file and copy the file named EP(Numbers) or GP(Numbers)

Step 10. Go to sims 4 directory Steam>steamapps>common>Sims 4

Step 11. Paste the file inside and open sims 4

Viola you got dlc for free!!!!

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