The Rosefinch Curse(Ning’s Wing 1) Game’s Puzzles – solutions and mechanics

The Rosefinch Curse(Ning’s Wing 1) Game’s Puzzles – solutions and mechanics 1 -
The Rosefinch Curse(Ning’s Wing 1) Game’s Puzzles – solutions and mechanics 1 -

Branches: how they work?

In this game you can get GOOD and BAD ends depending with branch you choose. This choice can be made at the begining of the game: choosing where you put the puzzle piece in the first room you starts.

Branch A: 1 Hand picture on wall beside Sagittarius door.
Branch B: 1 Hand picture on wall beside Mask
Branch C: 2 Hand picture
Branch D: 3 Hand picture
Branch E: None of the above! Just click on the door when you decide to go this route.

The braches not only changes the endings but some items, characters, and places changes too (some can ONLY be found/reached in a specific branch).

Note: the True Ending can be reached only through the branch E.

Puzzles – how they work?

In this game, the puzzles can be a little tricky. And some of them can be solved only in specific branch. Futhermore, some puzzles aren’t activated if you don’t have the hint to solve it (even if you may already know how to do it) and some of them has RANDOM solution – for this ones, I will just tell the mechanics to how reach its sollution.
Puzzle hints can be found in some items, events, or character’s talks.

Characters – How they work?

Besides your main character, the game presents other girls that can join you. These girls has ABILITIES that can help you explore or solve puzzles. Although the exploration abilities of Susie and Jenny has LIMITED use.
Sally: she triggers the use of Susie’s ability
Susie: she can unlock doors passing through little windows above them (two times)
Jenny: if you have an Iron Wire*, she can use it to unlock some doors (two times)
Lisa: she can spot hidden trapdoors on the ground and others contraptions (always active)
Penny: she can unlock doors that has a beeping red light device (always active)

*only found in the B route.

Let’s get it started! the very first puzzle of the game!

You start the game in a closed room. Looking around you’ll find a Red Eyeball. Take it and use on the weird mask in the wall next to a door, to gets a jigsaw Piece and a Bronze Coin.
As said before, now you should choose which “branch” to follow.

Auditorium Puzzle

This puzzle has two parts.

In the 3F Hallway, you’ll find a metal plate with five symbols on it and two other metal plates near it. Touching the symbols change them. So you need input the right sequence of symbols to make it works. The solution is in the Auditorium room, just to the right.

Inside the Auditorium, you’ll find a picture depicting the seats found there, and some of them are highlighted. If you look at them, you’ll find the symbols to input. The correct order is from dark to light.

This is the basic mechanic to solve the first part of the puzzle.

After solved it once, you can still try to solve the second part. Just look at the Auditorium picture again for a new code… but it now highlights seats that has no symbols or are out of reach… so “how to guess it now?”

The answer is in the first seat rows. Searching it you’ll note it follows a sequence, that is valid for the second and third rows too. So let’s take an example:

M H 8 W H T
H T C 4 3 M
3 M H 8 WH

Looking at it, you can guess the symbols placement where there is none, or you can’t see the seat.
Like this:

M H 8 W H T
H T C 4 3 M
3 M H 8 WH
? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ?

The placement of symbols will then be like this:

M H 8 W H T
H T C 4 3 M
3 M H 8 WH
W H T C 4 3
4 3 MH 8 W
8 W HT C 4

Is HIGHLY advise you to draw a chart of the seats like this, so you just need to worry about the order of the symbols.

Card Suits Puzzle

In this puzzle you must guess which cards have the displacement of the suits related to card the is lit.
If Spade is lit, it means that you must guess the CORRECT ones; If Nine is lit it means that you must guess the WRONG ones.

If you know nothing about card games (like poker, solitary, blackjack, and such), the answer is: 3,4,5,8 if Spade is lit ; or 2,6,7 if Nine is lit.

Pi Puzzle

*If you try to solve it with just Susie you will FAIL the TV Monitor Puzzle*

In this puzzle you need to input the correct numbers accordly to Pi decimal sequence.
You can find the hints to this puzzle in the Classroom 4-1 blackboard and withing a paper found in the 3-1 Classroom.

If you have Jenny in your party, when you check the blackboard at 4-1 Class she will tells the Pi decimal sequence she knows)
If you follow her hint about the paper found in the 3-1 Class, you’ll get the number of decimals you need to digit in the display.

For example: if you get the number 7 from the paper, following what Jenny said on the blackboard event, the answer should be “3.1415926”.

*this is one of the puzzles that can’t be solved without a hint, so no spoilered answer here*

Chemical Reagent Puzzle

Another puzzle that has two parts. This puzzle takes some time to be solved as you need 3 beakers and 2 reagent bottles.

The mechanic is describled in the white board of the Chemistry Lab (if you have Jenny with you, she explains it when you check the whiteboard).

You must mix two reagents to produce a new one. BUT you can’t use the same reagents again… but you can use them in intervals. and your mixture value shouldn’t exceed 20.
The value of the reagent you’ll need is describled in the container’s display.

First, let’s find out the reagents values. There is three reagents available: the one found the Chemistry Lab (yellow), the reagent #3 received as reward of the Pi Puzzle (blue), AND the one you got from the tap near the container in the Chemistry Lab (cyan). Mixing them let us find out the values of the (cyan) and the (yellow) ones, so:

Cyan (Tap) = 2
Blue = 3
Yellow = 7

Now you just need to mix the reagents following the rule inscribled on whiteboard.
Here is list of the reagents you can produce (color and value).

Dark Green = 5
Light Yellow = 9
Dark Blue = 10

Grey = 12
Light Green = 14
Light Pink = 15
Orange = 16
Pink = 17
Purple = 18
Black = 19
Bright Blue = 20

Tip: you can start the process with mixtures too: like (10 + 5) or (9 + 5).

After you use the correct ragent in the container, a new number will be displayed. Just repeat the process and clear the puzzle.

Food Chain Puzzle

In the Sports Equipments Room, there are some pictures in the wall near the billiards table. It’s an easy puzzle – just put the pictures in the order of “who-eats-who” in the food chain.

If don’t know WHAT food chain means… well, here is the answer: flower > worms > birds > snake > owl > girl


Music Pad Puzzle

Located in the 3F East Corner, you must solve it to enter the Music Room.
To do it you’ll need at least 4 colored pieces (any). Inserting the pieces in the slots will show numbers.

The hint for this puzzle is in the red light button above the door in the 1F Hallway.

Tina mentions the school bell’s song is: SOL SI LA RE, SOL LA SI SOL, SI SOL LA RE, RE LA SI SOL – and it has 16 musical notes.
so, you should just relate the musical notes as they are positioned in the song.

For example: If a piece is inserted showing the number 12 means that you should relate it the 12th musical note in the song (RE)

After guessing all four notes right, the door is unlocked.

Keyboard Puzzle

In the Music Room, there is a keyboard with ten keys to interact.

The solution is in the Library Puzzle – but you’ll only get this hint if you already cleared it.
you need to press the keys accordingly with the higher books position in the green row.

Tip: Take a picture of the green books row to check it.

obs: whenever you fail the sequence, leave the keyboard screen and check it to try again, if not, game won’t aknowledge when you solve it.

Library Puzzle

*If you try to solve it with just Susie you will FAIL the TV Monitor Puzzle*

If you did the Freshmen’s Course, then you already know what to do here. If not, just keep reading.

Checking the bookshelves you’l find two rows of books (a blue one and green one) both with similar symbols.
As you may guess, you’ll need to relate the two rows… but HOW? The answer (and the hint for the puzzle) is in the Notebook found in the Classroom 2-1. But even after get it and read the notebook, there is ONE book missing in the blue row… so now what?
you need to place the Notebook on the blue row to start the puzzle .

Tip: Take a picture of the blue row to check it while you interact with the green one.

TV Monitor Puzzle

One of the most cunning (and the largest) puzzle of the game.
The answer is always random, and you can’t solve it without the right hints – given to you by Jenny and Penny.

The first row is the 1F classrooms #1 through #4, from left to right.
The second row is the 2F classrooms #1 through #4, from left to right.
The third row is for any leftovers.
The squares can be moved by clicking on them and choosing the direction to move it.

To solve it, you need to check (enter in) all eight classrooms. BUT you can’t do that with just Susie. So, you may need Penny (route A) and / or Jenny (route B) too.

check this:
1-1: Accessed through the Aquarius hatch in 1-2 Classroom (or Penny)
2-1: Accessed using Susie (Hint for the Library Puzzle[book]) or Heart Key
3-1: Accessed using Susie (Pi Puzzle hint [paper])
4-1: Accessed through the elevator (Pi Puzzle hint [blackboard])
1-2: Accessed through Leo passage in 2-2 Classroom. or Penny
2-2: Accessed using Susie/Penny (Virgo Wall Puzzle)
3-2: Accessed using the yellow piece got from the Library Puzzle (or Susie)
4-2: Accessed through the elevator (Angel Statue)

So. the best use use of the girls (in branch A) is use Penny to access the classrooms 1-1, and 2-2; and Susie to access the classrooms 2-1, and 3-1.

obs: If you know the best use of your companions, you still can solve the Pi , the Chemical Reagent, and the Library puzzles while doing this one.

Tip: take pictures of every classroom (back and front) and try to relate them correctly with the pictures (squares) in the monitor.

Check this example using the Classroom 1-1.
The Rosefinch Curse(Ning's Wing 1) Game's Puzzles - solutions and mechanics

Note: If you fail this puzzle the game will automatically give you the Golden Coin needed to open the door by the Elevator in B2.

Volume Puzzle

To clear this puzzle you will need at least 3 types of each colored puzzle piece – so if you missing any, go search for them.

Now you need to attach 3 colored puzzle pieces together (forming a bigger one) but folowing the rule “from low value to high value”… but HOW to know their values?

The answer is in the Music Room door puzzle pad. Placing a colored puzzle piece there shows it’s value (the musical note’s position in the school song).

obs:the value always changes in a new game so you REALLY need to note it AGAIN whenever you play it.

Once the pieces are in place, click on each one in order from smallest number to highest number.
If you want, you can get the pieces back by clicking on the yellow B on the code pad.

Written by Cierroth

Hope you enjoy the post for The Rosefinch Curse(Ning’s Wing 1) Game’s Puzzles – solutions and mechanics, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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