The Rare Nine How to unlock the achievements

The Rare Nine How to unlock the achievements 1 -
The Rare Nine How to unlock the achievements 1 -

This article explains how to unlock achievements in this game.

Troubleshooting speed problems in games

This little problem is the subject of another guide I'm creating. You can find it right here.
(WIP -)

They can't be missed

Here we go:
Launching a new game
Welcome to the club buddy
It's possible to get it over to actually begin playing the game
Dying is very difficult, so try not to move. It may happen in one minute.

To do in one game

I recommend the following objectives and Mr.Grey: 'Deep Darkness' objective. He's the best character to play for a long time and this objective isn’t timed or risky to be completed by accident or breaking an item while you’re killing zombies.
Kill count:
No more room in hell:
One game: Kill 1 undead
I have not…:
Kill 10 undead in a single game
come this far…:
In one game, kill 50 undead
to die now.:
In one game, kill 100 undead
This was once a nice area! :
In one game, kill 500 undead
These are my official instructions. :
In one game, kill 1000 undead
You can't count it, but it must be done in a single game. If you want to do a money run, you must have 1000 kills before you can get 10000 cash.
Money count:
A penny saved is one penny earned. :
Earn 100 cash
Damn son, where would you find this? :
Earn 1000 cash
Earn 5000 Cash
Blood money:
Earn 10 000 cash
Earn 100 000 cash
It is possible to follow it throughout your entire run. The downside is that you must complete the same amount of achievements as the previous ones. Although 10 000 might take 30 minutes, you can imagine how much time it will take to earn 100 000.
I can confirm that farming till you have 100 000 cash total with multiple games does nothing to unlock the achievement.
I noticed that the screen at the end of a game shows that you've earned more money than the cash displayed during the game, approximately 25 to 30% if I remember correctly. Your total cash will increase by the amount you see in the game. Perhaps the amount displayed on your end-game screen could count towards the achievement. Let me know if this is something you'd like to try and I'll update it. I don't think I want to test this one yet.

Other ones

Zank you, Herr Doktor! :
A bandage is the cheapest thing that you can purchase for 38$. This can be easily obtained with a few games.
The action key is used for buying. It can be used to unlock the door and activate generators in 'Deep Darkness'.
Pepe the Frog
Total Wormage
Clever 1:
Clever 2:
Great thinking:
Villain number 1:
Unamed soldier
Forgotten soldier 2 – :
Forgotten soldier 3 – :
Condescending Wonka:

They are all very easy to obtain, and there are paintings on the back walls of each room. You may have noticed that each game type has its own room. There are now four rooms with their own paintings. Each room has its own painting. Once you're done, stop at one of the paintings, take out the action key and examine it. Rinse and repeat until all four rooms are complete. This could take a while.

The ones I don’t know…

Very rude
Russian Vodka
Forgotten king:
Who are you calling?
I don't know what it takes to achieve these achievements, and I want the answers.
If you know of any other sources, please let me be aware so that I can update this guide accordingly.
These are your comments.


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