The Mystery of Caketropolis How to Get (Avis Would Be Proud) Achievement Guide

The Mystery of Caketropolis How to Get (Avis Would Be Proud) Achievement Guide 1 -
The Mystery of Caketropolis How to Get (Avis Would Be Proud) Achievement Guide 1 -

This guide will show walkthrough of each step to get the positive DP achievement in written form.

Day 1

Talk to avis to gain +2 DP before leaving.
[+2 = 2]
Optional – get trinket from ground. [Vine Wreath] +3DP
Artist didn’t increase DP on that day – only has the item to increase 5DP in 3rd day
Gain [Dog Stick] if talk to dog with Dog language. (-DP item)
Talk to Cerio – Choose (That’s sound like a great idea)
[+2 = 4]
Talk to Enforcer Bob to get “Treasure Hunt” quest.
Talk to Leery Guy in north town. Choose (“I was about to knock your door and run away.”)
[+2 = 6]
Talk to a (Young Gale) boy and say “I promise I won’t bite!”
[+2 = 8]
Take Faul (Bipedal dragon), take quest to cheer him up,
Talk to Lerry and choose “Said his Yard looks good.” [+4 = 12]
Talk to Negative Nathan and choose “His bread looks good.” [+4 = 16]
Go back to talk awith Faul to finish quest and obtain [Packet of Boiled Soup]
Talk to Ethyriel to get main quest and find his sherperd, Tarvan.
When return to him, told him “The Bazaar wase busier than usual”.[+5 = 21]
Go right and meet enforcer, Talk to the “Well” guy. Don’t entertain his pun.
Select “Please stop talking”.[+2 = 23]
Enter caketropolis, talke with Cerio,
Select “Thanks! I’ll be sure to find Ol’Smokey as soon as I can.” [+2 = 25]
Before exit, Cerio talk to you and select “It’s a really nice geseture from the city.” [+2 = 27]
Pass Cerio’s note to Enforcer Maggis. [+5 = 32]
After leaving Ol’Smokey place, farm confront you.
> Select “No”

Day 2

Day 2
Avis bid you farewell. U reply with “Happy Peace Day to you too!”
[+2 = 36]
After saw fire, Comply with Enforcer[+2 = 38]
After comply with Enforcer, attempt to escape. You should go to Ethyriel room to gain good DP points.
after escape. Go Left. (Enter machinery) Go Center. (Enter Machinery) Go Left. (Sign of head office, Enter Ethyriel cell and Tarvan)
Finish the chat and gain +5 DP
[+5 = 43]
Also, pick up the [Cool Hat] on the table. +7 DP when equipped.
When you met Anvis half way escape, select “No, I escaped.”. The other option will -2 DP
Pick up diary, pick up #2 clue treasure hunt, talk to artist to finish day 2 question
Talk to well guy on the way to Smokey.
Choose Someone should put you in DCF
[+2 = 45]
Talk to Cerio, choose “People say a dragon did it, do you believe it?” +2 or else -2 DP for nonsense.
[+2 = 47]

Day 3

Day 3
Talk to Richie, select “Yeah. I was only able to get home late at night” [+2 = 49]
Talk to artist, gain [Rimplush]
Talk to Fleur, Select “I guess i could” [+2 = 51]
Give Fluer flower too.
Go to north of the city, to see two girl. Select “Sure”
[+2 = 53]
Go see the well guy, “My well pun is dry today.”
[+2 = 55]
Go back to fluer after having peanut butter, select “Ethyriel”
[+2 = 57]
When met up with Insignium, in chat, say “yes”
[+2 = 59]
Go to warehouse, Pickup diary, go through the story,
When escape, do not break the door. Go to top-right side and flip the switch then escape.
[+2 = 61]
When Avis said why Insignium left you at the lake, choose “Why?” Or else -2DP

Day 4

Talk to Richie, say “I hope she feels better.”
[+5 = 66]
With the hat +7DP,you have enough point for achievement 70+ DP
Talk to the baker Will at bazaar and get your achievement.

Written by Arc.Lizard

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