The Long Dark Time Capsule Usage + All Codes in Game

The Long Dark Time Capsule Usage + All Codes in Game 1 -
The Long Dark Time Capsule Usage + All Codes in Game 1 -

How to use The Long Dark’s Time Capsule.


*You will need a copy of The Long Dark in Steam to access the beta streams.
1. Launch Steam.
2. Go to the your Library.
3. Right click on The Long Dark in your Steam library and select Properties.
4. This will open a menu. Now select the Betas tab.
5. Here you will be able to input the Archive Build of your choice.
6. Enter the code and click the Check Code button.
7. Now select the branch from the drop down menu.
8. This will update your installed version of the game to the branch.
9. Once completed the branch name will appear next to the The Long Dark in your library list.
10. To return to the Current version, simply “NONE” in the Beta drop down.

List of codes

Here’s a handy list of the codes for each build:
v .119 – Early Access Launch
Branch Name: z_tbd
Branch Password: 688jsRNQe6NkE3GV
v .236 – Silent Hunter
Branch Name: z_silenthunter
Branch Password: Myr9JbqSXm7qJxWP
v .258 – Deep Forest
Branch Name: z_deepforest
Branch Password: 6BXgaAPncUz4umsA
v .271 – Desolation Point
Branch Name: z_desolationpoint
Branch Password: 9uJcchMtNvpkKUUB
v .302 – Timberwolf Mountain
Branch Name: z_timberwolfmountain
Branch Password: L9mmQmZc48tEveTX
v .339 – Tireless Menace
Branch Name: z_tirelessmenace
Branch Password: cFvvcA3bk7eZsLTe
v .349 – Penitent Scholar
Branch Name: z_pentitentscholar
Branch Password: xgUqeYAhD5jhjsZX
v .365 – Vigilant Trespass
Branch Name: z_vigilanttrespass
Branch Password: q3EmEnt7wCc495TG
v .393 – Resolute Outfitter
Branch Name: z_resoluteoutfitter
Branch Password: TVnhrrydqtT8ta88
v .426 – Faithful Cartographer
Branch Name: z_faithfulcartographer
Branch Password: hE72eT9KP5WtBCn4
v 1.15 – Wintermute 1.0 Launch
Branch Name: z_1.0launch
Branch Password: zEkBaxsFU6wu2rsa
v 1.30 – Rugged Sentinel
Branch Name: z_ruggedsentinel
Branch Password: m3k5U5BzgGSECQ9d
v 1.37 – Vigilant Flame
Branch Name: z_vigilantflame
Branch Password: d2Zvdbgare46aRps
v 1.47 – Wintermute Redux
Branch Name: z_wintermuteredux
Branch Password: 9LWcV267hKpHjg6w
v 1.56 – Steadfast Ranger
Branch Name: z_steadfastranger
Branch Password: cSY4ueT7TUDT62Xc
v 1.60 – Crossroads Elegy
Branch Name: z_episode3
Branch Password: BdZkXXpH6hqsbyZd
v 1.64 – Errant Pilgrim
Branch Name: z_errantpilgrim
Branch Password: QVwJVd598tTvnZhu
v 1.79 – Fearless Navigator
Branch Name: z_fearlessnavigator
Branch Password: tj9SMMenrNvb4YNp
v 1.89 – Hesitant Prospect
Branch Name: z_hesitantprospect
Branch Password: 3sMaq3qJPG94hL4J
v 1.94 – Fury Then Silence
Branch Name: TBD
Branch Password: TBD
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