The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV What Power and Break letter grades mean

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV What Power and Break letter grades mean 1 -
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV What Power and Break letter grades mean 1 -
We can all assume S rank is better than C rank but by how much exactly?


What each Power rank means:

Crafts and Arts do more damage by adding a multiplier to your Strength or ATS stats. The letter grades vaguely tell you by how much but here’s exactly how much they boost power by: 
E: -10% 
D: +0% 
D+: +10% 
C: +20% 
C+: +30% 
B: +40% 
B+: +50% 
A: +60% 
A+: +70% 
S: +85% 
S+: +100% 
SS: +120% 
SS+: +140% 
SSS: +160% 
SSS+: +180% 
4S: +200% 
4S+: +220% 
5S: +240% 
For example: If a character with 700 STR used a Physical Craft with B Power then that Craft’s damage output would be as though the character did a normal attack at 980 STR (700 x 1.4 = 980). 
The stat multipliers for Crafts and Arts stack after in battle stat buffs/debuffs. This makes strong Crafts and Arts incredibly powerful when used in tandem with in battle stat buffs. 

What each Break rank means and how Break damage works.

The way Break damage is calculated is you take whatever Break multiplier you have and multiply that by your damage dealt with that attack. 
Enemies in the Break state take +20% damage. 
This is what the letter grades on Crafts mean for Break damage: 
D: 100% (Basic Attacks function at D rank Break damage) 
D+: 125% 
C: 150% 
C+: 175% 
B: 200% 
B+: 225% 
A: 250% 
A+: 275% 
S: 300% 
S+: 350% 
SS: 400% 
These numbers are added onto any other Break multipliers may be in effect at the time such as Break quartz or Brave Orders. 
Arts always do 100% Break damage (D rank) unless hitting an elemental efficacy greater than 100 in which case they do 200% Break damage (B rank). This is stronger than in Cold Steel 3 where hitting a weakness with arts only meant 150% Break damage. 
Some examples when dealing 1000 damage: 
With a D Break rank Craft and no other multipliers: 1000 Break damage 
With a B+ Break rank Craft and no other multipliers: 2250 Break damage 
With a D Break rank Craft and a Break 2 quartz equipped (+40%): 1400 Break damage 
C rank Craft with Break 3 quartz (+60%), Break 2 quartz (+40%): 2500 Break damage 

Mislabelled Crafts

Most Crafts in the game have accurate and consistent letter grade ranks that correspond to what they do but there are a few exceptions that I’ll list here. 
Cross Break says C++ Power: 
This is likely just a typo. It should say C+ 
Twilit Blades Power rank: 
It says D but should say E (its ATS multiplier is weaker than standard attacks by 10%) 
Tempest Edge Power rank: 
It says S but it should say A+ 
Reaper’s Whirlwind Break rank: 
It says C but should say D 
Rosetta Arrow is wrong in numerous ways: 
Power says B+ but should say A. 
Break says C but should say C+. 
There is an unlisted Critical Hit bonus on this Craft (maybe 20-30%?) 
Summon Kestral 2 Power Rank: 
It says SS (a downgrade from what regular Summon Kestral says) but should say SSS+ 
Destructive Buster says 4B+ Power 
This is a typo. It should just say B+ (it attacks at +50% STR) 
Prismatic Tetra Blade says A+ Power but has an ATS multiplier of +80% 
No rank in the game corresponds to a +80% stat multiplier. This is consistent with this move doing +80% in Cold Steel 3 however. 
Rebellion Storm says A rank Break 
Unfortunately it only deals D rank Break damage. 

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