The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Best Build for Randomaster

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Best Build for Randomaster 1 -
The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Best Build for Randomaster 1 -

This a*sumes you complete the game at level 76.
It’s not the ideal construction, but I started with it because I wondered about the “Luck” trait and if investing a substantial amount was useful.

For reference, after finishing the game after 28 hours, I reached level 76. My stats were:

Lvl: 76

Health: 1006

Stamina: 125

Vit: 20

Sta: 15

EL: 10

Str: 4

Dex: 40

Src: 6

Lck: 45

Shield of Nostalran

Vib sword (+5/Chronicle dex infused with) at 581/1340 crit damage).

Forgotten Knight set,

Shuriken & Green Herb Code (HoT)

Runed Nimble Platelock (+Dex), and Runed Boastful Mug e14Y +crit opportunity inc).

I had 42 relics to my mind, so I unlocked all Insight tiers except the last.


I will admit that I thought the build was perfect. It was not because it was Randomaster-focused on LCK, but because it’s a DEX construct with high crit from LCK). I say this because I don’t think it was optimized in reverse but still felt like all boss fights could be handled quickly and took only 2-3 shots without any NPCs.

I immediately started investing in the Luck stat and pumped it up until it reached 30. I then put 2 into STA and VIT each and returned to grinding up to 45 Luck. To keep under 60% weight, I put a few in SRC and LOAD and then just put the rest into VIT/STA.

Because I’m not an expert, I believed the build was quite excellent (for example, I never rebuffed/reposted/parried). I could kill my last boss on the second try by blocking straight up with the odd roll for an impending attack. The previous one was similarly accomplished in two attempts. Even without the NPCs, most bosses were dispatched in 2-3 shots. I tried NPCs, and the grinder took six attempts. I didn’t become frustrated by boss fights, which was my indicator that the build was robust.

I added some points to SRC to get the heal-over-time – which was only helpful for the last boss. I think it’s worth it and a few into LOAD to maintain a 60% load weight or lower for fast rolls, stamina regen, and other functions. I believe you can fast-roll at 70% or lower, but I found the stamina to go back up faster at 60% and lower (. Perhaps my imagination.

You can quickly regen stamina by getting at least 40 points in the insight bonus, even if you have the complete Forgotten Knight Set.


If I could do it again, I wouldn’t put 45 into Luck. Unfortunately, only the first (level crit chance) skill is worth anything. The second and third-tier skills have a maximum of 10%, and the rest have such low percentages of happening that I found it unreliable and inherently (. I thought the Luck (first-tier item increased crit chances) was well worth it. I would put a Point into Luck until you have the Runed boastful Mug (which gives +5% crit chances). Once that happens, your crit chance will increase to 33%. Then I would stop with Luck and concentrate on Dex (and maybe 50. Vit and Sta would be around 20ish each.

The reason is that not only are the other luck levels junk, but they also only go up by 0.4-0.5% for each luck point (, starting at 1%). It’s really rare. They’re also not good. The last luck item at 45 Pts is a (!)% chance of retaining all your memories after death LOL. You are trying never to die. This won’t help unless and until you fail. Second, you would have to die an average of 100 times. This will only work once. If you’re dying 100x, you might be better off putting points elsewhere. Third, it might proc when you die with 50k memory. It’s possible but not certain that it will on a ma*sive save 100k memory.

The crit chance can be increased using a powerful DEX scaling weapon like an upgraded Vibrating blade. This means that 1 out of 3 swings is a Crit. Because you can typically get off 1-2 swings with ease (sometimes 3, you almost always have an attacking burst that results in a crit.


I also tried daggers. They were fast and nice, but they were weaker and the crit damage was lower. The late game lute and the dex axe were solid but a little slower, so I couldn’t always get 3 swings in an attack window and not be punished. This made the early game vib knife an easy choice. The Stolen Wrap set was a great choice in the early game. It could also be used for the entire game.


A complete 45 pt LCK is a complete waste. Luck is extremely bad, except for getting to a decent number of crit chances. To make full luck builds as effective as other focused builds, devs would have to revise the tiers vastly. Otherwise, it’s just an unoptimized cla*s for pure Lulz.

I felt like I wasted points by going full Randomaster when I reached 33% crit probability. I don’t know how high you need to be LCK to reach 33% with this trinket. It is likely closer to 30.

However, it is worth it to pt first into LCK to get 33% total crit probability with the +5 crit possibility trinket. After that, you can simply to into a DEX/STR build mindset for the offense with about a 2:1 ratio into DEX/STR/VIT.STA. This feels like it could be even more optimal.

Here we come to an end for The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Best Build for Randomaster hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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