The Jackbox Party Pack 9 How to Unlock All Achievements

The Jackbox Party Pack 9 How to Unlock All Achievements 1 -
The Jackbox Party Pack 9 How to Unlock All Achievements 1 -

Steps on how to complete all the achievements in the game.

Fibbage 4

The number in parenthesis after an achievement’s title is the minimum number required to earn it.

(2 – Film Buff: Give a truthful answer during a movie round (Cookie’s Video Vault)). This should be at the end. A list of movie question + answers can be found at program files (x86- / steam/ steamapps/ common / Jackbox 9 / games/ fibbage4/ content / En / movieblankie.jet

(5 – Crowdsourced: Minimum 3 audience members and a maximum score of Rank 1 This is practically impossible in a game. You need all audience members pick the same lie, every query, and each player to vote for the truth. Although it is easy to do by yourself, it is not difficult. I recommend 3 real players. You won’t get Jackbox false truths, so it’s much easier to find the truth.

(2 – Swiss Army Lie: Your lie will be selected for the final round. Crowdsourced allows you also to reveal the audience’s lies.

(3 – The Secret’s Out: Give your answer as “Pooping in my pants” during Fibbage 4’s Enough About You version. Have at least one person vote for it. After the question is over, the award will be made immediately. Fibbage is only for 3 players.


(4 – We were all rooting for you: You can trigger a Double Elimination. I don’t know how it happened. I had two players eliminated in the same game round. They had different votes (2 vs 1, ) and when I had a round in which 2 players had the same number of votes (2/2 – 2), the game chose one to eliminate.

(4 – Catfished: All votes during the Quickie Round. All players should vote for your answer in the Quickie Round.

(4 – I made it nice: Play three games in a row using the same players. Click on “Same Players” after you have finished a game. Finish the game and click “Same Players”. The award will be given at the beginning or end of the third game. You don’t have to play it or finish it.

(4 – I’m not a Goat: You can win the game, but you won’t be eliminated or challenged. This is easy and can be done with just 4. Have 3 people choose one choice. Then, pick the person that you want to win. As the round’s winner, choose the person with the fewest points. Always let the person you want win choose the person who is eliminated. If the round involves another player, make certain the person who gets 3 votes for that round is talking to the person you want. This should ensure that the person you aim to win has enough votes. As you can spread votes across more players, it should be easier.


(3 – Shrewd Businessfrog:) Negotiate the price for an item. Click on an item to be selected, then click Haggle and select the price. There’s a good chance it will work, at most 50%. You can keep trying until you get it.

(3 – Extrovert: Present your items yourself. Choose Manually Present to be the first player. Complete the game. I also required all players to be present manually every round, but I’m not certain if this is necessary.

(5?) One Frog’s Trash: Receive at least 4 votes with mystery items. Round 2: Choose the mystery item for at most one player. Then, all players should vote for this option. This gives you 8 votes for 5 players. It’s possible with 4 players. I’ve only played with 3 to 5 players, so I can’t 100% confirm.

(4-Crowd Sorcery: Ask the audience to cast a spell. The audience can make selections during rounds 1 and 2. You can cast a bit by selecting between rounds 1 and 2.


There was a constant bug in this game that wouldn’t update to a new question for any player if they didn’t have their tab visible so they could flip to the “confidence screen”. Before you click on the next tab, wait a few seconds between each tab.

(3 – Gas Leak: 25 rounds without a fart. Play well while playing a lot of games in a row. I don’t know what the results are in a “fart”, but there are four rounds per game and it started at 8. For me, you’ll need to play 4 full-length games + 1 round without a “fart”. All you have to do is answer the questions correctly and you will be fine.

(3 – Circuit Breaker: Every player got a question correct. All players should select the same answer that the question-answerer chose. You can even earn this by answering the pre-game tutorial.

(3 – The Confidence and Youthfulness of Young People: You can use confidence for each question in a single round. After selecting your answer it will switch views and you can click on and hold to make your answer “confident “…” for all questions in a round. Audience can’t do that.

(4 – Smart Cookie:) Have the audience achieve the highest rank. Every question must be as exact as the audience.


I recommend going into Settings to change the drop speed from 4 to give you more time (if required)).

You can view all the text files for all the answers in: program file (x86 – / steam / Steamapps / common 9 / games/ lineup/content / En. Open up LineupLongSequence.jet and LineupShortSequence.jet in Notepad… both are plain-text files. Use Ctrl+F for a search and to find the questions and answers within the files. Voila!

(2) – Show-off: Obtain a perfect type on the first attempt in the final round. You must correctly place all 9 answers and correctly trash any 3 incorrect answers. You can do this simultaneously with Employee of Month.

(1 – Human or Machine: Get through 10 rounds of Quixort Forever mode. Load up Forever and survive 10 rounds.

(2 – Employee of the month: You must score a perfect score in Normal mode. You must sort all 9 correctly in each round. When you earn this, you will automatically receive Show-Off.

(1 – Falling Fast: Beat Jackbox in Classic or Forever Mode. You can activate speedrun mode via Settings to display an on-screen clock. You should not take more than 2 minutes. 2:00.85 didn’t award, but 1;56.61 did. Go to Settings to disable the tutorial. Also, set block speed at 1. Play a round. Play again, with the same players. Lose as fast and easily as you can. Mash the SLAM key!

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