The Genesis Project Item Tags and Alchemy Information Guide

The Genesis Project Item Tags and Alchemy Information Guide 1 -
The Genesis Project Item Tags and Alchemy Information Guide 1 -

Want to make clothes that burn you? Weapons you can only use once because they exploded? Make a hammer that spams the chat log every time you bonk an imp? Or maybe you want to avoid all of that. Either way, start here.


First of all, what are item tags?

Some items in the game have modifiers called tags that can change your weapons and armor properties through alchemy. Some useful, some less so. Some tags also have a grist type attached to it, so you may need a specific grist to alchemitize a tagged object. It is a good indicator that whatever your making does indeed have the tag you wanted.

A few tags are not completely implemented, meaning they do not have any effects yet. However, the tags may still be needed to create specific items, so they are not completely useless. These will be marked in the guide as “recipe only.”

This guide will aim to explain what each of these tags do, and what base objects have these tags for your alchemy experimentation. At the end I’ll try to explain alchemy in as plain as terms as possible and as well and how to get the item you’re going for.

Tags and Items

N/A means it does nothing, or there’s no account for what it does in that category. That said if someone wants to test out an N/A, say, explosive clothing, let me know what happens.

Tag Grist(s) Weapon Modifier Clothing Modifier Item(s)
Bouncy Smokey Quartz Knockback Jump Boost Pogo
Rocket N/A + Attack Speed + Movement Speed Firework Rocket, Model Rocket
Piercing Alexandrite Attacks Go Through Enemies (Ranged) N/A Rapier, Nails, Needles
Explosive Uranium Explode and Destroyed After Hit (Melee), Explosive Projectiles (Ranged) N/A Bomb
Scatter Turquoise Multiple Projectiles (Ranged) N/A Shotgun
Lightning Cobalt, Alexandrite Chain Damage Damage Attacker on Hit Battery
Burning Garnet Burns Enemies Burns Wearer Candle
Cold Onyx Slows Enemies N/A Ice Cube
Poison Sard Poisons Enemies N/A Rat Poison
Electronic Cobalt Sends Chat Message on Hit Option to Enter Build Mode Anytime Laptop, PDA
Fragile Saccharite Break After Hit Breaks After Being Hit Fine China, Egg
Menacing Shale N/A Provoke Enemies Vile Smut
Light Amethyst + Attack Speed, – Damage N/A Note
Metallic N/A Recipe Use Only N/A Trumpet
Radioactive Saccharite, Sard Irradiates Enemies Irradiates Wearer Piece of Uranium
Magic N/A Recipe Use Only N/A Fake Arms, Magician Hat
Crockercorp N/A N/A Ads Appear on Screen Baking Mix
Dersite N/A Recipe Use Only N/A Somberro, Vantablack Shoes, Dersite Mask
Smoky N/A Emits Smoke on Ground Wearer Emits Smoke Smoke Pellets
Heavy N/A + Damage, – Attack Speed N/A Sassacre’s, Stand Fan
Volatile N/A Result of Too Many Combinations N/A N/A
Grimdark N/A + Item Stats + Item Stats Grimoire
Trickster Zillium Randomly Hits or Ejects Weapon Slide Randomly Warhammer of Zillyhoo
$hitty Artefact Negative Damage Negative Defense SBAHJ Poster
Nerf N/A – Damage N/A Stunt Sword, Nerf Rifle
Nautical N/A Recipe Use Only N/A Crab, Deep Sea Helmet
Spiky Alexandrite, Saccharite N/A Damages Attacker on Hit ???
Glorious Ruby Increased Recycle Value N/A ???
Seeking Cobalt Auto Aims at Nearest Enemy (Ranged) N/A ???
Nuclear Saccharite, Uranium, Sard Explodes and Irradiates Everyone in AOE N/A ???
Regenerative Garnet, Uranium Regenerates Fragile and Explosive Items When They Are Destroyed <– ???
Consumable N/A Consume to Restore Health(*) <– Cake, Cookies, Apple Juice, (Most Food Items)
Colored N/A Changes to User’s Color if Applicable <– Bandana, Cape, (Most Clothing)

(*) Unless the Consumable tag is combined with a damaging tag, such as Radioactive. You will take damage if you eat it.

Tags and Items 2 (Aspects)

Tag Grist(s) Weapon Modifier Clothing Modifier Item(s)
Timey Garnet Recipe Use Only N/A Apple Juice, Time Dress
Breathy Turquoise Recipe Use Only N/A Breath Dress
Doomy Sard Recipe Use Only N/A Dead Bird, Dead Cat, Doom Dress
Bloody Alexandrite Recipe Use Only N/A Blood Dress
Hearty Ruby Recipe Use Only N/A Heart Glasses, Heart Dress
Spacey Uranium Recipe Use Only N/A Frog, Space Dress
Mindy Cobalt N/A Regenerate Wearer’s VIM Tab, Mind Dress
Lighty Saccharite Recipe Use Only N/A Lamp, Firefly, Light Dress
Voidy Onyx Recipe Use Only N/A Void Dress
Ragey Shale Recipe Use Only N/A Faygo, Rage Dress
Hopey Amethyst Recipe Use Only N/A Hope Dress
Lifey Smokey Quartz N/A Regenerates Wearer’s Health Cake, Life Dress



While tags may add effects to your items, they are not the only thing to consider when you start combining things. A few unique recipes call for items that may not even have tags, but will result in an item that does or is in general powerful. The most notable of these recipes are straight from the comic itself. Experimenting is part of the fun!

Alchemy – An Explanation

It can be a little hard to understand what is going on right of the bat, and some explanations given are on the basis that you remember every mechanic from the comic. I’ll try my best to explain this process in simpler terms to help those struggling to grasp it (like I was).

The process can be put into two categories, || and &&. For the sake of clarity, I will refer to || as the One Card Method and && as the Two Card Method.

To begin with, it does not matter what item you decide to punch your things onto, or the item you place in the left slot in the Punch Designix. For this reason I would advise to grab some generic objects from your printer, that’s next to your computer, as your punch victim. This will save you from losing potentially useful things such as your main weapon, your clothes, or items that have tags you wish to pass on. Once something is punched it cannot be removed from the card ever again.

One Card Method or ||

This is fairly straightforward, you place your punch item in the left slot, then you place one of the two things you’d like to mix on the right. Once you punch it, remove the right hand item from the machine. Next, you’ll want to place the other item, whatever you’d want to mix with what you had just removed, and repeat the process. You will now have a double punched card. To finish up take your double punched card and Cruxite to the Totem Lathe to see a silhouette of what you made. If you’re happy with what you see, go ahead and alchemitize it. If you would rather have the other object as the base, use the same ingredients in the Two Card Method.

Two Card Method or &&

This follows a similar process to the previous method, but with a twist. You’ll have two punch victims this time. Punch your first item in card one, take them out of the Punch Designix and punch your next item in a separate card. Take those two cards to your Totem Lathe and voila, you made a new thing. Make sure to check the silhouette. Use the other method if you want the other object as the base.

The exception to this alternate base strategy is when the recipe is a pre-existing one, creating a set item, and not procedurally generated one.

A Few Things of Note

One Card Method or || has a better chance of transferring tags onto items. If your initial combination results in a non weapon or clothing kind and you really want the tags, I would recommend making that item anyway, and then combining that new item with your weapon or clothes. So far that has worked for me.

Two Card Method or && may increase the base stats at a higher rate, at the cost of not always getting the tags, but it needs more testing before I can say for sure. The tags that do transfer have to be on both items.

You can make alchemy even more complicated by using a card that you double punched in a Two Card Method. I have no idea what happens, especially if you try to mix in a third object in there, so go ham and start creating chaos.

Written by Kiananah

Hope you enjoy the post for The Genesis Project Item Tags and Alchemy Information Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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