The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Mods List Installation + Video Tutorial

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Mods List Installation + Video Tutorial 1 -
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Mods List Installation + Video Tutorial 1 -

I really enjoy modding Skyrim. I hope I can help you start your Journey with this guide as well!


Hello there, I see you’re interested in modding your Skyrim, possibly for the first time, or maybe you want a refresher course? Well I hope I can help guide you! In this guide I will give you a list of tools and a list of mods to help mod your Skyrim. However this Modlist is meant to be as hassle free as possible, meaning you won’t get 100% of the modding knowledge you’d need to expand further. Don’t worry, I do have a playlist I can point you towards that will explain it FAR better than I ever could. For now, here’s what I want to accomplish with this guide

-Give you basic modding know-how

-A small list of mods with as much improvement/changes to your game as possible

-Make the mod list accessible for PCs of every category, from Low end to high end. (So I will not be recommending ENBs)

-No nonesense mods.





As of writing this guide, Skyrim SE will be getting a huge update called Anniversary edition. this update will come with a change in compiler code, meaning many MANY mods will be borked. When AE is released, I will update this section to have a way to DOWNGRADE your Skyrim SE. For those who are reading this before AE releases, here’s how to prepare. – []

Our Mod Manager of choice

First we need a Mod Manager. I highly HIGHLY recommend Mod Organizer 2. – []

(This is the Skyrim SE part of nexus but I promise, this works for Skyrim LE)

Set Up guide for Mod Organizer 2: – []

(Bonus) Mod Organizer 2 Tips: – []

Got that done? Okay.


Install these two. They are Required.

Skyrim Script Extender: – []  (GET THE SE BUILD)

YouTube player

LOOT: – []

Wrye Bash: – []

BethIni: – []

(This is for the final Step)

The Backbone

I know I said I would try to make this modlist small but you should really install these patches and frameworks. Sorry man.


Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch: – []

SkyUI: – []

Dual Wield Parry Button: – []

Better Dialogue Controls: – []

Better MessageBox Controls: – []

Run For Your Lives: – []

SSE Fixes: – []

PapyrusUtil SE: – []

Papyrus Extender: – []

Even Better Quest Objectives SE – EBQO SE: – []

Atlas Map Markers SE: – []

More Quest Markers around the world!

Radiant Quest Marker SE: – []

(Be sure to get the EBQO + USSEP Patch)

JContainers SE: – []

xSHADOWMANx’s Dll Loader: – []


Enchantment Reload Fix SE: – []

Bug Fixes SSE: – []

.Net Script Framework: – []

SSE Display Tweaks: – []

Allows for high FPS play

Dynamic Animation replacer: – []

A framework

Scrambled Bugs: – []

(READ THE DISCRIPTION: It’s not as plug and play as other mods but it’s a highly needed mod, You can skip this if you want)

Quickloot RE: – []

Adds the Fallout 4 Looting system to Skyrim SE!

Graphics Mods

I won’t be focusing on insane graphical mods. Just something to spruce up your game


Static Mesh Improvement Mod: – []

2 Noble Skyrim SE + SMIM Patch: – []

3. aMidianBorn Book of Silence SE COMPLETE: – []

4. RUSTIC CLOTHING – Special Edition – []

LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped Weapons SE: – []

Simply Bigger Trees: – []  (comes with LODs!)

Enhanced Lights and FX: h ttps:/ – []

Patch: – []

Cathedral Landscapes: – []

Azurite Weathers: – []

R.A.S.S: – []

Realistic Water Two SE: – []

Better Water: – []

Strange Runes (Can be a bit finicky): – []

NPC + look mods

Vanilla hair – Salt and Wind: – []


Superior Lore Friendly Hair: – []

(Works with SSE don’t worry)

Total Character Makeover (VANILLA FRIENDLY): – []


Rustic Children: – []

(Works with SSE don’t worry)

Don’t like those two? Try This one instead!

Nordic Faces – Immersive Character Overhaul: – []

Small Mods

Enhanced Blood Textures SE(LITE) : – []

Realistic Skin And Hair Shaders – Giants: – []

Realistic Skin Shaders – Falmer and Hagravens: – []

which will help power

Frozen Electrocuted Combustion: – []

Deadly Spell Impacts: – []

Alternate Start Mod

Tired of watching the Skyrim intro again? Try an Alternate Start mod!

Choose one from this video! – []

NPCs and Followers

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul: – []

Adds Numerous of lines for NPCs

(Be sure to get AFT and CRF + USEEP Patch)

Interesting NPCs: – []

Adds many NPCs to talk to and even more followers!

Citizens of Tamriel SE: – []

Same as Interesting NPCs, add many more NPCS to talk to!

INIGO: – []

An Amazing Follower mod!

Khash the Argonian: – []

A personal favorite of mine

(optional but can be customized for the Oblivion Customization camera) Alternate Conversation Camera: – []


Lore Weapons Expansion: – []

Adds many more weapons that come from TES Lore

Immersive Armors: – []

Adds many more armors to the world!

Bandolier – Bags and Pouches Classic: – []

Animated Armory DAR: – []

New weapon types with new animations!


Immersive Sound Compendium: – []

Chapter II – Jeremy Soule Inspired Music: – []

Combat Mods

Blade and Blunt: – []

A Vanilla+ Combat mod with improvements. Get the timed Block Module as well

“This is too simple for my taste”

Okay Here’s an alternative

Valravn – Integrated Combat of Skyrim: – []

+ Mortal Enemies: – []

Adds more mechanics to Skyrim Combat


Scriptless Hitstop: – []

VioLens – A Killmove Mod SE: – []

General Gameplay Mods

Adamant: – []

A vanilla+ Perk overhaul


Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim: – []

Mundus – A Standing Stone Overhaul: – []

Mysticism – A Magic Overhaul: – []

A hard requirement for Adamant anyways but it is no slouch. It rebalances Vanilla spells to make more sense and it adds in new spells from oblivion!

Apocolypse – Magic of Skyrim: – []

Adds Many more spells to skyrim!

Shadow Spell Package: – []

Adds a handful of spells centered around Debuffs

Arena – An Encounter Zone Overhaul: – []

Adds encounter zones to skyrim. It’s a Semi-delevel mod. Enemies will still scale with you but this means you’ll find higher level enemies earlier.

Scion – A Vampire Overhaul: – []

Manbeast – A Werewold Overhaul: – []

Thaumaturgy – An Enchanting Overhaul: – []

Rebalances Vanilla enchantments as well as adding new ones!

Pilgrim – A Religion Overhaul: – []

Adds new shrines to worship, all with new abilities. They also no longer cure you so it’s a difficulty mod as well.

Dragonborn Ascendant SSE: – []

Makes shouts useful late game. Shouts scale with you and 5 Dragon souls give you a 3% cooldown reduction, up to 30%

Amazing Follower Tweaks: – []

A simple mod to help with gameplay with followers

ESO Skyshards: – []

Rewards Exploration. 3 Shards = 1 Perk point

Arrow Smith SE: – []

QoL mod for Archers. You can now spare chickens by plucking feathers instead of killing them!

Enemy mods

Dragon War – A Dragon Overhaul: – []

Buffs Dragons without making them OP

Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim: – []

Distributes Potions, shouts and modded spells!

Diverse Dragons Collection: – []

Adds many more Dragon types!

(Optional) Skyrim Revamped – Complete Enemy Overhaul: – []

Changes up many enemies, giving them new abilities and tactics. It also changes up bosses making them much harder! (Not for the faint of heart)

Skyrim Immersive Creatures: – []

Adds a huge amount of creatures and bosses from other skyrim games and more variations to enemies!

+ Patches: (Get BoS, Even Better Quest Objectives, Immersive Sound, Mortal enemies [if you have it] and Skyrim revamped [if you have it] patches) – []

Quest Mods and Dungeons

Beyond Skyrim Bruma + Patch: – []

A taste of what’s to come on the Beyond Skyrim’s project, Beyond Skyrim Cyrodiil. This mod allows you to travel to Cyrodiil to allow you to explore around with quests!

Vigilant: – []

+ English Voiced Addon: – []

An amazing Dark Souls inspired quest mod, revolved around The Vigilants of Stendarr

The Forgotten City: – []

An amazing Quest mod that became it’s own game!

Forgotten Dungeons SSE – []

A Dungeon Pack

Hammet’s Dungeon Pack: – []

Skyrim Sewers: – []

Adds a sewer system similar to how it was in Oblivion!

Skyrim Underground: – []

Massive Underground Dungeons

Magical College of Winterhold: – []

An Aesthetic overhaul of the college of winterhold

+ College Students – []

Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE: – []

A massive exploration centered quest

Faction: Pit Fighter + Addon: – []

+ Faction: Pit Fighter Revamped: – []

Final Step(s)


Refer to this Video

YouTube player

Then This Video

YouTube player

(Optional but HIGHLY recommended) Clean your DLC:

YouTube player

(follow the MO2 instructions)

(optional but recommended) RUN AND INSTALL DYNDOLOD

Follow this Video!

YouTube player



Refer to This Video!

YouTube player

(Optional) Run BethINI. Now this is on Nexus which I know some would want to avoid which is why I put it in Optional. But I highly recommend doing so as it optimizes your Skyrim settings to make your game look good and run just a little bit better for basically free. I recommend running High but if you’re confident about your PC, use ultra. – []

BethINI Tutorial: – []

“I wanna learn more about modding”

Don’t, save yourself

In all seriousness. If you want to dive head first into modding properly, refer to this guide. AI Elias taught me everything I know about modding. – []

Play Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Mods List Installation + Video Tutorial - Play Skyrim - BEAB39F

Written by Diacute

Hope you enjoy the post for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Mods List Installation + Video Tutorial, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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