The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Creating Mods in Skyrim Tutorial Guide

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Creating Mods in Skyrim Tutorial Guide 1 -
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Creating Mods in Skyrim Tutorial Guide 1 -
So you just got skyrim you heard of its cool modding community but you have no clue how to mod well fear not cause i got you fam with this guide you’ll probably be running skyrim at 2fps per second but at least it will look like its real life




I used to be a gamer like you till a 4yr shot me in the knee

quick warning if you see some words you don’t understand that’s because they are in the dragon language yes i actually googled words in skyrim dragon language for this guide

So you just got caught trying to illegally cross the border and now you’ve stumbled upon this Aak(Guide) you seek answers for questions

Why is this guide a thing?
Why is your name Wesker?
Why are you here?
Why do you have 87 kids in your basement?

And all will be revealed in good time young Dovahkiin well maybe all except the last one hehe but anyway
So you just broke out of helgen a mighty Dovah(dragon) attacked you and you are one of the few who made it out you have a bahlok(hunger) that can’t be quenched you seek mods to make it look better or maybe you seek immersion or maybe your pc is doodoo and you want to increase performance well look no further cause I shall guide you into the world of modding so you can become the ultimate warrior or just so you can cheat in a super weapon that 1 taps everything idk i don’t judge here

—-Things you will need—-






—-Vortex setting up and other stuff—-




Ok so i don’t really have screenshots so i will try explain more thoroughly first go to vortex’s website the link to it is in tools or if you don’t trust me open up your browser and type in vortex download nexus then download it once finished installing we can begin the hard-ish stuff

  • Open up vortex and login with your nexus account if you don’t have one then make one as it is very important
  • Go to games in vortex if you are not there already and here you will see tons of games and stuff you can even add support for a game that isnt on that list anyway since this is a skyrim guide we will we looking for skyrim special edition on that list once found hover over it with your mouse and press on manage this game is now being managed which means this will be the game you are gonna mod right now
  • Now sometimes vortex will say mods cant be deployed after you manage your game ofc luckily enough there’s a handy little fix button click on it and it will show you some jibber jabber about deployment methods this is an easy fix don’t worry click on next and press apply fix easy as cake right? alternatively this may not be shown to go to settings and navigate to mods and press suggest for the mod staging folder and choose hardlink deployment method if not already picked*
  • Ok so now we are done Skyrim is ready to mod but wait don’t go closing this guide yet first we must check that the game is currently modded if that makes sense so go to the drive you installed Skyrim on for me that would be
    it could be different for you idk after you find Skyrim in that folder go into its folder and into data if everything worked you will see a .json file saying vortex deployment that’s how you know you did it all correctly


—-Skyrim Script Extender—-




This part is optional but very highly recommended since it benefits you

Firstly in tools go to the the script extender link titled SKSE and download it after you download it you will get a .7z file this is where 7zip comes into play right click on the skse .7z file and 7zip extract it if you don’t know how here’ the basics right click on the file>hover over 7zip>extract to [FILE NAME]
then a folder will appear with the name skse [VERSION OF SKSE INSTALLED] click into it and move all the files into your skyrim folder please refer to vortex section to find where your skyrim folder is anyway after you did that pat yourself on the back you have now successfully enabled skyrim mods oh yeah i forgot to mention if you want to play with mods that need skse you will need to start skyrim through the skse loader.exe provided by skse if you want to you can create a shortcut of skse loader and place it on your desktop no need for some fancy renaming loaders and stuff

—-First couple of mods you might want to try—-




You did it you followed this guide and everything worked perfectly but you still feel like part of you is……..missing,broken,not there like you did all this stuff for no reason well I know what’s wrong you probably havn’t installed your first mods yet so here’s a few recommendations for you


Immersive armour’s –


Sky Hair –

Unofficial Skyrim Patch –

Folkvangr –

Sneak tools –

Immersive weapons –

These couple of mods can be a great initial start to your collection anyway hopefully this guide helped you and if it did leaving a thumbs up and a comment may help some other wanderer find this guide —Wesker,best assassin in all of skyrim


Written by Wesker

Hope you enjoy the post for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Creating Mods in Skyrim Tutorial Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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