The Elder Scrolls Online All Content of The Game / Playthrough

The Elder Scrolls Online All Content of The Game / Playthrough 1 -
The Elder Scrolls Online All Content of The Game / Playthrough 1 -

Ever wanted to play ESO in order? You wanna play through the game as though you were there every time something new came out? Here’s your cheat-sheet.

*things have been busy – i just don’t think i have the time to make adjustments. i believe this guide should be okay for the meantime but if you’re reading this in like 2023, just look elsewhere if stuff’s missing 🙂


Part 1 – Base game

Here you will beat the main quest line and your alliance’s quest lines, and through Cadwell’s Almanac, the quest lines of the other alliances. Along the way you’ll also be working with the Fighters’, Mages’ and Undaunted Guilds. There’s also the Cyrodiil PvP zone for you to play with.

Part 2 – Tamriel Unlimited (Craglorn)

After the base game is the Craglorn Zone.
They just plopped this one in after the base game launched.

Part 3 – Imperial City DLC

In this DLC (free!) you’ll be destroyed by players that will always be ranked above you as you try to sneak from objective to objective. Have fun.

Part 4 – Orsinium DLC

Time to travel to Wrothgar, homeland of the Orsimer!
A nice big zone to explore, one of my personal favorites.

Part 5 – Thieves Guild DLC

Hew’s Bane is a wonderful tourist destination, make sure to bring your gold.

Here you’ll be frolicking in the sand (and trespassing on private property) in the new Hew’s Bane Zone with the Thieves Guild.

Part 6 – Dark Brotherhood DLC

It’s the Gold Coast Zone from the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion!

Murder innocents.

Part 7 – Shadows of the Hist DLC (Dungeon Pack)

Two lizardy dungeons to tread through:

  • Ruins of Mazzatun
  • Cradle of Shadows


Part 8 – Morrowind Chapter

Travel to Vvardenfell, essentially just a volcano with some buildings around it.
It’s really pretty.

Part 9 – Horns of the Reach DLC (Dungeon Pack)

Two new barbaric dungeons to tread through:

  • Bloodroot Forge
  • Falkreath Hold


Part 10 – Clockwork City DLC

Venture to Sotha Sil’s magnum dongopus, the Clockwork City.
It’s a unique zone DLC it’s really interesting. Really.

Part 11 – Dragon Bones DLC (Dungeon Pack)

Two new dragony dungeons to tread through:

  • Fang Lair
  • Scalecaller Peak


Part 12 – Summerset Chapter

Never before seen! Summerset! Home of the snooty yellow folk!
Also there’s Psijic folks there.
Also it feels quite small and underwhelming for a chapter.

Part 13 – Wolfhunter DLC (Dungeon Pack)

Two new fuzzy furry wolfy dungeons to tread through:

  • March of Sacrifices
  • Moon Hunter Keep


Part 14 – Murkmire DLC

Visit Shrek’s Swamp in glorious 4K.
It’s a cool enough zone, I don’t think enough people have seen it though.

Part 15 – Wrathstone DLC (Dungeon Pack)

Two new glorified dragon fanart hunt dungeons to tread through:

  • Depths of Malatar
  • Frostvault


Part 16 – Elsweyr Chapter

Zone: Northern Elsweyr – home of the northern cat-folk.
For the first time, feast your eyes upon the khajiit that aren’t human shaped.

Part 17 – Scalebreaker DLC (Dungeon Pack)

Two new spooky dragony? dungeons to tread through:

  • Moongrave Fane
  • Lair of Maarselok


Part 18 – Dragonhold DLC

Zone: Southern Elsweyr – home of the southern cat folk.
For the second time, feast your eyes upon Khajiit that aren’t human-shaped.
Also there’s dragons again.

Part 19 – Harrowstorm DLC (Dungeon Pack)

Two new blood-sucky dungeons to tread through:

  • Icereach
  • Unhallowed Grave


Part 20 – Greymoor Chapter

Named after Fort Greymoor from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (probably not), venture to Western Skyrim, where all of the NPCs are rude. Also there are vampires.

Part 21 – Stonethorn DLC (Dungeon Pack)

Two new blood-sucky (again) dungeons to tread through:

  • Stone Garden
  • Castle Thorn


Part 22 – Markarth DLC

TIme to travel to The Reach, South of Solitude! More Skyrim! Of course!
More of that charm we’ve all consumed a million times.
This time, the reachmen are actually in charge of Markarth where as they sort of weren’t in Skyrim.

Part 23 – Flames of Ambition DLC (Dungeon Pack)

Two new flamey firey pretty dungeons to tread through:

  • The Cauldron
  • Black Drake Villa


Part 24 – Blackwood Chapter

Blackwood, a never before seen chunk of Tamriel where companions are introduced to the fold.
As if there weren’t enough sprites on the screen.
Also there’s the big man with four arms again.

Part 25 – Unannounced DLC (Dungeon Pack)

Two new unannounced dungeons to tread through:

  • Dungeon TBA
  • Dungeon TBA


Part 26 – Unannounced Zone DLC

Will take place in the deadlands that were explored in the Blackwood Chapter. TBA.

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This is all for The Elder Scrolls Online All Content of The Game / Playthrough hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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