The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough

The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough 1 -
The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough 1 -

To some extent, this will also be a guide to the passage, since getting an achievement at 100% implies getting all the endings, of which there are quite a lot in this game and they depend on certain actions of the player.
I want to point out that the game does not provide quick saves, so all decisions are final.
The remaining endings can only be obtained through a complete replay of the game.
In this case, the developers have provided for automatic execution through open endings, which will save a lot of time.
I want to draw your attention to the fact that you can replay the same ending and finish it with different items received or lost. In subsequent playthroughs, you can choose variants of the same ending.
It is also worth mentioning that you can land on planets only once. The exceptions are the planets Lyme and Pi. They are located in the second sector.
We will start with achievements, for which there is not much to paint, and we will finish with a description of achievements for all endings.

Completed Intro

The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough - Completed Intro - ABA8D28It’s simple – just complete the intro, which will tell you about history of the world and the adventure of our Captain and acquaintance with the ship begins.

Reached Earth

The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough - Reached Earth - E75A40ETo get this achievement, you need to get to the Earth.
In general, the main goal of our Captain is to reach the Earth with energy cells for weapons that can destroy the enemy heading towards Earth.


The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough - Rich - 98BDC47Need to earn 4000 credits.
To perform it , you must:

  • choose options in the dialogs for which you can get credits;
  • sell all the devices of the ship, starting with power panels and ending with weapons;
  • sell energy cells;
  • sell items obtained during tasks on the Planet Lyme;
  • accept and complete the task of eliminating the scientist;
  • do not buy anything in stores (except for a listening device and a fake necklace)


Zen master

The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough - Zen master - 0D59038To get this achievement, you need to three levels of meditation.
On the planet VL-624 you can save one alien named Umix, who will provide the coordinates of the planet Xerum.
Going to this planet and talking with the local inhabitants in the cave, you need to take a bottle with liquid, drink it and sit on a stone pillar.
After you have completed these actions, a panel will appear.
Stage 1:

  • Press the Air button when you see the same symbol in the cave. It is necessary to wait until it appears;
  • Press the Light button when you see a small flash in the cave;
  • Close your eyes and listen to the sounds – when you hear a melody, then press the Sound button.

If everything is done correctly, then lights will light up from below the pillar after each action, and after three completed actions, the pillar will move to the second stage.
Stage 2:

  • Pay attention to the hanging vine. When it swings, then press the Air button;
  • With the light exactly the same as in the first stage;
  • Close your eyes and listen to the sounds from the drops. When you hear a louder sound of falling drops, creating a kind of melody, press the Sound button.

Stage 3:

  • Here, pay attention to the fact that the fog is changing its direction. Press the Air button after changing the direction of the wind;
  • Flash underwater;
  • Close your eyes and listen to the bass sound.


Blue and Red

The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough - Blue and Red - 708899CAfter completing the meditation on the planet Xerum, you will be given a choice between a stone figurine, a glass ball and an hourglass.
To get the achievement, you need to choose a stone figurine.

Beat Jannet Pack

The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough - Beat Jannet Pack - F2CD9BCIt is necessary to destroy Jeannette Pak’s spaceship
To complete the achievement, you must visit Burkes’ Tradeverse, which is located in the first sector.
Arriving at this location, the pirate ship will get in touch and will allow to visit the station only if you pay him 100 credits.
After talking to the owner of the station, you can get a quest to destroy Jeannette Pak’s ship. He will mark Jeannette Pak’s coordinates on the map.
After arriving, you need to destroy three pirate ships and the achievement is yours.
Recommendation: before the battle, it is better to conduct a simulation to understand how it is easiest to destroy three enemy ships

All for love

The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough - All for love - 54742B2It is necessary to reach the Outpost “Ortis” and resist enemy ships.
You can destroy them with naval weapons or a device that will direct energy beams at enemy ships (which is preferable).
It is necessary to arrive at this Outpost within 200 days.
In my case, I arrived in 300+ days and the Outpost was destroyed.
I recommend to upgrade the ship’s engine.

200 days

The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough - 200 days - 6E6DC05Here it is necessary to get to earth in 200 days or in less time.
I managed to get there in 153 days.
Acted according to the following scenario:

  • Save an engineer on a Desert Planet and took the power cell
  • Rescue Umix on the Planet VL-624 (I think, this is not necessary, ’cause it does not play any role)
  • Explore the crash site, the coordinates of which were provided by the engineer
  • Took the remaining two power cells on the planets
  • At the Epsilon station chose the ending with a wormhole
  • Jump into the wormhole and then put out the fire by yourself
  • Go to the trading station, where you can sell all your things (weapons, shields, one power cell) to buy two upgrades for the engine
  • Go to the Planet Lyme and accept the task of delivering the bomb to the Expo
  • On the planet Pi go into the central building where located the greenhouse and accept the task of displaying the device at the Expo
  • After the sabotage mission, go to the space gate and pass through the gate
  • Go to the Smuggler Route point
  • Chose the option to give up all your weapons to pass through the cordon
  • Fly to the Earth

The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough - 200 days - 4DABA09

Seen it all

The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough - Seen it all - 484DF0ETo get this achievement, you need to open all available endings on planets, stations and on your ship.
For more convenient navigation, there will be a separate section for each planet, station and ship, which will describe ways to get endings

Written by John_McClane

This is all for The Captain All Achievement Guide & Playthrough hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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