The Black Heart Basic Gameplay Tips – Server Online Guide

The Black Heart Basic Gameplay Tips – Server Online Guide 1 -
The Black Heart Basic Gameplay Tips – Server Online Guide 1 -

This’ll basically show you how to play The Black Heart online.

RadminVPN & TBHI

First thing first, download RadminVPN ( – []  ).
Radmin allows you to connect to a server and link up with multiple PC’s By switching to Radmin, it will lead to less issues. Some users are just not able to get Hamachi to work. Radmin is a ton more user friendly and allows for MANY users to be in the same server, and offers a better connection than Hamachi. simple stuff.
You will also need The Black Heart: IKEMEN downloaded as it will be the version of the game used for this tutorial. ( can be found here – []  )


Double Click on your name in Radmin, or right click on your name to change it from DESKTOP to your own username! THEN Join The Black Heart IKEMEN server.
Network name: TBHI
Password: TBHIKE

Final stuff

Once you’re in the server, you’re now ready to play against other players.
This step consists of two parts, hosting a match and joining a match. Between you & your opponent, decide who will host. IMPORTANT: If you aren’t able to connect with your opponent, switch hosts! If you still aren’t able to connect to your opponent after switching hosts, please disable your firewall. IMPORTANT!!!!: The first time you go to Online, a box will appear asking you to allow TBHI through your firewall. Agree to both PUBLIC and PRIVATE connections. This is important for joining others and having others join you.


If you’re hosting, you need to create a server for your opponent(s) to join. If you have already joined The Black Heart Radmin server, this is not needed, instead – follow these instructions. * Go to Online * Go to Vs Mode or any other mode you decide to play with your opponent. Your opponent must also choose the same mode. * An “Input Server” box will appear, click OK, and wait for your opponent. DO NOT add anything into the box. This is only for the player joining the host.


If you are joining, you will need to right click on your opponents name/computer in Radmin and click Copy IP Once you copy the address, go into the game and go to Online, and then Vs Mode or any mode of your choosing. Select the same mode as your opponent. A box saying Input Server will appear, paste the IP address you just copied and click OK. — If done correctly, you will instantly connect to your opponent and may begin beating each other up.


For matchmaking and general talk about the game, go to – []  . this guide sorta sucks, if you have questions ask there.

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Here we come to an end for The Black Heart Basic Gameplay Tips – Server Online Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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