The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth How to beat Boss Rush with The Lost: short Guide

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth How to beat Boss Rush with The Lost: short Guide 1 -
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth How to beat Boss Rush with The Lost: short Guide 1 -
It’s very short guide based on like 10-30 hours of tries


Items you have good chances with

Best item to beat Boss Rush: 
– Ghost Pepper 
Good items to try with: 
– Tough Love 
– Bird’s Eye 
– Brown Nugget 
– Gnawed Leaf 

Ghost Pepper

I’ve tried lots of combinations, but most of them are unreliable: in most cases you need about 3 items to make crushing combo, and yet you still can die accidentally on traps and didn’t even reach Boss Rush with you uber-build. You can spend many hours in hope for a good synergy and still didn’t success. 
Accidentally I found that one item is enough to do Boss Rush. It has great clearing speed so you will get there in 20 minutes with no problem. And it has enormous damage so you can kill bosses before they damage you. 
It reduces risks for you – you kill enemies before they surrond you, and gives you enough time to pass tricky trap rooms and search for more items, thinks and play overall slowly and safe 
So this item is Ghost Pepper. Why it works? It has huge damage itself but it shots rarely. But with just 11 luck it get 100% chance to shoot. You can get 10 luck from Perfection (A+) trinket which falls from boss if you didn’t take damage for 3 floors. As for The Lost it fall automatically because any damages kill him. 
As result after 3 floors The Lost has Ghost Pepper with 90-100% shot chance. It erases most bosses in a blink of an eye. It doesn’t need anything else special. You can get some damage/range/tears up to improve effect but I recommend to focus on defence – any options will be helpful. You can even drop Eternal D6 at some point if you’ll find goot active item. 
With Ghost Pepper all you have to do is survive 3 floors and then don’t die in some tricky rooms before Boss Rush. Mom will be killed in 1-2 second all you need is to dodge. 
In Boss Rush itself care for brimstones – look what bosses spawned and choose safe positions. Kill most dangerous first and move a lot. 

Other items

Bird’s Eye works pretty similar to Ghost Pepper but deals less damage somehow and doesn’t pass obstacles. But if you are bored to reroll treasure rooms it’s a good thing to try and practice Boss Rush with a Bird’s Eye. 
Tough Love will have 100% chance after you get Perfection (A+). It simply triples your damage. With a good damage items it’s probably possible to beat Boss Rush with it. 
Brown Nugget is just a perfect item for a Boss Rush. You come there and place there 60 flies that will kill bosses for you. Even if you don’t have super-duper damage you’ll have a good chances thanks to your army of flies. However Brown Nugget won’t help you to reach Boss Rush. 
Gnawed Leaf won’t help you to beat Boss Rush. Because It doesn’t give you any damage and useless without minions or orbitals. However with Gnawed Leaf you can try to beat other bosses: ???, Lamb, Delirium etc. It will save from boredom of searching for Ghost Pepper. 

Good luck

You will suffer and will have to do a lot runs, no doubt. But this guide will give a bit more chances. 

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