Terraria Money farming tips & tricks

Terraria Money farming tips & tricks 1 - steamsplay.com
Terraria Money farming tips & tricks 1 - steamsplay.com

You can make tons of money without having a dumb afkfarm


Good items are essential for this guide. You will need to have the skills level of the mechanical bosses before or after they kill you. If you don't have the skill level, click this guide.


Youtube videos about how to farm money are great. They are all very long and take up a lot of your time. I used this method to get 2 platinum for my clentaminator and 75 gold after I've done one round.
1. Create a new future. Crimson or corruption
2. Go to the underground biome of evil
3. Break 3 Crimson Hearts/Shadow Orbs. (I recommend that you break ALL of these in your world)
4. Kill the boss. This should be easy.
5. Collect all loot
Now you won’t have much money, but it’s not too late.
6. Return to your original world.
7. Merchants can sell the Crimtane/Demonite mine.
8. Repeat
I hope this helps. Please leave your comments.


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