Terraria How to pass the terraria in master mode

Terraria How to pass the terraria in master mode 1 - steamsplay.com
Terraria How to pass the terraria in master mode 1 - steamsplay.com

This guide will show you how to pass the Terraria in master mode.

Master mode Passage to terraria

Terraria How to pass the terraria in master mode - passage of terraria in master mode - 2D14F34
Master Mod is the most difficult mode in the game.
It contains exclusive items that can only be purchased in expert or classic fashion. These include Relics and pets that have been given to bosses for defeating them. This mode increases all living creatures' HP.
All content in Expert mode is available to you in the wizard mode.
! Multiplayer games will make it more difficult to get bosses. Each player's hp is multiplied 1.5x by their initial hp. For example, the king among slugs has 3570 HP. If he plays with only one friend, his hp grows to 5355. But if he plays with two friends, his hp rises to 7140. However, this can be avoided. First, summon the boss. Next, log on with your friends to the server. Once the boss has a minimum of hp, they will be able to kill you. (after each boss kill, your friends need to log out of the server)

about enemies

All enemies deal 3 times more damage.
Expert mode had 50% higher enemy health than Expert. For example, the master blue slug has 75 health while the expert mode has 50.
The health of bosses is also improved. These values are different for each boss.

Information about the character

When a player dies, he loses all his money.
Each character receives an additional slot to store accessories at the beginning. From the beginning, there will be 6 slots plus a demon’s heart.
The armor value is 100%. Expert mode is 75%.

Exclusive master mode items

Bosses that are defeated in Master mode drop treasure boxes, just as Expert mode. They also drop items only for master mode that have the rare quality of Fiery.
A relic falls from bosses — it is a statue of the boss. (collector’s item)
Bosses with a 25% chance might have a pet, lighting pet, or vehicle similar to or slightly related.
Cthulhu's Eye catches Aviator Glasses. (accessory,)


You must eliminate the eye of Cthulhu as well as the king among slugs from the beginning.
I recommend that you kill the queen honeybee. Cthulhu's brain is as difficult without a beethrower or beebombs as possible. You can then either try to kill Cthulhu's brain or go straight for the wall of flesh.
(, even after the brains of Cthulhu has been defeated, you can still kill the cyclops deer. You can get some help from items falling from it (weapons that are useful for magicians, summoners and archers). Lucy also drops out, the strongest pre-hardmodny blade, so with a good damag you can also summon a chest that can serve as a backpack.)
After you have destroyed the wall of flesh, your computer will automatically switch to hard mode. I recommend that you first break as many altars as possible using the holy hammer. Once you have achieved the titanium/adamantite mine, you can craft the best armor and accessories for your classes. Then, you can kill the hardcore bosses.

Hardcore bosses

To begin with, you could kill the slug-queen so that it would be easier for you to kill the destroyer. With the mount (, you can summon her with a Gelatin Crystal. It will spawn like an underground crystal in an) consecration.
After that, you can kill (the World Eater). It must be killed, bizarrely enough, with a splash, so that all its sections can be destroyed at once. It is not divided into a devourer or worlds, so it will not get any worse. You can watch the YouTube video (to see how to kill him using an air platform)).
The next boss could kill the twins and then skeletron prime. It doesn’t matter who is easier
After learning all the mechanics you must kill the planter to gain the key to your temple.
You can then buy a grenade weapon or something similar (). Then, you build a pocket on top of the lizard altar and shoot there with a rocket launcher. This will summon a golem.
Personally, I killed the baron with my friends, while some go to see the empress. (: If you kill the fishron, you can then take the shield Cthulhu with, which falls from Cthulhu's eye. In the final phase, rybron is partially unkillable. He makes a lot jerks at the player, but with the shield, you can defend your self from him. Double-tapping to the sides is enough to stop him from making a dash at your face. If you run into a fishron,), you can be saved.
After one, or maybe two, we go to a sectarian lunatic. He seemed easy enough to us.
You then automatically destroy all four towers (. If anything, you must kill 100 enemies to break the protection.
Use the fragments from the towers to make the armor for your class, get potions and head to the moonlord.
If you haven’t killed the Empress or the baron/or both, then it's high time to do so.
Different mobs may walk around you at all times. If you don't kill them, a "raid” will begin. Let's suppose that the goblin invasion has an goblin scout. You shouldn't kill them instantly. Instead, think about whether you really need this event. Because they all have some essential things: a mount and an accessory, as well as a weapon.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Terrarium on the Master!

Of course, there are flaws. For example: Depending on your equipment, it might be easier to fight with one boss but more difficult with another. The boss you need to kill first.
I am sorry, but this under-guide does not include a guide for classes or equipment.
We appreciate your reading.


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