Terraria How to Create Characters – House Build

Terraria How to Create Characters – House Build 1 - steamsplay.com
Terraria How to Create Characters – House Build 1 - steamsplay.com

This will be a simple guide going over the basics and will give tips for beginners to give them a less painful game.

Creating a character

When creating a character you’ll be given the option to choose your appearance but most importantly you will see instantly Soft core, Medium core Hardcore. Soft core (drop money on death), Medium core (Drop items), Hardcore You’ll also be able to make a name (Obviously) Other than that its mostly just appearance. Just pick soft core unless you consent to pain. Then you can create a world and you’ll be given the option to choose a world evil. Either Crimson or Corruption. When playing difficulties below Expert i’d do Crimson for the Vampire Knives (a life-steal, late-game weapon) so if you believe you make it that far without punching your monitor after dying to a cave bat 50 times. Then make a world size (Medium recommended) and now your world will have a (Changeable) name. Now your world will generate.

House build. Build house.

Terraria How to Create Characters - House Build - House build. Build house. - BEC1CC6
Now you are in the phase where its all about patience. Chop down some wood with your axe and make a house (don’t have to make it into planks this isn’t minecraft) make a simple house by making a workbench for 10 wood and make torches from the slimes the guide will kill. If you feel ready charge in with that bad copper shortsword (Honestly not that bad) and kill them. you will be able to make the torches without the workbench with one wood and gel in bunches of three. Build a house like a box (What we call a shoebox) and add a table and chair (you can make these with a workbench), add background walls and add a torch. this is a basic house. If you want to find out what the happiness system is read this.
https://terraria.fandom.com/wiki/Guide:NPC_Happiness – [fandom.com] 

Dirt to stone to Ore

There are several layers going from the overworld to the underworld. The order will be like this: Overworld<Underground<Caverns<Underworld. You’ll typically find the useful ores Iron (Can be Iron or Lead) on the underground layer and maybe some Silver or Tungsten. Collect these up and smelt them at a furnace (Just go to crafting on the guide and slam a random material in his face in this case wood find the furnace and voila build it) and now that wraps this up. Read the terraria Wiki an goodbye.

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