Terraria How to beat (Every Mode)

Terraria How to beat (Every Mode) 1 - steamsplay.com
Terraria How to beat (Every Mode) 1 - steamsplay.com
Trying to beat normal/expert/master mode? Are you new to Terraria or just need some help? Read this guide. I will be showing you what to look out for, how to prepare for things, what class might be the best, and how you could do it all in multiplayer!



Welcome to my Terraria guide! I will be guiding you through Terraria, showing things to look out for, how to progress well through the game, and how to prepare for things. If you have anything you would like me to add just comment below! If you find the guide helpful please leave your support by leaving a like 😀 
Here is the Terraria Wiki as if you get stuck or don’t know what something I’m saying is, look it up there: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Terraria_Wiki 
A lot of what is described is mainly for Expert/Master mode. But if you are brand new to Terraria and are in normal mode, you’ll still want to follow the guide. 

The Beginning


  • The start is going to be tough. When first beginning master mode you might have trouble with even the common slimes! I recommend breaking a few trees and quickly getting to build a shelter. When building a shelter you don’t have to get too fancy right at the beginning. Just build something that’ll keep you safe from mobs. Building double-doors is recommended. Double doors make it so during events like blood moon when zombies could open doors, they cannot open them. Double doors unfortunately does not help against the goblins during the goblin invasion that could just break the doors. Make sure to have 2-3 rooms during the first day and add tables and chairs, and proper walls and light sources to make sure NPCs will move in later on, and give your Guide a cozy home. 
  • Building your shelter might’ve taken the whole day. During the night, stay safe in your home and pick of enemies if you would like to. If you have time, make sure to craft yourself a bow, and collect some stone to combine with wood for arrows. These will help to pick off enemies while staying safe. 
  • After the first day it won’t be too hard. Try to explore the surface of your world. Stay away from corruption/crimson as they are tough start-game in master mode. Loot any chests you can find on the surface as they will help a lot. If you see any herbs that are usable for potions, make sure to take them as potions are vital in master mode. 
  • Once you’ve got a nice amount of loot from chests, it’s time to explore underground. If you’ve found any bombs around your exploration, combine them with gel to make sticky bombs, and use these to mine any ores you find. Mining with a copper pick can be very slow and annoying. Be very careful for traps, as every trap can one shot you at this stage of the game, and you’ll want to be careful all the way into Hardmode as well. 
  • Once you have a nice amount of ores, craft yourself a furnace with stone, and get to smelting. The main things you want to focus on is: Sword/Bow & Armor. Once you have these upgraded, you can upgrade your tools (Pickaxe, Axe, Hammer.) 
  • Find a nearby desert and collect some sand. Sand can be used to make bottles, which when one is placed, you can make potions. Once you have placed down a bottle, bring some bottles with you to a nearby water source and craft water bottles. Combine these with herbs and a few other materials, and you can craft potions! Once you can craft potions I recommend keeping a ironskin and a swiftness potion with you at all times, as they can be very useful. 
  • With potions and sticky bombs on hand, adventure deeper underground to upgrade your gear further. Pick up and consume any life crystals you find on the way, and once you’ve got a decent amount of health and gear, it’s time to fight some bosses. 
  • Make sure you beat the goblin army eventually and find the Goblin Tinkerer in the cavern layer of your world. He will allow you to combine many accessories and unlock the reforge option. Whenever you get a new item that you’ll stick with for a while, make sire to reforge it. I recommend always reforging it to have 3 buffs, no debuffs. Ruthless is also good in most cases.




    The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released.

  • Once entering hardmode it is quite similar to pre-hardmode. Right at the start every new mob can pretty much kill you, so you have to be careful. 
  • The first thing you want to do is use your Pwnhammer on demon/crimson altars found at the bottom of the corruption/crimson biomes. Breaking these will cause hardmode ore to spread. Always leave at least one altar left as they are used for special crafting. Breaking 5-10 altars is usually a good number. 
  • Once ore has spread across your world your going to want to go mining. Make sure you keep a mechanical lens on you as it reveals all traps on your screen, making it easy to avoid them. Don’t use spelunker potions because you can only mine 2 ores right now. If you’ve got a hellstone pickaxe, your going to only be able to mine cobalt and palladium ore. Once you have these smelted, the first thing you want to do is upgrade your pick. I usually prefer the drills as they mine faster but have shorter range, but it’s your choice. Bombs/Sticky bombs cannot break any hardmode ores. 
  • With your new palladium/cobalt mining tool, you’re now able to mine orichalcum. Once you mine more palladium craft yourself a weapon of choice and armor. With orichalcum craft a mining tool and then you’re all set to use spelunker potions. Now with orichalcum you’ll have access to adamantite and titanium. 
  • Once you’ve got a nice set of ores, you’re going to want to go hunting for accessories, especially wings. You’re going to have to go to space and kill wyverns which drop necessary ingredients for wings. Your also going to want to have at least lightning boots by now, if not terraspark. And another really good accessory later on is the celestial shell. Your other accessories are going to depend on your class so just look it up on the wiki and decide what’s best for you. Here are some quick accessories I recommend based on class: Melee: Frozen/Hero Shield (Post Plantera) Fire Gauntlet. Magic: Mana Cloak & Celestial Cuffs, Celestial Emblem. Ranged: Recon Scope, Stalkers/Molten Quiver. Summoner: Papyrus Scarab (Post Plantera.) Charm of Myths is a nice accessory until you get Celestial Emblem. Use Goblin Tinkerer to reforge them all to Warding. If you want you can have 1 accessory at Menacing, and 1 at Quick. 
  • Once you’re loaded up on accessories, good weapons and armor, and buffs, you’re going to have to fight all three mechanical bosses to unlock access to chlorophyte ore and Plantera. 
  • When the three mechanical bosses are defeated, you want to craft the drax or pickaxe axe. Next, you want to craft hallowed armor, and excalibur & light discs if you are melee route, durendal if you are summon route, and hallowed repeater if you are ranged route. You might have to fight a few more mechanical bosses to be able to craft everything you need. 
  • After crafting some nice gear from the mechanical bosses, you’ll want to head over to the jungle with some spelunker potions and hunt life fruits and chlorophyte ore. With chlorophyte you can upgrade your tools and possibly weapons, and if you went melee route you can combine it with turtle shells to make powerful turtle armor. Before fighting plantera I recommend maxxing out your health with life fruits. 
  • Once beating plantera you’ll want to enter the dungeon and get some new upgrades to your gear, or other useful items. Master ninja gear can be useful. 
  • After beating Plantera you’ll want to go kill the Golem soon. Once the Golem is killed if you are melee route you can combine the beetle husks it drops with your turtle armor to make beetle armor, what I consider the best melee armor you can get before finishing the game. You can also combine the husks with souls of flight from wyverns to get beetle wings.


Fighting Bosses/Events


  • When going to fight a boss/event make sure to have this in your hands: Current-stage gear, potions (at least the basics, ironskin, regen, swiftness, thorns), food, large arena, placeable buffers, Healing and maybe Mana potions, Nurse NPC, spawnpoint (in multiplayer), honey (better in bubbles). 
  • Throughout progression in master mode, Melee is the easiest for starting players, but if you are experienced any of the four classes will work well. Classes are mainly hardmode-exclusive, but can also technically be used closer to the end of pre-hardmode. 
  • Some bosses are better to fight in a long flat arena, or a long minecart track. This includes: King Slime and Eye of Chuthulu (Only if its your first fight), Wall of Flesh, Twins, 
    Empress of Light (only during daylight), Moon Lord 
  • Some bosses are easy to beat with specific techniques. Skeletron and Skeletron Prime are easy to beat if you just keep circling around them, Wall of Flesh, Eater of Worlds and Destroyer are easy with high pierce weapons, Golem can be slowed down with a vertical bubble oval fille with honey so whenever he jumps he gets slowed, and gives you life regen. 
  • Types of Arenas: 
    Platform Arena; Lots of platforms allowing for much vertical and horizontal arena. 
    Flat Arenas; Long asphalt for high mobility, long minecart track for easy movement (allows focus on damage.) Earlier game can just be a long platform. 
    Hoik Circle; Allows you to beat skeletron and dungeon guardian with ease, you spin around insanely fast causing the two mobs to just spin in the same place. 
  • Below is a progression list of bosses and events. Some are mainly optional.

1 Pre-Hardmode bosses 
1.1 King Slime (Optional) 
1.2 Eye of Cthulhu 
1.3 Eater of Worlds 
1.4 Brain of Cthulhu 
1.5 Queen Bee (Optional) 
1.6 Skeletron 
1.7 Wall of Flesh 
2 Hardmode bosses 
2.1 Queen Slime (Optional) 
2.2 The Twins 
2.3 The Destroyer 
2.4 Skeletron Prime 
2.5 Plantera 
2.6 Golem 
2.7 Empress of Light (Optional) 
2.8 Duke Fishron (Optional) 
2.9 Lunatic Cultist 
2.10 Moon Lord 
1 Pre-Hardmode Events 
3.1 Blood Moon 
3.2 Goblin Army 
3.3 Slime Rain (Optional) 
3.4 Old One’s Army (Optional) 
3.5 The Torch God (Optional) 
2 Hardmode Events 
4.1 Frost Legion (Optional) 
4.2 Solar Eclipse 
4.3 Pirate Invasion (Optional) 
4.4 Pumpkin Moon (Optional) 
4.5 Frost Moon (Optional) 
4.6 Martian Madness (Optional) 
4.7 Lunar Events 

Lunar Events



  • Build a small arena outside of the dungeon for Lunatic Cultist. Make sure your spawnpoint is at the arena where you’ll fight the Moon Lord. Keep all the buffs you’ll use for the battle in you inventory. Make sure all your gear is to the max reforged. For most gear this would mean Legendary, Unreal, or Mythical, and Ruthless for summons. On your accessories you want Warding on everything, and if you want, 1 menacing and 1 Quick. I would recommend beating Old Ones Army, Duke Fishron, and Empress of Light before this fight as they drop really good gear. 
  • Fight the cultists at the dungeon to summon the mini-boss. Once Lunatic Cultist is def


Written by MirageLoL

Here we come to an end for Terraria How to beat (Every Mode) hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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