Terraria Best Strategy for Boss Fight in Terraria

Terraria Best Strategy for Boss Fight in Terraria 1 - steamsplay.com
Terraria Best Strategy for Boss Fight in Terraria 1 - steamsplay.com
This is an Unofficial Guide on how to beat all of Terraria’s bosses. The guide is currently incomplete and I will update it alongside my current playthrough of the game. It will include wiki refreneces, artwork, videos, and detailed stretegies on equipment arenas, buffs and more. This guide is made for Expert and Master Modes of the game. But still applies to normal mode and seeks to help newcoming players beat the game’s bosses. Rather than doing it for them, I wish to aim you in the direction of Victory. The guide will get updated over time and revisions will be made. Every piece of artwork and video that In did not make will be credited. This guide was made in the update of the game, but if something is not in earlier versions of the game it will be specified. I made this purely for fun, and as a testament to my skill and experience on Terraria. I will post an example video for every boss fight that I have recorded on the games version of the game.


How Defense Works

Important Information, How Defense Works (editor note, make general information section) 
Defense gives a flat reduction in damage, i.e. damage is reduced by a fixed amount per hit (as opposed to a multiplicative damage reduction, which would reduce damage by a percentage). It is calculated after the general ±15% damage randomization. 
Net dmg = [attack dmg – defense * x] 
x =0.5 in Normal Mode 
x = 0.75 in Expert Mode 
x = 1 in Master Mode 

Eye of Cthulhu

Terraria Best Strategy for Boss Fight in Terraria - Eye of Cthulhu 
The Eye of Cthulhu is the game’s very first boss that the player fights. Although optional it is very important for progression and can be considered mandatory. It consists of two phases, the second phase having two parts in Expert and Master difficulties and requires a lot of preparation to fight, especially on those modes. While one of the game’s simplest bosses, it can easily wreck newcomers and even returning familiar players. 
Terraria Best Strategy for Boss Fight in Terraria 
Terraria Steam Trading Card Eye of Cthulhu Artwork – Re-logic 
Terraria Best Strategy for Boss Fight in Terraria 
The Eye of Cthulhu is a giant inflamed eye, ripped out of Cthulhu’s body in a bloody ancient war according to the Bestiary. It is summoned using the ‘Suspicious Looking eye’ consumable at Night, which lasts from 7:30PM – 4:30AM, this can be seen by having a watch in your inventory or equipped, or by having a clock decoration nearby. If you do not have one when fighting the boss, you can always tell by what music is playing. If you do not have the summoning item he will spawn when: 

  • The player has over 200 max HP 
  • Over a total of 10 defense 
  • 3 NPC’s moving into homes in the world

When these are fufilled it has a one in third (33%) chance of spawning every night. Which is indicated by the text You feel an evil presence watching you appearing in the bottom left corner in green. This can only happen once, after that the player will have to spawn him using the Suspicious Looking Eye consumable, crafted with 6 lens’ at a Demon/Crimson Alter 
The Eye of Cthulhu has 2800 health on Normal Made, 3640 on expert, and a whopping 4641 on Master Mode. The Eye completely resists knockback and across the board has a defense of 12. 
Contact Damage is 15 on Normal, 30 on Expert Mode, and 45 on Master Mode. 
Terraria Best Strategy for Boss Fight in Terraria 
FIRST PHASETerraria Best Strategy for Boss Fight in Terraria 
During this phase the Eye will spend most of its time floating above you. It will summon Servants of Cthulhu. Servants of Cthulhu which fly towards you to attack, much like Demon Eyes, but will fly through walls and the ground. The Eye will still hurt you if you run into it, so do not disregard it while you kill the Servants. If you start to get swarmed by too many Servants, temporarily switch to a fast swinging weapon such as a Gold Broadsword to get rid of them quickly. Grenades can also make quick work of them, but be careful since grenades can damage you too. So get distance then throw them. Having floor to roll them on could be helpful, but for the Eye, any walls are detrimental since you want him to always be in your line of sight and fire. Jester Arrows can be useful once they are lined up and does not have any risk of self harm. If you want to get rid of them before they trouble you, when trying to hurt the eye, aim for the pupil since that is where they spawn. The Pupil never changes direction or placement on the sprite. 
Terraria Best Strategy for Boss Fight in Terraria 
SECOND PHASETerraria Best Strategy for Boss Fight in Terraria 
When at 1400HP/2366HP/3016HP (Normal/Expert/Master) The eye shreds its pupil and part of its outer layer to reveal a bloody mouth with long fangs. The Eye moves much faster now and does more damage But no longer summons it’s servants and has no defense at all Speed is key in this part of the fight, take advantage of the low defense and use your strongest weapons, ranged projectiles are useful here. When reaching half health in Expert or Master he will do extremely fast dash attacks across the screen while chasing the player, these can overwhelm players easily and puts your arena to the test, completely changing the name of the game. Try and have good aim. 
Tip: Grapple to a platform with a hook and cancel pressing the jump midway through to quickly fling yourself around. 
Tungsten/ Silver armor is recommended, Gold/Platinum is over doing it in most situations. Just have good reflexes and think quick and Silver and Tungsten will be fine. It is best to use full sets of armor for their set bonuses, all of the set bonuses for these armors are additional defense. A Full set of Gold Armor is only 1 defense more than a full set of Silver. 
Blow up Demonite or Crimtane ore using Bombs or dynamite when mining to get very useful weapons early. The Tendon Bow and Artery Yo-Yo help a bunch in this fight. 
Example Video: Makes Good use of Throwing weapons, and crafting Crimson/Corruption weapons early. As well as hook flinging 

YouTube player

I will not go over weapons for this boss as of yet, you can find good ones on your own. 

Hope you enjoy the post for Terraria Best Strategy for Boss Fight in Terraria, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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