TEKKEN 7 General Guide for New Players and Basic Information & Tips

TEKKEN 7 General Guide for New Players and Basic Information & Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
TEKKEN 7 General Guide for New Players and Basic Information & Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
This guide is intended to show new Hwoarang players how easy to learn play on this character and how to deal a lot of damage with combos and simple hits and start learning the hero correctly .
The guide also includes examples of launchers, simple hit for getting to know hero better. Don’t forget to rate it if you liked this guide :). There will not be many difficult things in this guide , only important things for beginners in my opinion. There is a video with guide .


1.Tekken for dummies + IMPORTANT about hero

At beginning of my guide, I would like to say that when you learn hero, you must have to learn combos (more often you repeat, faster you learn) and on forums or in videos on YouTube you will see some strange letters like: d + 3 + 4,4 u / f + 3,4,3 + 4.

Piece of cake 🙂 – it is very easy to memorize combinations using letters and numbers like d + 3 + 4,4 is d-down (down) + left kick + right kick, right kick.
In the future, we will need this knowledge.

TEKKEN 7 General Guide for New Players and Basic Information & Tips

Attack buttons

1 – Hit with left hand
2 – Hit with right hand
3 – Kick with the left leg
4 – Kick with the right leg

Directional inputs

f – forward
b – back
d – down
u – up
df – diagonal between down and forward
ud – diagonal between up and forward
db – diagonal between down and back
n – neutral
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To fully understand Hwoarang, it is necessary to understand the purpose of each of his stances, as they offer specific techniques. Hwoarang has eight stances in total.

– Left Foot Forward (LFF)
– Left Flamingo Stance (LFS) (stands like a flamingo)
– Right Flamingo Stance (RFS) (stands like a flamingo on the other leg)
– Right Foot Forward (RFF)

Hero turned ↓ (not needed for hit, only for movement, well, this is for further and complete learning)

– Backturn Left Foot Forward (BT LFF)
– Backturn Right Foot Forward (BT RFF)
– Backturn Left Flamingo Stance (BT LFS)
– Backturn Right Flamingo Stance (BT RFS)

You can stand in them in the process of pressing an opponent or when performing a combo.
“Long story short”, with different stands in the same combinations of buttons, there will be different strokes.
You can get into these racks using the buttons. 3 + 4 = LFF and RFF and to stand in a flamingo you need to swing your free leg 3 + 4.3 or 3 + 4.4

You can see more details in this video, there it is briefly shown when Hwoarang moves his legs and subsequently changes his stance. I will not talk about all secrets of Hwoarang stances because it will take a lot of time.

Hwoarang Move List (Command List) | TEKKEN 7

YouTube player


YouTube player


2.Hwoarang – hero not for everyone?

If there is one thing players can agree about Hwoarang, it’s that he is not for the faint of heart, literally. Boasting a humongous 100+ movelist, numerous stances, lack of reliable defensive tools, having matchups only ranging from even to bad, and a steep learning curve. This puts players who want to learn Hwoarang in a peculiar situation. Thankfully, his frame data is rather exemplary as most of his moves leave him in frame advantage or at a slight disadvantage. Allowing the taekwondo extraordinaire to easily pressure opponents with his mixups at close range and simply stay there.

Hwoarang’s game plan is based on a constant flurry of hits (pressure in other words) that break and complicate the opponent’s defense; Hwoarang prevents enemy from hitting him and catches him on a mistake

The combination of heavy pressure and heavy hitting combos makes this hero really playable.

Interesting fact: In many Tier Lists, hero takes good places in ratings . A or B

3.Advantages and Disadvantages

– Hwoarang is a walking Gatling gun due to endless moves that never end
– Good throws – grabs (DB1 + 3, F2 + 3, B2 + 4, RFF 1 + 3/2 + 4)
– Powercruch punches have a good frame date and are difficult for the opponent to punish
– Safe Rage art that can be combined with combos
– Powerful / flexible combinations when the enemy is in the air and near the wall (Great Wall Carry)
– Good punishment – punishment for enemy strikes
– No matter how I praised him for his safety, but hero is not the safest in the game; he has to take risks
– There is difficulty in performing some combos 100+ dmg
– No reliable defense (only defense-like hit is b + 1 has bad frames, and
u3 + 4 is just slow)
– The enemy can easily dodge Hwoarangs hits
– Left and right flamingo stands do not block blows
– Most of the movements with high plus frames are only available from the stances.

4.Best Hwoarang moves

– JFSR (F,N,DF+4)

– (RFF 3~4)

– D+3,4

– DF+2

– flamingo jabs LFS+1 & RFS+2

– DB+3

– F+2

– RFF DF+4,F

– WS+4,4

– RFS DF+4 | RFS B+3

– DF+1/DF1+2

– DF+4

– RFS D+4,3

– F2+3 (stances LFF | LFS | RFF)

– DF3 (DF+3,F) / DF3 / DF3,4)

5.CCCOMBO – easy to difficult

Hwoarang Juggling Combo
DON’T BE SCARED !!!!!!! many RFF LFS etc. located here for clarification, in the process of many combos here you are already standing in a stance, so the combo itself looks less in terms of buttons than it seems in the text.

+ good video with examples

YouTube player

If you don’t want to figure it out for a long time !! Keep learning combos starting with launchers

DF2 F4 B4 DASH 3+4 F3,3,F 3,F UF3+4 (85 DMG)

B3 F4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3,3,F 3,F UF3+4 (92 DMG)

UB3,3 DF3,F F2 F3,3,F 3,F 3,F UF3+4 (86 DMG)

U3 F2 3,4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3 UF3+4 (92 DMG)

U3+4 F2 3,4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3 UF3+4 (87 DMG)

UF3,4 1 F4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3 UF3+4 (80DMG)

CH F1+2 F2 3,B4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3 UF3+4 ( 87 DMG)

CH D4,4 F4,B4 DASH 3+4 F3,3,F 3,F UF3+4 (102 DMG)

CH F D,DF3 B3 F F B F3,3,F 3,F 3,F UF3+4 (101 DMG)

RFF F DF4 3+4 3~4 DASH F2 F3,3,F 3,F UF3,4 (96 DMG)

RFF 3~4 DASH F2 F3,3,F 3,F 3,F UF3+4 (98 DMG)

RFF F4,4 3~4 DASH 3~4 F3,3F 3,F 3,F UF3+4 (98 DMG)

RF DF4 F2 F3,B3 F,F B F3,3,F UF3+4 (85 DMG)

RF B3 F2 F3,B3 F,F B F3,3,F UF3+4 (92 DMG)


Launcher: DF+2

DF+2 F+2 RFF34 RFS B+4 S! RFF F+3 UF+343 = 59 DMG (Easy)

DF+2 U+3 LFS B+3 S! FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 = 62 DMG (Easy)

DF+2 F4 RFS2 RFF34 RFS B+4 S! RFF F+3 LFS UF3+4 = 57 DMG (Medium)

DF+2 FF4 RFF34 RFS B+4 S! RFF F+3 UF343 = 64 DMG (Medium)

DF2 F4 RFS B+3 FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 S! RFF F+3 LFS B+3 = 70 DMG (Hard)

Launcher: B+3

B+3 F+2 RFF34 RFS B+4 S! RFF F+3 UF+343 = 63 DMG (Easy)

B+3 U+3 LFS B+3 S! FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 = 66 DMG (Easy)

B+3 F4 RFS2 RFF34 RFS B+4 S! RFF F+3 LFS B+3 = 61 DMG (Medium)

B+3 FF4 RFF34 RFS B+4 S! RFF F+3 UF343 = 68 DMG (Medium)

B+3 F4 RFS B+3 FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 S! RFF F+3 LFS B+3 = 74 DMG (Hard)

Launcher: JFSR

JFSR Backlash S! FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+3 = 68 DMG (Easy)

JFSR Backlash S! FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 = 68 DMG (Easy)

JFSR Backlash S! RFF F+3 LFS 3F LFS 3F LFS F+3 = 65 DMG (Medium)

JFSR Backlash S! RFF F+3 LFS+2 RFF F+3 LFS UF+343 = 76 DMG (Medium)

JFSR F4 RFS B+3 FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 S! RFF F+3 LFS B+3 = 75 DMG (Hard)

Launcher: Backlash

Backlash S! FF+4 RFF34 RFS F+3,4 = 74 DMG (Easy)

Backlash S! FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 = 68 DMG (Easy)

Backlash S! FF+4 RFF3 123 LFS F+3 = 67 DMG (Medium)

Backlash S! RFF F+3 LFS+2 RFF F+3 LFS UF3+4 DF3+4 = 80 DMG (Medium)

Backlash S! U+3 LFS+2 RFF F+3 LFS UF3+4 DF3+4 = 83 DMG (Hard)

Launcher: LFS D+4 / RFS D+3 (Snake Edge)

Snake Edge U+4 RFS 4 = 39 DMG (Easy)

Snake Edge CC DB+4,4 S! iWR+4 = 41 DMG (Medium)

Snake Edge CC D+3,4 RFS B+4 S! D+3,4 RFS B+4 = 42 DMG (Medium)

Snake Edge CC DF+4 S! U+3 LFS 3F LFS 3F LFS F+3 = 51 DMG (Hard)

Snake Edge CC FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 = 45 DMG (Hard)

Launcher: low parry

Low Parry DF+1 D+3,4 RFS B+4 S! DF+3,4 = 30 DMG (Easy)

Low Parry D+3,4 RFS B+4 S! UF+343 = 34 DMG (Easy)

Low Parry FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 S! RFF F+3 LFS UF+343 = 51 DMG (Medium)

Low Parry FF+4 RFF3 23 LFS1 123 LFS F+3 = 37 DMG (Medium)

Low Parry F4 RFS B+3 FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 S!

RFF F+3 LFS B+3 = 57 DMG (Hard)

6.Wall Carry – what to do?

The answer is simple: kick him
Great guide and video on the wall:

YouTube player

7.Pressure and Check tools

Pressing + Launcher Play is the most common style of playing on Hwoarang. The whole gameplay is based on this. Before pressing your opponent, you need to understand his gameplay. Aggressive or passive enemy depends on how you should pressing.

There is a video!

For this, Hwoarang has a lot of Check tools (save techniques for a check). Much also depends on the matchup, some types of pressure will not work on certain characters. You need to understand the weaknesses of the enemy by check tools. After auto-attacking the enemy with a series of moves. If the opponent is also a beginner, it will take him a long time to understand how to punish for such aggressive gameplay. Pressure on Hwoarang at a good level is difficult to predict and often you can kill the enemy with only pressure, but try not to limit yourself to this. Try to play from a distance or from your opponent’s mistakes. More cunning you play, the more difficult it is for the enemy to adapt, and as a result, he loses more and more rating and nerves). It is worth clarifying that when you pressing, your frame date with your opponent hardly changes and remains in the 50/50 position. it means you can be easily punished.
Let’s move on to Check tools:

– 1 just jab with your hand (don’t just use your legs, the secret is also in using your hands)
– 1,2
– 1,2f+3
– df+1 (one of the most save checks and also hits mid)
– f+2
– ff+3
– ws+4
– db+4
Now time for sweet Pressure moves
You need to beat the enemy and make him make mistakes

– 1 / 1,2 hits and 1,2f + 3 pressing basics with which you can continue pressing (arms can do more useful than legs) (Same jabs in RFF stance)

– df13 not for pressing, but to punish the enemy (do not use as a check)

– LFS f + 3 and 3f are needed to stop the enemy’s pressure, but do not use too often, it is easy to hit and cannot be blocked in a flamingo stance

– running 3 is a good offensive move if the enemy gets up or holds a block

– LFS db + 4 good low kick

– ff + 3 is not bad check, and a good offensive blow, you can hit with this technique while your opponent is lying down.

-sidestep 4 – small range but leaves your opponent in minus frame date. this allows you to continue pressing.

– D3,4 – IMBA 🙂 This is the most used and strongest pressing move. You can easily continue pressing after.

– RFF f + 3 – IMBA :). A very cool move, with a good frame date and a good continuation for combo

– RFF 2,4 – Easy transition to two stances

– RFF b + 2 Use this when pressing, gives good framedate, but easy to punish with sidestep.

– RFF df + 4 An important move to hit the mid lane and get into the RFS stance for strong pressure.
enemy can get away with sidestep

– RFS df + 4 IMBA :). Safe, hits mid, good frames, can be a launcher if the enemy wants to duck and hit, or just hit out of timing.

– RFS f + 4 (4 Repeat or press once for launcher). Go to the launcher. Move forces opponent to crouch to stop your pressing, (use the move that was higher if the opponent crouches to get the launcher)

– RFS 2 / 2,4 Will Make You Love Jabs

– RFS b + 3 transition from pressure to launcher

– RFS d 4,3 if enemy is stupid and does not attack (make him respect your actions)
Three great pressure tips
1. Don’t do too much movement. Use moves correctly and hit weak spots
2. Don’t overexert yourself. Use moves to smoothly transition from one to another
3. Read the movements of enemy. His reaction to your movements will give you a lot of information and, as a result, victory.
as an example:
– if the enemy makes many sidesteps press RFS f + 4 and 2,4
– JFSR launcher if the enemy presses
– use throws when pressing if the opponent defends for a long time.

YouTube player

Video about checking tools and pressing (with buttons)

YouTube player


8.Good Hwoarang players

Tendo XI (Best Hero Guide)

YouTube player

Basuka93 (good videos about Hwoarang and good tutorial)

YouTube player

K-wiss (top 14 Hwoarang)

YouTube player

Chafai4375 (not so important, but some interesting content)

YouTube player



More you push / confuse the enemy, better you get. But in the end, any pressure leaves you in a 50/50 position. As Hwoarang, you have to make quick decisions. Keep in mind that game plan of other characters is an important component of your game. So in theory you are always at a disadvantage. This is why it is so important to stay calm and not give too much information about your gameplan


Written by Sandro-

Hope you enjoy the post for TEKKEN 7 General Guide for New Players and Basic Information & Tips, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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