Team Fortress 2 Rare Creature: Hoov

Team Fortress 2 Rare Creature: Hoov 1 -
Team Fortress 2 Rare Creature: Hoov 1 -
Hello and Welcome to my Documentary of the Rare Creature Hoov!

The Hoov is a Creature that is considered “Cursed, Demonic, Scary and Non-Human” !!

Lets get into the Documentary


Introduction & Facts

Team Fortress 2 Rare Creature: Hoov - Introduction & Facts 
Here is a Picture of a Sighting of 2 Hoovs Together! We Assume that these Hoovs have teamed up in a group to kill their pray as seen from previous recorded behaviour of these creatures! 
The creature always seems to be in the T-Pose/A-Pose Position at most times and might Change Posture when attacking! 
If think you found one of these Rare Creatures you need to be Careful to not be attacked and check if its T-Posing/A-Posing when not attacking or it will Propably not be a Hoov. 
It Should be Known that a Hoov has about 400 HP at full. 
As clearly seen, there is a “Second Banana” Item equipped on the Hoov and we are going to talk about that in our next section! 

Weapons & Equipments

Team Fortress 2 Rare Creature: Hoov - Weapons & Equipments 
Here we See The first Equipment of the Hoov. You propably saw this in the first picture! The “Second Banana” is there to deceive you and so are its stats! 
It Might seem like a normal Banana but its stats are actually Changed! Here are some stats! 
+Heals 400 HP 
+Inflicts Poison to Enemies 
+50% Chance to Kill you Instantly upon Sight 
Be careful of these creatures because they can be VERY dangerous if Provoked! 
Team Fortress 2 Rare Creature: Hoov 
Here we see the Hoov’s Second Item! These are some Normal Killing Gloves of Boxing but with a 300% Damage Increase! Not Much to talk about this one other than it is Dangerous at close range with the Creature! 
Team Fortress 2 Rare Creature: Hoov 
And at last! We have the last weapon of the Hoov! Its a regular Brass Beast! There isnt much special about it since the Hoov doesent need more power than it already has! 

The Stare

Team Fortress 2 Rare Creature: Hoov - The Stare 
Here we see a Close Up of the Hoov’s Face! If his face is seen in Physicall form then the Hoov could use its stare and its 
Abilities to Lure Pray in for a quick meal and it can work on Fellow Humans/Players so if you have Lightly Provoked the Creature make sure not to make Eye contact! 


And now the Conclusion! What did we learn? 
Well, We learned about a new Rare Creature within the game and how to recognize it from other creatures you might find like the “Rare Spycrab, and Rare Heavy Birb Fairy” ! Check out iforgotmypass’s documentary about the Rare Creature Demonoculus! 
Thank you for wasting taking the time to read this! 

By Wushi

This is all for Team Fortress 2 Rare Creature: Hoov hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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