Team Fortress 2 Metal Massacre Achievement Guide

Team Fortress 2 Metal Massacre Achievement Guide 1 -
Team Fortress 2 Metal Massacre Achievement Guide 1 -
The problem with this achievement is that it will take over one thousand hours to get, assuming you only play on the mission with the most bots/minute and play non-stop.

For this reason, a solution is needed that will allow the player to get 1 million robot kills without using SAM.

Most achievement guides will tell you that it is impossible to get this achievement naturally, or that you “will get this over time” (you won’t). But there is a very simple way to get this achievement without having to install SAM.

The solution is simple, create your own idle bot killer!



This guide aims to allow players to get the “Metal Massacre” and “Silicon Slaughter” achievements without having to install SAM. This is the most ‘legit’ way to get these achievements without spending thousands of hours grinding the same mission over and over again. 
For anyone new to creating MVM games (like I was before I did this), this is a confusing process. You must first create a script for bots to spawn. 
The goal for this script is to spawn the largest amount of bots with little health, however it is also important to ensure that the player can remain AFK without having to constantly restart the mission or go back to the bots. In order to stop the bots from planting the bomb and causing the player to have to restart, this script simply doesn’t spawn a bomb. Instead it spawns a tank which moves as slowly as possible, giving you a few good hours to grind away at 1hp scouts. 
Obviously, to afk 1,000,000 kills, this will require the engy to set up and afk on a sentry, with his dispenser feeding him metal. 

Creating the pop file

A pop file is a script which tells the bots to spawn. This part of the guide will show you how to create a simple pop file that spawns an infinite number of bots. 
1. Open notepad 
2. paste the following text into your notepad 

WaveSchedule { StartingCurrency 30000 RespawnWaveTime 0 CanBotsAttackWhileInSpawnRoom no Advanced 1 Wave { StartWaveOutput { Target wave_start_relay Action Trigger } Checkpoint Yes WaveSpawn { Where spawnbot TotalCount 1 TotalCurrency 1 FirstSpawnOutput { Target boss_spawn_relay Action Trigger } Tank { Health 1000 Speed 0.1 StartingPathTrackNode “boss_path_b1” OnKilledOutput { Target boss_dead_relay Action Trigger } OnBombDroppedOutput { Target boss_deploy_relay Action Trigger } } } WaveSpawn { Where spawnbot_right MaxActive 22 WaitBetweenSpawns 0 TotalCurrency 0 Support 1 TFBot { Class Scout Health 1 Scale 1.75 Attributes SuppressFire Attributes DisableDodge Attributes RemoveOnDeath BehaviorModifiers Push CharacterAttributes { “move speed bonus” 8 } } } } }

3. Save the notepad as “mvm_decoy_farm.pop” (no quotations) 
This folder will now be installed into your TF2 folder in the next section. 

Installing the pop file

This section contains the instructions on how to add the folder to your game. Start by opening your games directory 
1. From your library, right click Team Fortress 2 
2. Hover over ‘manage’, then select ‘browse local files’ 
3. From here, go into the tf folder, then into scripts 
4. Create a new folder here titles “population” 
5. Inside this new folder, drag across your pop file from earlier 
Your script is now in the game, you are ready to begin idling! 

Loading the game

For this section, you must have the console enabled, if you have already done this before, skip to step 5. 
1. Enter game options 
2. Select advanced 
3. Tick “enable developer console” 
4. You can now open up the console by pressing ` (the button under esc) 
5. Type into console “map mvm_decoy” 
6. Select engineer 
7. Open up the vote menu from the pause menu 
8. Select “CHANGE MISSION”, then vote for “FARM” 
9. You will now appear in a mission with only 1 tank and support scouts. 
This is how you will get to start the farm, the next section will explain how to farm the kills. 

Setting up your farm

1. Make sure you do not have the Gunslinger equipped 
2. Purchase 2 points of firing speed, max your metal capacity, dispenser range and wrench firing speed (you can also just purchase every single upgrade if you want) 
3. Make your way to the archway in front of the bots spawn 
Team Fortress 2 Metal Massacre Achievement Guide 
4. Place your sentry and dispenser as seen in the picture 
Team Fortress 2 Metal Massacre Achievement Guide 
5. Type into console “+attack” and equip your wrench, you will now be able to constantly refill your sentries ammo. 
Team Fortress 2 Metal Massacre Achievement Guide 
6. Ready up and AFK! 
Team Fortress 2 Metal Massacre Achievement Guide 

How efficient is this farm?

To know how efficient this farm is, you must also know how long it takes to get this achievement without AFK farming. 
The first method is to simple play MVM and get the achievement over time. Players have done this, however it has taken over 3000 hours to do this. 
The next method is to focus the achievement, Caliginous Caper gives the most robots per minute. You would have to kill every single robot without any allies. Lets say you are good at the game and you manage to get an average of 10 kills per minute (which is reasonable considering you also have to deal with the tanks and giants). This method would take you 1667 hours to complete, or 70 days. 
This method currently gets 176 kills per minute, meaning you would get the achievement within 95 hours, or 4 days. 

Additional notes

The game will last for 16 hours, if you want to make the game last even longer then feel free to make the tank even slower in your pop file. It is currently .1, changing it to 0.017 should make the game last for 95 hours, getting you the achievement (if you really want to do it all in one go). – explains how to write a pop file, it was used to save and load the file. on the Steam community is where I got the “infinite scout” script from. post highlights how ridiculous the achievement is, pointing out how it can take up to 140 days straight to get the achievement. 

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