Tavern Master How to set up hotels to maximize income

Tavern Master How to set up hotels to maximize income 1 - steamsplay.com
Tavern Master How to set up hotels to maximize income 1 - steamsplay.com

This guide will help you set up hotels that maximize income and save space. These steps will allow you to earn over 15,000 Gold per Floor from hotel rooms that rent for an average 2000 Gold per room. Money! Success! What more could you ask for?

Laying out the Hotel Room

Understanding how profit is determined is key to optimizing your hotel rooms. Each room is assigned a star rating. The higher the star rating, the more someone will pay for it. Only star rating is important. Adding decorations, more furniture, and putting in more windows will not help you to sell a room. Not surprisingly, the most profitable rooms in a room are those with 5 stars. What is the secret to making that work?
You will need a 5 Star bed, a 5 Star wardrobe, one door and two windows, a bathroom, fireplace, nightstand, light (, and a light). If you combine all of these in an area that is at least 256 spaces (4, sections), you will have a 5 star room. We can do better.
Turns out that a hotel room can contain up to five beds and still be valid. You don't have to add any other items to make it more comfortable. You only need one wardrobe and one nightstand regardless of how many beds there are. You can fit four double beds and one single in the 384 spaces (6 sections). You can even add a couple of decorations if you're feeling generous. This allows you to sleep up to 9 people. Each person will pay a premium to have a 5 star hotel room. This premium isn’t as high, however, as they would pay if the room was their own. You will end up spending five times as much on furniture if you have one bed in a room.
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This bed requires some care. You can walk right up to the headboard, but not the foot or sides. If the headboard blocks guests' access to the bed, they won't be charged for it and waitresses can't make it. It is a good idea to test the room by moving in third-person mode. This will allow you to see both sides of each bed. Technically, you don’t need to be in a position to access any furniture in the room.
The only question is how much you charge. Higher prices decrease the chance that someone will rent the room. While lower prices increase the chances of renting it, they are less likely to be returned. What's the ideal price? After some trial and error, I found that the ideal price range is 333-334 Gold. This comes with a 33% chance that the bed will be rented. This is an average price of 222 gold per sleeping area, or 2000 gold per bedroom per night (depending upon how you round). This is a solid amount of money.

Fitting rooms into the Floor

So a good inn may have more than one room for rent. Each room occupies 6 grid sections. There are 60 grid sections to a floor. This means that you can theoretically fit 10 rooms into one floor. The problem is that there are restrictions. Every room should have two windows and a doors. Worse, customers who are obstinate about having access to their rooms insist that they have them. The door must connect with a hallway that connects with a staircase. The layout below shows 8 rooms to a floor. Although you could squeeze in a ninth room, I don’t recommend it. This leaves you with enough space to use as a bathroom, research desk, fire extinguishers station, waitress station, or any other purpose you choose. The rooms were placed around the perimeter so that they face the outside. However, this is not a requirement technically. Only one requirement is that your room has windows. It doesn’t matter if the windows face the beautiful outdoors or inside.
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With 8 rooms giving you 334 gold each, and 9 spots with a 2/3 chance each of being occupied each, that works out to an average of 16,000 gold per day. This is a large sum of money for a single floor. You can have 3 floors like this in your Tavern, and you'll get 48,000 gold per evening, plus any other income. The cost of upkeep is minimal, as you only have to pay for a few waitresses who clean the floors and wax the chandeliers. You don't need to send adventurous people to risk their lives to get strawberries.
These are the secrets of a great hotel room.


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