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System Shock 2 All Audiolog Location Guide 1 -
System Shock 2 All Audiolog Location Guide 1 -

The location of all audiologs within the game.


Here are the locations of all collectable audiologs in this game.
If it's your first time playing the game, you should not use this guide. ALL SECTIONS OF THE GAME ARE SPOILED BY THIS GUIDE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
The sections that contain audiologs are divided by each DECK or AREA within the game. They are listed in the order you collected them throughout the game.


21 audio logs

  • New code: In the first section Cryogenic sector. On a corpse just before the first keypad.
  • Implant Job Cryo Recovery B. A shipping container was placed in a room at the first Cryogenic sector upgrade stations.
  • Xerxes – Science sector. In a desk near the main elevator.
  • Coolant leaks: Science sector, at the reception desk next the bulkhead leading into the Medical sector.
  • All work, all play– Science Sector, on the ground in a morgue.
  • More trouble – Science sector, on a nearby bench in a corridor leading from the big screen with Xerxes.
  • Nonsense– Medical Sector, located on the top floor close to Primate research.
  • Lifts are out is a Medical sector, on a table at the lower level of Primate research.
  • Patient Watson– Medical Sector, in a desk at the radiated ICU.
  • Patient Watson, pt.2– Medical Sector, Biopsy Room at the Lower Level.
  • Rad hypos– Medical Sector, on the counter to the first radiated space with the decontamination water.
  • Damn chimps– Medical Sector, on a shelf in the back room of ICU. Near the decontamination bath.
  • First contact: Medical sector, In the Crew Quarters at a desk in first room to the right.
  • Procedures– Medical sector, at a counter in the Security Station of the crew Quarters.
  • Strange AI: Medical sector, on the desk in one the flooded rooms of Crew Quarters leading towards Dr.Watts office.
  • 100% torture– Medical Sector, on a bench within one of the flooded rooms in the Crew Quarters that leads to Dr.Watts office.
  • Animal rights? – Science Sector, in a desk at Specimen Analysis. This corridor leads to the R&D and Science sectors.
  • No ready– Science Sector, on a stool next to a winding machine and the door leading to the R&D section.
  • Yanking my chain R&D Sector, on a counter beside the sink in a room with a charge station.
  • Watson autopsy– R&D Sector, on a corpse at Dr.Watts office within this sector.
  • Maintenance conduit is R&D sector. It refers to a corpse at Dr.Watts' office in this sector.



21 Audiologs

  • Just us Fluidics tunnels/Coolant tubs, in the desk you reach when you climb down to Maintenance deck.
  • Taking action: Fluidics tunnels/Coolant tubs, located just outside of Auxilary Storage 4.
  • The soldier: Fluidics tunnels/Coolant tube, in the middle path leading to Auxilary Storage
  • Tau Ceti 5– Fluidics Tunnels/Coolant Tubes, to the right from the three pathways leading towards Auxilary Storage
  • That leak again – Main elevator, on the ground infront the door leading to the Xerxes-screen room.
  • Locking Eng. Control Engineering control, Up the Grav Shafts, infront the Fluidics Computer.
  • Fluidics backdoor Engineering control, right next to Fluidics Control Computer.
  • Cargo Bay 2 – In front of double doors leading to the room with two turrets, and the security station. Bulkhead 11 leading into the cargo bays.
  • Turret problems– In a footlocker located in the Security station, prior to the bulkhead leading the cargo bays.
  • Lame old me– The room next to "The Many-Hallucination" is located by some storage containers.
  • Further experiments Cargo Bay 1B, In a table between the two storage spaces.
  • Psionic chimps! Cargo Bay 1, Bottom Floor, on a corpse that leads into the last storage area.
  • Hacking turrets Cargo Bay 2A, bottom floor on a corpse en front of a Turret
  • It's so bad! – Cargo Bay 2B. In a desk in between the two storage areas.
  • Be brave Cargo Bay 2B – Bottom floor, left pathway leading to the last storage space.
  • Locked in Cargo Bay 2B, top level, on a body in the last storage space.
  • Hang tight– Command Control, in the loading dock room. Some storage boxes are located by a lift that leads to a monkey.
  • Resist the call– Command control, located in the command center on a counter just to the right the main computer.
  • A new friend? – Engine core, Nacelle 1 (south) control room.
  • Ambush Engine core, on bottom floor by some grated floors panels by south wall.
  • Delacroix: Engine core, second level on the desk in front of the Engine core control area.



16 audiologs.

  • Our work here– When exiting the elevator, go to the first room.
  • Wonderous toys: Administrative offices, located at end of corridor from elevator.
  • Miracles: Security offices, on a table in the room with the upgrade and recharge stations near the elevator.
  • Killing the worms: The corridor between the security room and the recharge station. This is at a desk in the office.
  • A rayof hope The corridor between the security room and the recharge station. It is located on a table inside the room with a broken door and the window which needs to be broken.
  • Wherre are they? – Section B, Biological Survey Labs. The corridor with the monkeys is on the floor near the water.
  • Worried– Sector A, On the body and head of a Cyborg Midwife at the chemical storeroom.
  • Nurse Bloome: Sector B, cold room on a corpse. This is the responsibility of the environmental regulator.
  • A new purpose: Sector B, on floor in the room with ladder leading to the enviromental regulators.
  • The children– Section B, up the ladder at a desk in this room leading to one of the environmental regulators.
  • AI voice fragment– Sector B, on the first floor.
  • Making a change: Sector B, on the ground in a corner room with a replicator and next to the room where the ladder leads up to one the enviromental regulators.
  • Changing: After placing a vial in Environmental Regulator, you will see a hybrid at the exit. Kill it and locate the log on its corpse.
  • Our alliance: Sector D, on first floor.
  • Miller– Sector A, in a table next to a replicater.
  • Glory: Sector D, on a laptop in a small space surrounded with glass windows.



19 audiologs.

  • Sim units Xerxes Core, the hub at the elevator on some TriOptimum Storage crates
  • My red friends Xerxes core, located on the ground just before the closed door.
  • No shirkers: Just Inside bulkhead 42, on floor. Corridor in front of the lounge.
  • Crystal gifts Data storage room, the area with one of the red Ninjas. On a shipping container.
  • Sabotage Corridor connecting the Lounge and the Mess Hall. It is located in the hallway above the radiation leak.
  • Bronson: Power Administration, in an office near Quantom Simulation Unit.
  • What gives– Mess Hall. It is located on the floor near a table near one of the windows.
  • Bad feeling… Crew Quarters are located on the ground next to a door to the chemical storage room.
  • Let's make it– In central area, at the intersection, on ground in front the door to Crew Quarters.
  • Goodbye: Lower levels of Crew Quarters. Next to a corpse in a bed.
  • Everything old… Lower levels of Crew Quarters, in the locker near a bed in one the rooms.
  • Civil war – Systems Admin, located at the desk in the first office on the left.
  • Sim unit 3.– Bulkhead43, Power Operations, on ground in corridor guarded with a turret.
  • Don’t stop – Bulkhead 43 Barracks, on Floor 3 in the corridor between the four upgrade stations.
  • Martial law Bulkhead 43, Barracks in a headlocker in a sleeping quarter.
  • Resists– Command Center past the Barracks. A body is located in the Security Room by the Interpolation Simulation Unit.
  • Cease and desist Command center past the Barracks. Located at a desk in the Security Room by the Interpolation Simulation unit.
  • MedSci armory code Command center/Security section, lower floors in an office behind desk.
  • The main elevator Command center/Security section on the floor in the corridor collapsed. The intersection leads to Interpolation Simulation unit.



20 audiologs

  • Barricaded in– At the reception desk at the upgrade stations.
  • What's happening?– In a replicator's office. Near the entry to the Athletic section.
  • Friends and enemies– In a room close to the entry to the Athletic section, on a surgical table.
  • The mall: In a desk with a window facing both the primary elevator shaft (and the Crew Quarters).
  • Blackouts– At the reception desk that leads into the Athletics Sector.
  • Transmitter units Medical Anex, on an operating bench.
  • Ick: Just before the bulkhead leading into the garden from the Medical Anex.
  • – – – – – – – – Inside bulkhead 52. The garden area is next to the security sector. A corpse was found in front a door leading into the heavily guarded security chamber.
  • Under the garden: Take bulkhead 52 to The Bon Chance Lounge piano space.
  • Trusting SHODAN: Take bulkhead 52 to the Garden Area, on a Counter in the Bon Chance Lounge Poolroom
  • Escape pods: Take bulkhead 52 to a garden area, on a desk in the conferance hall.
  • Worm artifact– Garden on the grass beside a slope leading to a lower level.
  • Where are you?– Garden, on bench.
  • Turn on transmitter Crew Quarters – Lower floor near a body in Southwest corner.
  • Victory! Crew Quarters in a desk on the west side of the bottom-floor office.
  • Defending the reps– Mall Sektor. Next to the replicator, on the smoking corpse.
  • My nanites Mall Sektor is located on the ground floor of the galeria. On the counter in the room that houses the west section.
  • Find me– Mall Sektor security station on the surgical bench of the medical room.
  • Looking out for #1– Mall Sektor. In the technobrothel on the bottom floor, on a counter.
  • Coming home– Mall Sektor in the Casino area, on a counter in front.



15 audiologs

  • They´re escaping is close to the elevator. Nearby the upgrade stations is a corpse.
  • SHODAN: At the first stop of a tram, on a seat.
  • Floating psi-users: At the second stop of tram, on floor just outside tram.
  • Pod problems: After the tram ride. Take the side lift to the second level. Log is on the floor just in front of the door that leads to the escape pods.
  • A dream: After the tram ride. Take the side lift to the second level. Enter the Officers area through the door. The log is located on the floor. There is also a table with text and a body equipped with a laser rifle.
  • Shuttle control: Take the side lift to the second floor. The corridor that leads to the pool room is on the ground floor.
  • What's the deal? – 2nd floor Officers lounge.
  • Korenchkin– 2nd Floor Officers Lounge, in Poolroom on the pillars near the Entrance to the Restrooms.
  • Security rewired Officers Quarters above the poolroom in a locker located in the northeast bunkroom.
  • The machine mother Captains Quarters, in private office on the top of the table
  • A monkey wrench Shuttle Bay. Behind a Swarm pod in corridor before Shuttle bay A.
  • My completion: Cargo bay A, on the upper floor.
  • SH$8dD@#N’S Pl4n Cargo Bay A, on the floor below Dr. Delacroix's dead body.
  • The lovers The Bridge, upper-level after defeating Korenchkin.
  • Worms and guns– Center tram stop on the ground just before the gravshafts overto The Rickenbacker.



11 audiologs

  • Tau Ceti– Deck A pod 1. You just entered the Rickenbacker and are now in the room with gravlifts.
  • Tau Ceti, Pt. 2 – Deck A pod 1. High above the security station, looking out at the hazmat containment barriers that block the path forward.
  • Nacelle B access– Deck A pod 1. On the bottom floor, the control room overlooks the damaged floor from the coil accident.
  • Tau Ceti, Pt. 3– Deck A pod 1. In the control rooom, above the floor that was broken by the coil accident.
  • Wafer, Tau Ceti– Deck B, up the double broken ladders leaving the coil accident zone. In the corner, next to a corpse.
  • Rapture – Deck A pod 1, Nacelle A by the eggs, two turrets and blocked off path to Nacelle A
  • Betrayed by Diego – Deck A pod 1. A corpse in the room leading to pod 2.
  • The resonator– Deck A pod 1. The medical room is located next to the bench. It is located after the room with three of the turrets that leads to pod 2.
  • Removed from pod 2 – On the ground, after the egg on a wall and ramp down leading to pod 2.
  • Pandora Deck B/Pod 2. In the upside down chapel.
  • Last words– Deck A/Pod 2. Sick bay, Found right next to Diegos body.



10 audiologs

  • Stuck in here: Flesh-hallway in the second room of The Many. The ground floor before a membrane-doorway.
  • Central control?: First section before passing through the first bluesphincter. At the end is a pathway. The ceiling is where you will find some blue bloodvessles leading into the hallway.
  • Opening the Sphincter: First section, before going through to the first blue sphincter. Second hallway between the dripping acids and the air vent.
  • Grinding noises is the Second Section of your body, just after you enter the closed blue sphincter.
  • Poor Claudette-2nd Section, after passing through first blue sphincter. At the first tooth's base.
  • The Many, and us– Section 2, after passing through the second blue sphincter. A small desk with four exits.
  • Annelid life cycle Second Section after passing through the first blu sphincter. In a Rickenbacker Room connected to the small room that has four exits.
  • The Many Second Section, after passing through first blue sphincter. In a storage box in the room, with an airvent.
  • Many’s Evolution: Second Section, after passing through first blue sphincter. On the ground near a tent. In the room with the storage container and doors that are used as tents.
  • – – – – Second Section, after you have passed through the first bluesphincter. The room where you can plunge into a large body of water. After getting out, you'll find yourself next to a corpse.



4 audiologs

  • Some small assistance– Bridge of the Rickenbacker.
  • A caution is a virtual reality room located right after the Bridge. The first room has some cubes.
  • The EndA – Above the shaft that leads down.
  • Stakes: After jumping down from the shaft's steps. You will need to go to the next room before you can jump down another shaft.


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