Surviving the Aftermath Basic Info Ideology

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Upscaled Tents: Removes happiness penalty from the upgraded tier 1 living arrangements (Crowded Tents and Crowded Emergency Shelters)

Lumberjacks: Adds +1 work slot to Logging Camps and Lumber Yard buildings

Survival Skills: +20% production speed to Hunting Cabin and Trapper buildings

Emergency Harvest: +50% harvesting speed to all Farm and Irrigated Farm buildings (Not greenhouses)

Efficient Heating: -50% power use from Radiator and Industrial Radiator buildings


Sledgehammers: +30% production speed to Concrete Scavenger building

Junk Recycling: +2 parts produced per cycle at the Mechanic Shop building

Conveyor Belts: +20% production speed to Concrete, Metal and Plastic Excavator buildings (no mention of the automated ones, but I hope so)

Fish Fodder: +2 Fish produced per cycle at the Aqua Farm building

Panel Coating: +40% durability to Solar Panel and Large Solar Panel buildings


Solid Foundations: +40% durability to Shanty and Improved Shanty buildings

Reinforced Concrete: +40% durability to all tier 3 living arrangements (House, Two-Story House and their upgraded variants)

Guard Patrols: +1 worker slot in the Guard Post building

Calibrated Lathes: +30% production speed to the Gunsmith and Grand Gunsmith buildings

Prescriptions: +25% healing speed to Medical Tent and Field Hospital buildings


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