Super Robot Wars 30 Obtaining Achievements Tips & Tricks

Super Robot Wars 30 Obtaining Achievements Tips & Tricks 1 -
Super Robot Wars 30 Obtaining Achievements Tips & Tricks 1 -

A easy guide to getting the Quicker Draw achievement

What it says vs. What it means

What the Quicker Draw achievement says is simple: Use Counter on at least 5 enemies in a single stage.
The reasonable interpretation is that your normal combat counter attacks are enough to do the job. If you’re reading this guide, you know that’s not the case.
What it *means* is to either use weapons with the Counter property, or have a character with the Full Counter skill (Which makes every weapon they use have the Counter ability.). You also have to get kills with those Counters. I’ll discuss both options, but we’re just going to focus on one.

The Counter ability on robots vs. the Full Counter Skill

There are, to my knowledge, two robots you can get relatively early that have the Counter ability, the MP Nu Gundam (The Fin Funnels have the ability naturally.), and the Gundam after you customize it (It gets the Counter property on both the beam saber and rifle.). Both of those work for the purposes of this guide, but in my experience Gundam is going to be easier due lower energy costs.
The Full Counter skill unlocks at 1.5 million total CP, so you’d have to be pretty deep into the game by the time it shows up.

Getting the achievement

The easiest method for doing this is as follows:
1. Get your Gundam beefed up (at the very least 50% customization, though more is always better. Stack up that weapon damage too.) with a decent pilot. You can use pretty much any Gundam pilot, just get them to somewhere north of level 40 with a solid set of skills for the sake of ease. I used Fa because I am a psychopath. Do not use Fa.
2. Go to a Front mission. Preferably a weak one. So long as you have 100% chance to hit and the enemies have 0%, you’re fine. Deploy your Gundam and maybe another strong robot or two for safety.
3. Run your Gundam into the middle of the enemies, hide your other guys in the corner. Skip your turns. If you have MxP converter, run whoever has that back and forth down the field. May as well right?
4. After five kills via the Counter ability, you should get the achievement. It will pop when achieved, not at the end of the stage, so just keep getting Counter kills until it shows up. You’ll know it’s a usage of the Counter ability because it will say COUNTER above your robot when you do it.

Written by Sternutator

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