Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones Basic Game Information and Configuration

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones Basic Game Information and Configuration 1 -
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones Basic Game Information and Configuration 1 -

Console commands that may prove useful. contains spoilers.

About this guide:

i revisited stygian last year and it consumed me for two weeks.

throughout my venture, i explored, i experimented, and here’s what i’ve discovered. i’m sure there’s stuff missing, and by all means, please use my guide as a resource towards stygian content creation, or your own ultimate guide.~

i just have so much love for this game.. as flawed as it is.

a lot of time and effort went into figuring this stuff out and i’d hate for it to never be seen by anyone, especially when it might be beneficial to someone.

i haven’t played in forever and don’t remember much at all, so probably can’t answer any questions, but feel free to leave them anyway, maybe someone else can help ya out.

oh and on the rare chance of a dev reading this:

thank you so much for creating the outsider and his romance. it’s one of my favourite relationships in any game ever. the dream sequence caught me off guard.. but man was it beautiful. it made me feel something truly special. thank you. <3

Console commands:

  • fhtagn – debug
  • toggle_menubar
  • show_modifiers
  • show_favors
  • load_level levelname



shows your reputation with your companions.

i tested this while i was in the last level. my favor with (a romanced) outsider is 6, which i think is the last level (you can go up to 20 but there doesn’t seem to be any change in player or npc.)

add good reputation by: putting their name in the first box (as its written on the left side) and the number of points in the box below.

remove reputation by: entering a negative number and it will subtract from your current points.

although changing favor doesn’t seem to affect dialogue on the player’s side, it does affect the outsider’s behaviour to you. so when he has 6 favor, he has excitement in his eyes when you speak to him but when you set his favor to 1, he’s uncomfortable and feels uneasy around you (like when you first meet him).

i’m not sure if the reason there’s no change in player’s dialogue choices is because the favor doesn’t affect that, or if it’s because i tested this right before the end, so i probably exhausted all dialogue options with him anyway.

be careful with altering this too much as i accidentally locked myself out of conversation with the outsider. reloading a save might fix this.

setting outsider’s favor to -3 unlocked new (hateful) dialogue from him and a new line of dialogue from the player. i tried raising and lowering sonia’s favor to +20 and -20 and it didn’t result in a single change. sadly, the most dialogue i’ve gotten from sonia (outside of her recruitment quest), was at the very end of the game.

i haven’t tested this with eduardo yet, but he is shown among my companions with favor of 1.


i enabled debug mode, used this and saw it said ‘hub switch’ so i navigated to the game’s folders:

C:\Users\[PC-NAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Cultic Games\STYGIAN

saw there’s a folder in there called ‘hubs’. i’m almost certain you can teleport (from the console) to any of the hubs found in that folder, assuming you spell them how they’re shown. you can copy and paste within the console and capitalization doesn’t matter.

here are the ‘hubs’ i’ve tested:

BaronessDreamSpace2 brought me to the beautiful dream space, but unfortunately immediately stuck me in dialogue with the baroness. when dialogue finished, i got an endless loading screen. so don’t load that area unless you want to revisit the baroness’s dialogue.

BlastedStreet_Adameve takes you to the house in the toxic district, where you speak to edemavvah about his son.

theOldEelAttic_Nightmare prompts the beginning cutscene about the dismal man, followed by the nightmare sequence.

theOldEelBar_Nightmare second area of the nightmare, the bar.

Riverside_Demo_Nightmare third area of nightmare, outside the pub. i loaded another area after this one, which resulted in the music continuously playing, or me not being able to move, so be sure to finish the nightmare sequence or reload a save.

MainStreet_Demo_Nightmare fourth and final area of the nightmare sequence. after its conclusion, you’ll wake up in the attic as you did in the beginning of the game.

MiniNithon is *only* the cutscene of you surrounded by elder plants(?), passing out and waking up in the mental hospital.

NamelessIsle is the area where you see the cultist sacrifice himself, before speaking to black lips in the witch’s house.

NamelessSoldierHub is the map event where you meet and can recruit the nameless soldier.

Nithon2 – annoying patrols you have to run past. Nithon3 has the giant purple plant that gives you sanity. Nithon4 is the last level of the game.

RandolphCarterDreamHub immediately popped me into dialogue with him 🙁 was hoping i’d get the chance to look around some. dialogue concluded, endless loading screen.

WitchHouse_Step7_Attic i spawned in the top right of the level and couldn’t move. would recommend reaching this level organically.

the following are levels from random encounters (when traveling on the map): BestyRossHub, Mausoleum_Exterior & Mausoleum_Interior, TheClockTower, WidowHub.


remove_companion followed by their name, removes them from your party.

i tested this on my aristocrat character at old eel bar. wester left the party, but stayed in the bar.

i used <add_companion> to have him rejoin.

i’m wondering if this could be an effective, safe way to have companions wait somewhere. purely curiosity however as i haven’t tested this.


names i know the console registers: soniagreenecarter, outsider, eduardo, werner.

test_bestiary: gives bestiary info for raving lunatic.

add_angst: adds an angst defect to the player based on its variable.

1 adds attached, 2 adds clumsy, 3 adds dependent.

set_encounter_mode: seems to affect whether the player gets random encounters while traveling via the world map. it has 0-2 values:

0 = none, 1 = always, 2 = never.

update_lights: “updating character & lantern lighting” i can’t remember what this does.

EssexHotel_Room302 is the haunted room with the ghost. i also believe it to be the first conversation request with the outsider.

WitchHouse_Step7_Attic is the last level of the witch’s house, last bit of dialogue before the end of the game. useful if you want to see the different sacrifice endings per companion.

Written by aubri

Here we come to an end for Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones Basic Game Information and Configuration hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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