Stick Fight: The Game Epic Movement

Stick Fight: The Game Epic Movement 1 -
Stick Fight: The Game Epic Movement 1 -
I have made or found some pretty good movement so i made a guide about it.
( this is my first guide )


First things first

I am telling that some of these movement types are not easy to do and they need training to make. 
Do not get mad if you cannot do it at the first time these are hard. 
(note i may not know how some movements are made because i have done them quick) 
also i do not have pictures 😐 
also i will tell the controls 
W = jump 
A = move left 
S = crouch / quick fall 
D = move left 
Rc = right click / shield 
Lc = left click / punch 
F = throw / YEET 

Run wall jump

while running it is possible to wall jump from anything. 
to do this movement you gotta run and then move a bit back and jump from the ledge to get boost. 
so here is the movement. 
D , S , A , W , D 
do that near a ledge 

Shield boost and air shield boost

shield boosting is easy. 
all you gotta do is to shield and punch as fast as possible and in the direction you’re going. ( works best while moving ) 
A/D and Rc and LC all at same time 
air shield boost is almost the same 
just do shield boost in air. 
W then A/D and Rc and Lc 

Super counter

Just shield and spin it around you 

Jump boost

air shield once as soon as you jump. 
spamming wont help. 
W and Rc and Lc 


shield up when falling 

Player/Body flight

This one is the hardest one 
hit and jump from the player/body. 
also you gotta jump a few frames before hitting. 
and its almost impossible but will be learned pretty quick. 
controls (quick) 
W+Lc then S (repeat) 

Gun jump

This one has 2 ways 
first (harder) 
Jump at the exact time when picking up the gun 
second (easier) 
jump off from a gun while holding a gun 
(grab gun)+ W 

to make these all easier

you gotta be a tree or act like a tree and kill everyone who doesn’t let you be a tree 

Written by monsieurkitten

Here we come to an end for Stick Fight: The Game Epic Movement hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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