Stick Fight: The Game Basic Controls & Movements Gameplay

Stick Fight: The Game Basic Controls & Movements Gameplay 1 -
Stick Fight: The Game Basic Controls & Movements Gameplay 1 -

Everything you need in order to be a top-ranked player


Welcome to my guide!
This book will give you the information and practice you need to be a top SFTG player. We will cover everything from the basics up to the most advanced and practical strategies. I hope you find something useful in my guide.

Basic Controls

These are the basics of stick fighting. This is pretty obvious, but we'll go through as much as we possibly can.
Up to W
Left: D
Attack: MB1
Block: MB2
Throw: F
These rules might not be familiar to you so you can play the game before you read.


Movement is a crucial part of SF.TG. Without it, your chances of being able to compete with the rest are very slim.


Although the term "punching", may seem simple, there are many ways that you can use this mechanic to make your movement more efficient.

  • Punchgliding
  • Punchjumping

Let's take a look at these!
Punchgliding allows you to fly over larger areas. For example, maps that have two sides like Castle17. To do it, you must punch repeatedly while moving towards your objective. You can also do it diagonally in order to gain more speed towards the platform. This method is however outclassed in PBJ Gliding, which will be discussed later.
Punchjumping allows you to jump higher and increase your speed. You can perform punchjumping by jumping and punching simultaneously. To make sure you do what you want, you need to position your mouse so that it can move upwards. The PBJ is able to outclass this method.


Blocking is a very important mechanic. It can be used in many mechanics and is very useful when starting combos. Let's find out what blocking can do for us!

  • Punch Block Jumping
  • Punch Block Jump Gliding
  • Punch Block Punch Jump

Let's take a look at these!
Punch Block Jumping
This is the most crucial mechanic in SF:TG. This is a must-have for every match. To perform it, you must simultaneously punch, jump, block and jump in the direction that you want. This will allow you to gain more height. This will allow you to move horizontally faster if it is used in that case.
Punch Block Gliding
Apply the information from my punchgliding tutorial and learn how PBJs function and you will be able to do this. If you really need me, continue pressing punch and block at once and have your mouse angled upward or diagonally upward.
Punch Block Punch Jump
My own move that I created was not very useful but it can give you a little more height which can make some jumps easier. You can reach the map with the laser gun on top of it by just one attempt, compared to the PBJ. Perform a PBJ first, and then punch in the opposite direction. You should feel a substantial lift upwards.

Fast Falling

Combining fast falling and PBJs can make it easier to perform them faster. This will give your opponents an extra advantage!


Stick fight is a complex sport, so let's get into everything about weapons. Everything except the stats for the guns. These can be found in another guide or wiki. I find them unnecessary. Why bother with stats when your enemies can be crushed with superior mechanics or gamesense?


Stick fight weapons can be used to do many things.
Double-jumping can be achieved with weapons that are falling from above. Double jumping can be done with weapons that are falling from the sky. You can jump on the weapon, then jump when/before you grab the weapon to double jump. This strategy can be used for large gaps or to grab weapons.
You can also make use of the fact that the weapons have physics properties to resist the lava and spikes that are out for blood. These weapons can be thrown on the surface and you can jump on them. Jump on them, pick them up, then throw it again. This is a complex move, and you can find a guide written by the original creator. You can practice this mechanic by using the workshop map!


Throwing is a fundamental skill in this game that is often overlooked by casual players. However, it is vital for tournaments or pubstomping. Let's look at the different weapon types and what you should do with them.
Smaller weapons are classified as light weapons. For example, the (scattergun is small but has many knockback shotsgun). The pistols, all snake weapons and launchers aside, are all examples of light weapons. These small weapons are good for throwing but should be used to throw things like shotguns. You might throw them in some cases. (Stacked on a spike wall or at the edge a map, etc.)
Medium weapons include the ARs and grenade-launchers. These weapons are easier to shoot than to throw, so you should consider that. I don't think you would throw them if you are using a close-quarters grenade launcher or reloading (.
Heavy weapons include the minigun, the RPG/Snake Launcher/Flying Snake Launcher and the RPG/Snake Launcher. It's a good idea to learn how to use a minigun (from the tutorials found on the guide page. Don't hesitate to take it on the chin or throw it out. It is not worth it to let the enemy have it. You may even kill yourself with the self-knockback.
Do you ever wish to keep shooting your favorite guns to keep someone camping under pressure? Here's how to do it! You can throw the gun at your feet, and then pick it up again. Boom! Reloaded. You can reload a gun by simply picking it up.


Light weapons that are shot too fast will spin out and be inaccurate. Don't rush and take your time. As a reward, accuracy is increased and you are more likely to reload your gun. However, spamming is sometimes better than spamming.

Fist Fighting

Fist Fighting is the most common form of fighting during stickfight. These tiny little twigs can be easily smashed with the power of your fist. There are a few things you need to know.


Blocking can be done by timing a block at the moment that your enemy attacks you. This will result in a CLINK! The opponent will be rendered defenseless for a few seconds. This will make it impossible for them to attack or block, which gives you some great ideas. Here are some ways to block more consistently.
Predict when the enemy will attack. Block the enemy when they rush at you and are within your attack range. Block when you are within their attack range. To ensure a quick T.O.D., you should be blocking your opponent's attack range at all times. Bodysurfing, which will be covered soon.
To stop gun shots, you can simply block the time that you are able. You want to keep your distance until you can do damage. Although you can't stop being shot, it is possible to fight back.

Attacking & Countering

Punching is the foundation of fistfighting and can be used for attacking with your fists. (obviously??) If both players attempt to hit one another simultaneously, it causes a clash. This will cause a small visual effect with a circle and other particles but will not cause any damage to either player. Blocking is essential! Now, how do you punish your opponent after you block them?
TheLoaf's strategy for combining players. This strategy is most effective after you have blocked an enemy attack and stunned them. This is a great guide that the creator has created.
Here –
The guide!
To chase down runaways, you can also use PBJs.


Now, what happens if you are blocked? All you can do is run away, and then try to cover the distance using jumping and walking. You can avoid this by following the tips I have given about blocking. You should avoid blocking at ALL RISKS.

Extra Tips

There are a few additional tips that I could share, so here you go.
Before you pick up a weapon, move the mouse to preaim and then pick it up. On pickup, the weapon should automatically point to the location you are pointing.
It is very easy to shoot or attack and then throw your weapon right after. This will deal massive damage, or even an in-kill with a melee weapons.
Use a minigun to reach a high area of the map. Then tap-fire to stay up, deal damage to everyone below you. Although there are many better tutorials, this is one way to use a minigun.
If you hold block and grab a weapon while still holding the block, the enemy can see you holding your block out until you release the button. Useful for throwing.

New NA Competitive/Casual Discord Server

Are you ready to use the skills you've learned from this guide in your own practice? After seeing that Stick Fighters Community didn't have any tournaments, and people weren't talking much, we set up a discord server for stick fighting. We are currently adding members and would love new faces to join. Join us!
This link –

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this guide and that you have learned some useful tips to help you win more often. As a gift, I will now describe my mentality during a stick fight game.

  • To close in on the enemy, you can look for PBJ routes.
  • You can block people out, look for weapons falling to gain an advantage, and maybe even hit people.
  • Use bullets to kill your enemy when you get a gun.
  • When you get into melee, try to take one shot and attack then throw my spear or sword.
  • If there is no weapon, you can try to block the enemy's movement or attempt to move them. This will allow you to get more hits than the enemy.
  • Repeat the process: Win round

This is a simple guide, but not necessarily the best. It's something I can use from my head. You should consider this guide as advice and not facts. Even a bad strategy could be unpredictable, making it useful. It will take some time to get proficient at the game. Do not assume that you will be able to use all of these strategies at once. Keep your mind open and you will win! I may edit this later and b0nk out!


Written by b0nk

This is all for Stick Fight: The Game Basic Controls & Movements Gameplay hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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