Stellaris Best Build for Necrophage Terravore + TECH & War Guide

Stellaris Best Build for Necrophage Terravore + TECH & War Guide 1 -
Stellaris Best Build for Necrophage Terravore + TECH & War Guide 1 -

Best build for Necrophage terravore. Here are links to content I’ve made alongside this guide.



The Main Idea

The main idea comes from even before Lem, when paradox announced necro hives. As you might know I’m a huge fan of total war empires. So naturally I began preparing a guide. I got to A point

where I had to wait for Lem to come around. Anyway the point is I’ve been working on this for A while

and while now It’s not original, at that point it was. Necrophage Terravore! Necrophage was already

established as a powerful build, more powerful with lithoids. So why not hives? Devouring swarm is

really powerful. But first I’m going to explain how I make these builds and a few guide lines I follow to make a succesful one.

A Few Guide Lines.

Theirs a lot of things that make a rush build but one of the things

that is crucial is population manipulation for example:

– Assimilating/Necrophage

– Slavers

– Resource processing/Chemical processing

Being able to use the population of an empire like this is crucial

to a rush build and will be a common theme throughout a lot of

rush builds. Another is economic ability In a lot of rush builds you

need enough economy to make ships to kill an empire so lets look

at some

– Clone army’s amazing pop growth

– Resource consolidation’s powerful start

– Necrophages free colonies and pops

– Doomsday massive increased production

Using these 2 main principals we can form a lot of rush builds but

not all rush builds are created equally. There is a lot of other stuff

that influence a build like this.

Lets look at a few more obscure things that effect the strength of

a rush build. Stronger ships, for example.

– Devouring swarm’s +25% ship hull points and -25% ship build cost

– Clone armies 25% shipfirerate and -25% ship upkeep

– Determined exterminators +25% ship weapons damage

and -15% ship build cost

– Fanatic purifiers +33% ship firerate and -15% ship build cost

Most builds will need something like this to get enough fleet power

early game. Another is tech, while tech might no seem to important

so early their is one tech that can sometimes be hard to get.

Improved corvette hulls. This is why I most always have some boost

to tech in 1 way or another. It’s to risky to go in a game and think

that finding Improved corvette hulls will be easy. It’s all about

consistent efficiency.

The Build


– Intellegent, This gives a higher chance to get improved corvette hulls.

– Industrious, Everything Lithoid takes rocks, Also we start with 4 mineral districts.

– Traditional, This and one mind gives us enough unity to get no retreat very early.

– Unruly, Always take this no matter the build. It’s just so worth it.

– Any +1, No +1 Impacts the build in a compromising way.

Prepantent species:

– Intellegent, Prepantets only produce green science so this give more.

– Natural Sociologists, Again Prepatents only produce green science.

– Any +1, Doesn’t matter.


– Terravore, Eating planets. Ship build cost and Ship hull points. Free, In battle repairs. No retreat and most of all. Total war empire.

– One mind, This combined with Traditional gives us enough unity to get no retreat very early.


– Deneb Preset system, This gives a consistent planet size. I’m all about consistent effeciency.

– Lithoid shipset, Their just better.




– Ship upkeep and Naval capacity

– Ship build cost and ship build speed

– Fleet capacity

– Ship Firerate

– Starbase Damage

Here you have 2 choices, prosperity or synchronicity. Yes synchronicity Is super good for this build.


– Necrophage unity, The earlier you get this the better it’s 5 – 100 unity per converted pop

– Synapse amenities, combined with ascetic the amount of maintenance drones goes significantly down

– Stability, Just generally more output

– Leader upkeep, Only one you can get :/

– Edict capacity, this will allow you to get capacity subsides and mining subsides at the same time

this is huge.


– District and building upkeep, Just generally more EC

– Complex drone output, More tech, unity, and alloys.

– EC per month, I mean its just more EC

– District and building Cost and build speed, the only one you can chose from here, The build speed is nice but it’s not the best

– Housing, and you wonder why this one is the last one.

From here it’s really anything goes, Just have a little common sense like don’t ever go Unyielding.


Not much to say here I can give you the priority I use in the video but it’s really just the general guide lines of tech.

– Improved corvette hulls

– Geothermal fracking

– Nanomechanics

– Planetary Unification

– Biodiversity studies

– Hydroponics farming

– Global Energy Management

– Field Modulation

– Quantum Theory

From here It’s just economy techs, don’t bother with military tech until you get cruisers.

Starting the process

Most of this guide is assuming tech/tradition cost is a 0.75 and guaranteed habitable worlds are on 2.

Start with a generator district and unemploy the hunter killer drone on your capital.

S*rip your ships, and make a science ship. Sell 25 alloys.

Search all of the systems you can see with your radar. If one of them as a planet send your first science ship to survey that system, also send your construction ship there.

Once you have surveyed the system make sure to build an outpost right away and have 2 armies

ready to invade once the outpost finishes.

When the planet is yours, destroy the agri district and make it a nest planet and start eating it. Planets that you eat will make unity and admin cap, that’s why I keep a few pops their to use the open jobs.

The science ship you made will be used to find empire. Note when choosing a scientist make sure to look at your research tab to see if they can boost research speed. Little things like this can go A long way.

War >:)

So you’ve made it this far, Let’s talk about War. First when you find an empire don’t just declare war. There’s a lot stuff we need to do first. Like build an army and fleet.

Around year 5 is where you want to start. Start by making a second shipyard in your home system.

then 3 more armies. Once the shipyard is done start making the fleet!

Ship design Is simple, 2 lasers 1 gun 2 shields. That’s it? well doing this we can minimize the amount of alloys per ship to get a lot of decent ships instead of few good ships. Go into the fleet manager and set the fleet max to 40 ships. Keep making ships until you can’t consecutively make them (until you cant make 2 at a time anymore because you don’t have enough alloys) this is a good place to stop.

You’ll have around 33 – 38 corvettes depending on how good you did with the economy or RNG.

Around year 8 your fleets will be done, with all of the EC you’ve saved up. Cycle admirals until you get an unyielding admiral. Make sure you will have enough unity to get no retreat before year 9.

So now you’re prepared. Lets go to war, first move your ships to a system bordering the empire.

in the system move the ships right next to the hyperlane connecting the 2 systems. This will increase the chance a bug will trigger. Okay now I’m going to explain the bug.

Imagine 2 systems each system has an equally sized fleet but system 1 is empire 1’s home system so there’s a starbase. You can’t engage both. So you move your fleet into system 1 and the ai splits the fleet and moves half of it at you. Why? how? what? Well go back to the analogy with 2 systems, now from the AI perspective. When you move your fleet into system 1 the AI thinks it can take system 2 since there’s no fleet there. so it splits its fleet to go capture. That’s the best I can explain.

Once you’ve won the battle you want to take all of their planets as fast as possible, you don’t care about their other systems. You want their pops. Eat all of their planets except their capital. Destory all of their agri districts and unemploy all brain drones and alloy drones. You want these planets to make all of the menial resources for the first couple decades.

So you’ve won your first war, but you still hunger. Well fear not! This build is 2 grand admiral AI empires insured! Just repeat the steps you took to kill the other empire. I’ve been able to consistently kill 3 empire before year 20.

After year 20

Well after year 20 It’s either tech tech tech. Or keep killing empires. Once I research auto survey I make 5 or 6 science ships to survey the galaxy. More construction ships and just take the galaxy. Kill any empires in your way with your massive eco.

Wrapping Up

Welp that’s it, hope you can conquer many galaxies with this build.

To get a better idea of these builds watch these videos

YouTube player

This is a shorter 11 minute video giving a more run down on the build.

YouTube player

This is a longer 24 minute video going from year 1 to year 20 explaining the process in more depth.

Written by Apollo

This is all for Stellaris Best Build for Necrophage Terravore + TECH & War Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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