Steam How to Upload GIF on Steam Profile Guide

Steam How to Upload GIF on Steam Profile Guide 1 -
Steam How to Upload GIF on Steam Profile Guide 1 -



 Follow these steps to upload your very own personal customised Steam .gif/animated profile art. This guides involves Inspect Element for your profile art to work and not show small separated images. It will fix the height of Steam's limited height range.

You can turn this code below in the Inspect Element on your steam webpage (it will NOT allow you to inspect element on the steam application) please use the webpage steam page to view inspect element.

How to use Inspect Element using the webpage Steam page


  • Open up your webpage of Steam click this link it will direct you to the steam community on your browser webpage Steam Community – [] 
  • Click on your name at the top right of the page
  • Click on your “Artwork” tab if you scroll down the page
  • Once you have clicked on the “Artwork” tab click on “Upload Artwork” button which will display on top of the page
  • Click on that button and you’ll be proceeded to the “Select which game you want to upload artwork for” page
  • Click on “Not Game Specified” button
  • Name whatever you want your title to be be aware the title will show underneath your profile art on your profile
  • Drag and drop your profile art or manually upload your profile art using the “Select your artwork file” category
  • Leave the “Set visibility” default how it shows
  • Under the “Rights and ownership” section click on “I certify that I created this artwork” and click on “Save and Continue”
  • Now the important thing now is to go into Inspect Element by clicking on F12 on Chrome or right-click and click on “Inspect Element option that shows on your screen” When you’re in Inspect Element click on “Console” and copy and paste the code which shows below in this guide.




Important Information!


  • You must have a steam account level 10 to go on with this guide if not there’s guides out there to pass level 10 in a fast manner. I highly suggest searching up a video on Youtube how to get level 10 on Steam.
  • You can use – []  to make your profile art
  • Please bare in mind if you’re using a normal showcase the specs are 506 pixels wide and any height, then side artwork should be 100 pixels


How to upload your own .gif Steam profile art (Inspect Element Fix)


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