Stardew Valley Tips & Gameplay

Stardew Valley Tips & Gameplay 1 -
Stardew Valley Tips & Gameplay 1 -

These tips will help you move forward but will also give you more gameplay experience.
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1. Unlock the beach bridge first
On day two will Willy invite you to the beach, and he will give you your first fishing rod
Also on beach you can find destroyed bridge, that can be fixed with 300 wood
When its fixed you can find there almost every day a lot of corals and sea urchins that can obtain you a lot of money on beginning
2. Try completing community bundles as soon as possible
When completing any community bundle you will get a reward [greenhouse, bridge fix, carts etc.]
I reallly recommend completing pantry bundle that will grant you a greenhouse
This is the most helpful tip of all the time, but also a lot of players know this already
Just dont save money, its useless, invest in animals, crops and buildings, later it will gain you a lot of MONEY
4. Field snacks
While doing anything, on beginning its not easy to get food to restore your energy, unless you make a field snack
field snacks are really usefull because theyre made only from tree seeds which you can get only from chopping trees
5. Bring your hoe everywhere you go
On map you can find a lot of small artefact spots which looks like a small worms
Use your hoe and these spots can help you fill your museum and also give you some bonus founds
Pt.2 coming out 2.6!


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