Stardew Valley Downloading & Uploading Mods

Stardew Valley Downloading & Uploading Mods 2 -
Stardew Valley Downloading & Uploading Mods 2 -

This guide will help you modding the Game Stardew Valley (PC only). It also shows how to do it in coop


To install mods, you will need SMAPI (a mod loader to Stardew Valley).
Windows – []
Use this to refer to any other parts of the book
Stardew valley wiki – []
This is the best way to get started.

Download mods

There are many websites where you can get mods, but Nexus is my favorite. There is a community made mod that you can get for free!
The most popular Nexus mods – []
They are a good place for you to start searching. To download Mods you will need an account. Once you're done, all you have left to do is to find the (or) that you like and click on the "Download Manual" button.
I must ask you if your budget allows for mod creators to work for free. If you truly enjoy a mod, consider donating.

Upload mods to SMAPI

After downloading a mod, you will see a zip folder. You will need to right click on the folder and click the "option Extract All" button. Once the folder is extracted, you can go to steam and search for stardew Valley. After that, you can right click on the folder and click "browse Locale Files" if SMAPI was installed right there should be another mod folder.

Turn off mods

You may need to turn off some mods after you have installed them. All you need to do is create a folder called "mods Off" and put any mods in there


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