Spore How to play Online [2021 Version]

Spore How to play Online [2021 Version] 1 - steamsplay.com
Spore How to play Online [2021 Version] 1 - steamsplay.com
A short guide on how to register for Spore Online in 2021.


Getting your product code

First of all, the rumors are not true, the servers are not down. 
Second, to register for a Spore account you need to do that with your EA account. 
Third, your EA account “must know that you have Spore” for that to work. 
In 2019 one could simply view the Spore product code in the Steam library and then redeem the code on http://www.ea.com. However, it is not possible to view the product code for Spore in the Steam library any longer due to exploitation. 
So you will have to either contact Steam or EA support. 
* Either ask Steam support if they could send you your product key. 
* Or ask EA support if they could add Spore to your library. Show EA your Steam purchase. 
Be patient. Give them at least 24 hours to reply. 

Redeeming your product code

Now that you have your product code, redeem it on http://www.ea.com 
( settings > redeem product code) 
If EA support just added your game to the library, you can skip this part. 


You can only register in-game. Open Spore and register by using your EA email and password. This will create your Spore account. Now you should have access to http://www.spore.com and any other online functions as well. 
If the register window doesn’t show up for you, delete your save file: 
Go to &appdata%/Roaming/Spore/Games and delete the folder “Games0” 
If you restart the game now, the register window should show up. But remember to copy the folder somewhere to back up your save file! 
!! It is very important that you REGISTER not LOG-IN. !! 
That’s it, good luck! 

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