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Spellbreak Game Review on Spellbreak 1 - steamsplay.com
Spellbreak Game Review on Spellbreak 1 - steamsplay.com
A hodgepodge guide of various cla*ses, gauntlets, gamemodes, community, devs, and general tips.


What is Spellbreak?

Spellbreak is a multiplayer fantasy action game made by indie development company Proletariat. You can use magic gauntlets yadadadadada. Point is, there is Battle Royale, and Dominion, two gamemodes the community is currently split on. The Battle Royale is the original gamemode, and is populated by people clinging onto the past, and AI to fill lobbies. Dominion is a competitive gamemode objective based gamemode (basically small conquest for any Battlefield fans out there) that Proletariat made to experiment with the ranked system. Most streamers and content creators play both gamemodes to varying degrees.

The different cla*ses and Gauntlets.

Spellbreak currently has 6 cla*ses and gauntlets. I won’t bother telling you the meta because Spellbreak is balanced enough now where you can be successful enough with anything if given enough practice ever since chapter 2(no more toxicologist abusers like me). Dominion sorta has a meta for really good players but if you are reading this guide, you are not the 5% of people it affects, (I ain’t either so no sweat). By the way, if you are playing frostborn, or tempest player, don’t say you are a frost user or wind player, know the difference between cla*s and gauntlet because people like me get mad over small ♥♥♥♥ like that. If you want a rundown of perks of each cla*s here you go.

Frostborn/Frost – only real sniper, longest range, one of two cla*ses that doesn’t have to commit to a fight to be successful. If you think you are cool and epic at aiming, play frostborn.

Pyromancer/Fire – this is the cla*s with the hardest aiming in the game, you shoot out fireballs which does a lot of damage but low projectile speed so kinda hard to aim. people who are actually skillful at aiming use the fire gauntlet.

Stoneshaper/Stone – instead of shooting stuff, you slam the ground and a fast earthquake hits the enemy if they are on the ground. Stoneshapers just play stoneshaper because it is hard and you really have to master elevation control. Megaverse, widely considered the best SB player ever was a stoneshaper main before he ditched the game.

Conduit/lightning – Long/medium range hitscan gauntlet that used to be really unbalanced. back in the day people used controller and turned on aim a*sist to dominate matches. This is one of the two best gauntlets for console players. this is also the other gauntlet that doesn’t require a full engage. gigglebyte, used this and tempest with a controller to abuse the game before he ditched SB.

Tempest/Wind – Basically a submachine gun that lets you rocket jump around. Prolly the hardest gauntlet to master because the utility you can gain out of this is immeasurable. With Tempest, you never have to touch the ground, making it the hardest counter to stoneshaper. If you are a dedicated hipster try out tempest, or wind gauntlet with ambi (this gauntlet is the worst offhand otherwise).

Toxicologist/Toxic – Cringeicologist is a cla*s that gives you a damage buff for being invisible. This gauntlet used to be super op and stuff. The gauntlet itself is a shotgun, and cool epic gamers call toxic basic attacks “slaps”. Camski used to use this gauntlet and kicked a*s.

Pro tip – if someone tells you that your cla*s/gauntlet is cheap or OP, just say “I know you are but what am I” repeatedly until they permanently leave SB. SB players are giant babies who take the game to seriously.

The Community :()

This game has a cult following and people who play this game feel it is their entire life, but before I tell you about modern spellbreak, you need to know how it was in the past. Back in pre-alpha, a bunch of nerds got together to play a developing game called Spellbreak, today we call these people “competitive boomers”. The game went through several major changes and had a bunch of stuff added and reworked. In September 2020, the game was officially released on thrown on Steam. In late October, the game had a huge TWITCH RIVALS COMPETITION SUPER COOL OMG where people got together and made hype for the game, at this point, Spellbreak was at the highest playerbase it was ever at. Also there was Element, a community of competitive players who made tournaments and stuff for the boomers and new people.

Around late December and January, a bunch of people realized that BR is boring and left the game. (this is when I joined btw <3). Element continued to host tourneys. Around this time, commentators started talking about how much they hate the game while still playing it for 8 hours a day.

In February, Proletariat announced that the chapter 2 update would come out and add new gamemodes and a bunch of cool stuff. The hype for the update sorta riled up the community and got some old players interested. It was supposed to come out in march, but Prole kept putting it off. During this time, the way the Quest system worked, the whole game was stuck in the last quest for almost the entirety of March. “That’s not a big deal” you might think, but it turns out, the last quest was one that added in the “AEGIS TOWER BUF XDXDXD SUPER KEWL !!!!!!” the AEGIS TOWER BUFF was a buff that made players unkillable except by ppl who also had it, there was only a few of these buffs in a match, so only players who grabbed it first actually could win in the BR mode. eventually the buff was removed because so many players left SB during the time the buff was around which really suppressed the hype for chapter 2.

on April 8th, chapter 2 came out, along with several new talents, and the new gamemode – dominion and the ranked system. Here are the list of problems with the update: poor matchmaking, constant crashing, whole days where people could matchmake without crashing, Ranked system is actually a progression system in disguise that takes forever to grind (it took Kairi Caitlyn, the first person to reach the highest rank, 16 days of constant grinding to reach it), no placement matches for ranked (you just start at bronze), Veteran matchmaking is off so new players go against the best players in the world, Springstep rune is bugged, Teleport bugged, the new gilded talent is SUPER SUPER OP, and more. After chapter 2 came out, over half of all major content creators and competitive players left the scene, although playerbase remained stable. That is where we are right now, today there is a power vacuum in content creators and the competitive community is hurting. All proletariat gets is flak, and yesterday Dan(lead designer) said something about how ppl shouldn’t be pissy when a game changes and all the babies lost their minds, so that was pretty awesome.

For the most part, even if people are giant babies, everyone is still pretty cool, and most people you meet on SB or the communities around SB are cool.

Getting good

Spellbreak has a huge learning curve. The gameplay is unique, and even though the gamemodes are 3rd person BR and Dominion, the combat tends to rollout like a fighter game. If you want to get good you have to grind. It took me 130 hours or so before I killed a veteran player in a fair 1v1. I am not a god at this game like other people are, but just know that it takes time.

Written by Birdmanツ

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