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SpectrumGames Cheat Sheet Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
SpectrumGames Cheat Sheet Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

A description of the course of the game to help the novice Game Master

Gathering of Players

All players are assigned the “Spectator” role by default and have complete freedom of movement through the game space. The Game Master can adjust these settings at any time.

Assigning Roles

It is up to the Game Master to decide who gets which role. In the settings (press the X key to open the settings panel), the Game Master chooses the visibility of the roles “visible to player and game master” and then chooses a new role opposite each player. The resulting role the player will see in the upper left corner of the screen.

Self-presentation Day

On the first game day, to give the players at least some clues to find the mafia, the Game Master arranges a short day of self-presentation: he calls the topic of presentation (absolutely any topic) and lets each player in turn present himself within the given topic or name an association to it. We recommend 15-20 seconds per player for the self-presentation.
No discussion, just brief remarks by the players one at a time. At this point the day of self-presentation ends, the host announces nightfall and blocks all players from seeing the screen.

Mafia Meeting Night

The Game Master returns visibility of the screen to the players playing for the Mafia. The mafia can see each other and get to know each other. After that, the visibility of the Mafia screen is blocked again, to immediately go into day mode.

First Game Day

The Game Master returns all players to screen visibility and announces the day and the start of the 5-minute discussion.
The Game Master can block the microphone to some (or all) of the players if the atmosphere at the table needs to be corrected.

Putting to a vote

When the discussion time comes to an end, the Game Master invites everyone in turn to name which of the players he considers to be the mafia. The named player will be put to the vote and given a minute for a monologue. Players who are not nominated will take part in the voting like everyone else, but will not get a minute of monologue and cannot be voted against.
Encourage players not to repeat nominees, so that as many players as possible can be put on the ballot.

Players’ Monologues

Each player nominated for a vote gets one minute for a monologue. Players speak in the order they are nominated.
A player may finish the speech earlier, but not later than the allotted time limit (one minute). The Game Master then asks if anyone wants to take a “golden minute”. If no one is willing, he announces a vote.


Voting against the players takes place in the same order in which the procedure for placing players took place: the Game Master calls the player’s number and counts to three, and then looks to see how many voting buttons have changed color from white to red. After each vote count, the Game Master has to reset the voting results.
At the Game Master’s discretion, the voting procedure can be conducted by raising your hand up (there is a corresponding icon in the gestures).
The player with the most votes leaves the game table. In this case the presenter reveals the role of the player (in the role visibility settings).
Each player can vote only once. It is impossible not to vote. If a player doesn’t press the voting button, his unused vote goes to the last exposed player.
Note: if there are an equal number of players at the game table for the mafia and the peaceful city, the mafia is not allowed to vote all together when voting again, unless at least one peaceful player votes with the mafia.

First and Subsequent Nights

The Game Master announces nightfall and blocks all players from seeing the screen.
The moderator then returns visibility to the mobs. The Mafia uses the “pointer” tool to choose a victim. When all mafia members have pointed at the same player, the Game Master gestures to confirm the chosen victim and returns the mafia members to nightfall.
The Game Master then wakes up the Detective. The Detective points a pointer at one of the players. If the player being checked is Mafia, the presenter gestures to the Detective with a “thumbs up” gesture. If peaceful, a “thumbs down” gesture. The Game Master brings the Detective back into the night.
The Game Master then wakes up the Special Officer. The SO points his pointer at the player he is going to shoot. The Game Master gestures to confirm that he has taken note of the information and returns the SO to the night.
At last the Game Master wakes up the the Doctor. The Doctor points the pointer at the player he is about to cure. The Game Master gestures to confirm that he has taken note and returns the doctor to the night. The Doctor may treat any player, including himself. However, the Doctor is not allowed to treat the same player twice in a row.

Second and Subsequent Days

The Game Master returns all players to screen visibility and announces the results of the night: whether and who the victims were, or whether all managed to survive.
The roles of the killed players are revealed: to do this, the Game Master changes the setting for the visibility of the roles. Killed players can return the ability to move if it was previously disabled. At his discretion, the Game Master can assign the players who left the table the role of spectator and allow them to stay in the room to watch the game.

When the Game Ends

The game ends with the victory of the civilians when they manage to destroy all Mafia members.
The mafia wins when there are fewer civilians than mafia members.
Tie in the game when there is one mafia member against Special Officer (a shooting role).

Recommended Rules and Features of the Game

Golden Minute Right
Once in the entire game, each player can exercise the “Golden Minute” right. This is an opportunity to get an extra minute for a monologue. Usually the Golden Minute is used in critical situations: when the player has already said the last word, but the suspicions of the player are clearly not removed.
The Rule of Three Remarks
It is recommended to declare a reprimand to players for violation of any rules of the game, as well as for the use of foul language, betting or swearing. The player, who accumulated three remarks, should leave the game table. The remarks are announced to the player verbally.
Mafia can deliberately accumulate remarks to set up a civilian: for example, if there are only two people on the voting – the very civilian and the mafia. After all, the votes of the player who left because of the remarks will automatically go to the remaining player.

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