Space Travel Idle Information & Secrets Guide

Space Travel Idle Information & Secrets Guide 1 -
Space Travel Idle Information & Secrets Guide 1 -

This is the translated version of the guide by Necrofill


1. Against bosses, the Dodge+Charge tactic works well if 2 charges are enough (in the worst case, you have 243 chances out of 100,000).
2. Synergy for the extraction of biomass, Petri Dish + Lightning Action + one-punch (oneshot) opponents. Sometimes Cleaver can help. Also if you can get them maxed level it will also boost your resources alot.
3. Synergy for energy production Energy Drink+Infra Restructure+Industrial Revolution and burn biomass.
4. Synergy on the extraction of cards Drop Improve+Treasure Hunter+Lightning Action+oneshot opponents.
5. Synergy for the extraction of resources (except biomass) Resource Refinement + Industrial Revolution.
6. Synergy on Research, Research Accelerator+Rapid Tech+A Default Profile Pic??.
7. Synergy for construction, Infra Accelerator+Rapid Tech+A Default Profile Pic??.
8. Synergy on flights, Lightweight Spaceship+Space Travel Valuepack+Pekky’s Shirt.
9. Synergy on Maximum Health, Hp Base 1 + Hp Boost 1.
10. Air, water and soil for Mars are convenient to carry from the moon.
11. Do not strive to build all the buildings on the planet.
12. There are no special advantages on the Earth, the Moon, Venus, the Sun.
13. Mercury generates a lot of energy from burning biomass, and research, construction and battles are going faster.
14. Mars has a lot of battle bonuses.
15. Sometimes it makes sense to fly to the next planet and return to quickly complete all the affairs on this planet. As an example, Venus needs a lot of metal, and Mercury has the technology to increase metal production.
16. You can restore the efficiency of production on the planet if you take off and go back in a couple of seconds, spending all the energy reserves of the engines.
17. After visiting Mars, a new technology appears on Earth.
18. (Not relevant) Epic Cards are valid even if not equipped.
19. Biomass can be grown on Mars.
20. On Jupiter, it is advantageous to farm stardust.
21. Apparently there are no coincidences in the game. If, with a chance of 1%, a card should fall out of the next boss, then it will definitely fall out even if you do not wait for this very boss, but simply apply the creation of cards. (Apparently pseudo-random numbers are used without jumping and it does not matter how to advance through the number series by auto-kill or map creation).
22. It is worth staying on a planet that has a high amount of energy to research or build constructions that take just energy like space fold tech.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Necrokill for allowing me to translate their guide into english

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