Space Station 14 Playtest Tips & Tricks for Clown in Game

Space Station 14 Playtest Tips & Tricks for Clown in Game 1 -
Space Station 14 Playtest Tips & Tricks for Clown in Game 1 -

About This Guide

This guide will lead you and your crewmates to success on how to be the perfect clown on your ship! This guide will focus on the basics of how to be a clown for beginners and will lead into more serious techniques for advance clown users.

The Origin of Clowns

To become a clown, you must first learn where clowns came from. In anthropology, the term clown has been extended to comparable jester or fool characters in non-Western cultures. A society in which such clowns have an important position are termed clown societies, and a clown character involved in a religious or ritual capacity is known as a ritual clown. In Native American mythology, the Trickster channels the spirit of the Coyote and becomes a sacred Clown character. A Heyoka is an individual in Native cultures who lives outside the constraints of normal cultural roles, playing the role of a backwards clown by doing everything in reverse. The Heyoka role is sometimes best filled by a Winkte. Many native tribes have a history of clowning. The Canadian clowning method developed by Richard Pochinko and furthered by his former apprentice, Sue Morrison, combines European and Native American clowning techniques. In this tradition, masks are made of clay while the creator’s eyes are closed. A mask is made for each direction of the medicine wheel. During this process, the clown creates a personal mythology that explores their personal experiences. Modern clowns are strongly associated with the tradition of the circus clown, which developed out of earlier comedic roles in theatre or Varieté shows during the 19th to mid 20th centuries. This recognizable character features outlandish costumes, distinctive makeup, colorful wigs, exaggerated footwear, and colorful clothing, with the style generally being designed to entertain large audiences.

What to Wear

A clown is a person who wears a unique makeup-face and flamboyant costume, performing comedy in a state of open-mindedness all while using physical comedy. The character will have makeup that is a comic slant on the standard human face. Their makeup starts with a flesh tone base and may make use of anything from glasses, mustaches and beards to freckles, warts, big ears or strange haircuts. In SS14 our clown will only be equipped with the basics. Your clown will have big giant shoes that squeak, makeup, dyed hair, suspenders, a striped shirt, and pants. This might seem like very little but with the tips ahead you will be able to work with these.

What You’ll be Equipped With

On the ship when you first spawn, your clown will be equipped with the following items:

  • A clown backpack, duffel bag, or satchel
  • A service headset
  • A clown PDA
  • A bike horn

However, you will be spawned in a closet like area with items such as horns, pies, bananas, and more (picture link below) to to make your clown experience better for everyone! – []

What is Your Job

As a clown you must cheer everyone up no matter what happens. For example if the monkey’s take over the ship destroying everything you must still play music, throw banana peels, etc. Even if everyone tells you to stop they just don’t know how much they are really enjoying it!

Final Tips

There are only two things you need as a clown, one is a MIDI input player so you can play all those great songs for people to listen to! The other one is the shortcut Control+Q so you can throw all the banana peels and your crewmates! I hope the guide helps you to be the perfect clown thank you for reading!

Clown Moment

Space Station 14 Playtest Tips & Tricks for Clown in Game - Clown Moment - 0157793

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