Space Station 14 Playtest How to Be a Scientist Gameplay Tips

Space Station 14 Playtest How to Be a Scientist Gameplay Tips 1 -
Space Station 14 Playtest How to Be a Scientist Gameplay Tips 1 -

About The Guide

Look, we both know why you’re here. You wanna get better at Chemist or Scientist, but don’t wanna look for hours and hours for a reliable guide. Fear not! This guide was created with the intention to help newcomers learn the basics of Chemist or Scientist.

Starting as a Scientist

To begin, lets take a look at the Scientist. As a Scientist, your main goal is to explore the splendid wonders of SCIENCE! using the tools provided to you. “But how?”, I can already hear you asking. Well, to start, lets take a look at how you should go about the start of a round.
When you spawn, you’re given:

  • Your Outfit (Shoes, Jumpsuit, Lab Coat)
  • A Headset
  • A Scientist Satchel, Backpack, or Duffel Bag
  • A Scientist PDA

and are typically spawned in the lab, or near it. In Packedstation, you can sometimes spawn in the area above the cloning room in Medbay.
The Lab is always equipped with a:
R&D Point Source
R&D Computer
The Protolathe doesn’t have anything to create at the start of the game, but becomes more useful the more you make upgrades via the R&D Computer.
The Autolathe makes tools. I recommend you get a Wrench, Screwdriver, Crowbar, and Wirecutter from it or somewhere else as soon as possible.
When you’re in the lab, you want to look for your Materials, and place them in the Autolathe and Prolathe (Hold out the Material you wish to put in the machine by clicking on one with the Material in-hand). Always make sure more Matts go into the Autolathe rather than the Prolathe, as the Prolathe can only make tools.
Once this is done, you’re all set for a game of Science!

Science 101

Once you’ve set up, you’re ready to make stuff for you, and the people!…
As you may have noticed, at the start of the game, The Protolathe (The thing you’re supposed to make stuff with) is empty or near-empty! This is where the Computer comes in. To use the Protolathe, you MUST make upgrades to it using the R&D Computer. Click on it to start. You should be at a Menu now with three categories, “Unlocked”, “Unlockable”, and “Future” Tech. Unlocked and Unlockable, as the names suggest, show you the upgrades you already have, and upgrades you can unlock. Future Tech shows you stuff you can unlock, given the requirements for each have been met.
At the bottom right corner of the menu displays the amount of points ready for spending, the points you get per second, a Sync button (used for updating the amount of points you have), and a Unlock button.
To Unlock a Tech, make sure you first have enough Science Points. Then, click on the tech you wish to unlock, and given the requirements have been met and you have enough points, click the unlock button. Now, when you head over to the Autolathe, clicking the “Sync” button will add all of the new recipes you’ve unlocked to it!
Now, you made be wondering what you should unlock first. No worries! Below is a list of stuff you should prioritize getting first all the way to stuff you can get last.

The Upgrades from Must-Haves to Don’t-Bother:

Basic Research Tech (Needed for all other techs)
Basic Parts Tech
Material Sheet Printing
Industrial Engineering
Biological Tech
Chem Tech
Medical Machinery
Electromagnetic Theory
Security Tech
Ballistic Tech
Avionics Tech
Advanced Botany
Cleaning Tech
Advanced Surgery

Technology Construction

Now that you have the materials, you can start making stuff! Once you have Basic Parts, Material Printing, Indust. Engineering, and Chem and Medical Tech, I strongly recommend you get to work on:

  • A Cloning Machine
  • A Medical Scanner
  • A Chemical Dispenser
  • A ChemMaster 4000

To make a machine, first, make a Machine Frame. You can do this by going to the Construction Tab (or pressing G) and finding the Machine Frame there. Now, you want to place a construction ghost by clicking the “Place Construction Ghost” button (left click to place the ghost in a tile where nothing besides the floor is, right click to exit Construction Ghost mode), and use 5 steel (click on the ghost with 5 or more steel in your hand) to make the Machine Frame.
From here, use a Wrench to anchor the Machine down (click on the Frame with the wrench out). Now add a LV Cable. Go back and get the appropriate Machine Board from the Autolathe, add it to the Frame, and now you’re set to make the Machine!
The materials required to finish a machine ask for different parts, but they all require you to have a Screwdriver, and Wrench.
To find out the instructions of the machine you wish to build, hover your cursor over the frame you’re working on, right click, hover over the Machine Frame option, right click again, and select the Examine option.

Now You’re Ready For Science!

Now, you can REALLY say you know how to science! Remember, if you’re feeling unsure about something, you can always ask for help from your fellow Scientists!

Below, you can find the CHEMIST part of this guide!

Starting as a Chemist

As a Chemist, your job is to provide drugs Chemicals to your fellow crew-mates whenever they ask! Starting as a Chemist is WAY simpler than a Scientist, but far from easy to learn.
When you spawn, you’re given:

  • Your Outfit (Shoes, Chem Jumpsuit, Chem Lab Coat)
  • A Headset
  • A Medical Utility Belt
  • A Chemist Satchel, Backpack, or Duffel Bag
  • A Chemist PDA

and are ALWAYS spawned in the Chem Lab in Medbay if you haven’t joined late.
The Chem Lab is equipped with:

  • 1-2 Chemical Dispensers
  • 1-2 ChemMaster 4000s

To begin, place Large (Or Regular, depending on the map) Beakers in the Chem Dispensers.
Then, go to the Chem Locker, unlock it, and take the Pill and Beaker boxes to place them on the tables. You want to now enter the maintenance tunnels at the back of the Chem Lab, and find a Welder Fuel Tank. This is important for certain mixtures.
Now you’re good to go!

Chemistry 101

If you’ve played chemist as a new player, you may have faced a big issue:
People are asking for mixes you don’t know!
Fear not, as below is a list of nearly ALL the mixes you need to know as a chemist, and what they do.
Mixing Tools:
Large Beaker
A Beaker that can hold up to 100u.
A Beaker that can hold up to 50u.
Cryostasis Beaker
A Beaker that can hold up to 60u. Reactions cannot be make in this beaker, which is ideal for Smoke and Potassium bombs.
After making your mix, eject the beaker from the Dispenser, and place it in the ChemMaster by clicking it with the beaker in your hand, if it’s for someone else. From here, place your mix into the ChemMaster by clicking the ALL button, and make your Pills or Potions when you have!
(Do this by picking the amount of the mix you wish to add. While you can put an much mixture into the ChemMaster as you want, the max amount of mixture that can be in a Pill is 50u, while it’s only 30u in potions. You can only make ten pills or potions.)

Ingredient Mixes (Mixes that are only used for other mixes):

Table Salt – Chlorine + Sodium
Welding Fuel – Gotten from Welding Fuel Tanks
Ammonia – 3 Hydro, 1 Nitro
Kelatone – Silicon + Carbon
Fluorosulfuric – Carbon + Fluorine + Sulfuric Acid
Foaming Agent – Hydrogen + Lithium
Fluorosulfuric Acid – Potassium + Hydrogen + Fluorine + Sulfuric Acid
Fluorosurfactant – 2 parts Carbon + 2 parts fluorine + 1 part Sulfuric Acid
Diethylamine – Ammonia + Ethanol
Diethylamine – Ammonia + Ethanol
Ephedrine – 1 Diethylamine, 1 Oil, 1 Sugar, 1 Hydrogen
Inaprovaline – Carbon, Glucose, and Oxygen

Medical Mixes (Mixes that heal certain types of damage):

Tricon – Carbon, Glucose, and Oxygen + Silicon + Nitrogen + Potassium / Dylovene + Inaprovaline
Usually the thing you’ll be asked for the most. Supposedly does General Healing. Having some on you could save your life.
Dermaline – Kelatone + Oxygen + Phosphorus
Heals Burn DMG.
Bicaridine – Inaprovaline + Carbon
Heals Brute DMG.
Dylovene – Silicon + Potassium + Nitrogen
Heals Poison DMG.
Hyronaline – Dylovene + Radium
Heals Rad DMG.
Dexalin – Plasma + Oxygen
Used to heal Asphyxiation DMG.
Dexalin Plus – Dexalin + Carbon + Iron
A better version of Dexalin.

Misc Mixes (Mixes that do a specific thing):

Napalm – Oil, Welding Fuel, Ethanol
Supposedly used as fuel.
Meth – Ephedrine, Carbon, Iodine, Phosphorus
Deals 2 DMG per 1u. Makes you faster and talk as if you’re stunned.
Smoke – Phosphorus + Potassium + Sugar.
Immediately creates a smoke reaction upon mixing, Can be made into a smoke-bomb like device if thrown while in a Cryostatis Beaker.
Thermite – Iron + Aluminum + Oxygen
Makes fire if lit.
Explosion – Potassium + Water
Immediately creates an explosion reaction upon mixing. NEVER MIX UNLESS YOU’RE A T OR HAVE A CRYOSTATIS BEAKER. Can be made into a bomb if thrown while in a Cryostatis Beaker.
Foam Metal – 3 parts Aluminum or Iron + 1 part Foaming agent + 1 part Fluorosulfuric Acid.
Creates a Block of Foam that traps people in place. Will kill you if not in a Cryostatis Beaker.
2 parts Carbon + 2 parts Fluorine + Sulfuric acid + Water
Creates Foam that traps people in place. Will also probably kill you if not in a Cryostatis Beaker.


Well, that’s it! That’s the basic stuff you might wanna know was Scientist or Chemist. Find any part of this guide helpful? Go ahead and copy it into a notepad!

Cya in a future shift, lads! Have fun!


Written by blankworthy

Hope you enjoy the post for Space Station 14 Playtest How to Be a Scientist Gameplay Tips, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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