Space Engineers Miner guide for XU-3

Space Engineers Miner guide for XU-3 1 -
Space Engineers Miner guide for XU-3 1 -

This guide will allow you to take the most of SCAM miner script – [] .

Initial setup

This guide will get you through the setup process of the XU-3 mining drone but most of the elements also apply to any SCAM – [] -based drones.
You can find the drone over here: XU-3 Auto mining drone – [] 
The dispatcher is needed for the drone to work. You can find the basic dispatcher over here: Basic Dispatcher – [] .
You can transfer the green parts to your own ship or station and make the mobile mining carrier out of it.
Initial setup:

  1. Spawn the station Basic Dispatcher - [] 
  2. Spawn one or more XU-3 Auto mining drone - [] 
  3. Take control over the drone using "k-menu" -> remote access -> control
  4. Press "3" on the toolbar to switch to control camera view
  5. Press "1" to enable mouse movement in the interactive menu
  6. Using "E" on your keyboard select the following: Menu -> Take control -> Take control
  7. Be careful, the drone will turn off it's dampeners!
  8. Quickly press "Z" to turn them back on
  9. Press "1" to disable interface
  10. Dock the drones to the connectors
  11. After docking press "Z" to turn the dampeners OFF


Setting up the mining job

Now, when the system is ready, let’s set up the mining job:

  1. Get to the mining area of your interest
  2. Align the station/ship/dispatcher perpendicular to the mining area
  3. Control any "autopillock-remcom" (sub-grid, marked on color in k- menu (yellow or orange for instance))
  4. Press "1" to disable interaction with the interface
  5. Press "4" to undock
  6. Fly the drone low, over the mining area
  7. Press "3" to select bottom camera view
  8. Press "1" to enable interaction with menu
  9. Select "Menu" -> "Start mining job"
  10. The job is set

Those steps are needed to be done only on 1 of all your drones, the rest will follow automatically.

Adding more drones

  1. Make sure that you have enough connectors named "docka-min3r" to accommodate new drones
  2. Control any "autopillock-remcom" (sub-grid, marked on color in k- menu (yellow or orange for instance))
  3. Press "1" to disable interaction with the interface
  4. Press "4" to undock
  5. Spawn or print the drone (when spawning - make sure that it is low, over the flat surface)
  6. Repeat steps from "Initial setup". It is needed to plug the new drone into the network


Do/Do not list


  • Preferably adjust any mining job parameters before the job starts. Doing otherwise will apply changes after the finished shaft.
  • After using the interactive menu on the drone with the mouse control function, press 1 on the toolbar to disable it. Otherwise, you won't be able to fully control the drone.
  • While installing connectors on your carrier, install them in a line, only on one side of the ship. Doing otherwise will cause collisions.
  • When starting a new job align the carrier's connectors horizontally with the entry of the shaft.
  • While starting a new mining job, align the carrier's connectors perpendicular to the shaft.
  • After changing the mining area, before recalling set up a new mining job somewhere close. Otherwise while recalling the drones will try to get to the old location first.
  • If the drone gets damaged during the mining job, after fixing it, recompile a-min3r PB block on the drone
  • If you see any weird behavior, like a drone just hanging in the air, clear custom data of the empty "docka" connectors, if that won't help execute "command:clear-storage" and "purge locks" (the latter may cause collisions)
  • If you can't control the drone after undocking it from the station, turn off the gyro override (it's on the toolbar of the drone)
  • If completely changing the set of drones, recompile the station's PB block. It will update the list of active drones.

Do not:

  • Do not press "resume" or "recall" more than once. It will break the system.
  • Avoid recalling when some of the drones are docked. There's an issue with that function that may cause problems.
  • Do not resume while still mining
  • Do not copy/paste the drones during their task running


Optional configuration


Setting mining job parameters
Before setting up the job it is worth to set up mining job parameters. It will help to increase the efficiency of the drones.

  1. Take control of the control seat
  2. Press "1" - now you have access to mouse-control the interface
  3. On the screen you can choose maximum shaft depth, skip-depth (the distance during which the drone won't collect anything to its cargo containers), max and min battery charge values, max fill of the cargo container, etc.
  4. Select the values that you find the most suitable for the job. You will see confirmation of the changes on the log-LCD.
  5. Now follow the steps from "let's set up the mining job"

My favourite configs:

  1. Max depth to x
  2. Skip depth to x
  3. Turn on adaptive mining (Drone's interactive menu -> timers -> adaptive mining)

Changing the drone display color on interactive GUI

You can change the color in which the main display shows your drones.
To do that take control over the particular drone, find the group that contains lights and change its color according to your preferences.
That will automatically apply changes to the GUI.


Changing parameter values

If you want to change the default values presented in the interactive menu, you can.
It’s useful if you want to mine deeper than 50m or set maximum cargo fill for less than 50% for instance.
To do that:

  • In the drone's or dispatcher's "k-menu" find PB block "a-menucommand"
  • In the Custom Data of the block, on the left side of the line, after "DisplayName=" there's an argument description. For example: "DisplayName=skip 0m", skip 0m - will be shown on the display.
  • On the right side of the line there's an argument passed to the programmable block that will set the value for the drones. For example: "command:set-value:skip-depth:0" - will set the skip-depth value to 0
  • So let's say that we found uranium at 90 meters. We will add two more options to our default menu.
  • Add (important to keep the spaces): " DisplayName=Depth 90m;command:set-value:depth-limit:90" under "Depth limit" where marked values may be changed to your needs.
  • And " DisplayName=skip 80m;command:set-value:skip-depth:80" - to skip stone layer straight to the uranium deposit.
  • You can change or add any other values from this list: Arguments and values for SCAM - [] 
  • To know more about the menu configuration check out: Tree Menu Command NET - [] 


Written by pro100tv

This is all for Space Engineers Miner guide for XU-3 hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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