SOLASTA Crown of the Magister Thief Class Most Over Powered Build

SOLASTA Crown of the Magister Thief Class Most Over Powered Build 1 -
SOLASTA Crown of the Magister Thief Class Most Over Powered Build 1 -
The most Overpowered Class in the Game



Before you attack me, let me explain; every class on authentic difficulty is good, but some stand out on cataclysm. 
In my opinion, the thief is at the top with, pass without a trance, haste, invisibility, levitation, flame strike, fly, revivify, and raise dead as bonus actions. 
These are just the skills sold at shops; as magic items or potions, the key to this build is recharge at dawn. Any item with the keyword recharge becomes a bonus action with a thief on top of poisons, potions, and arrows. 
Then there is a sneak attack as your main action, or you can use a potion to pick up one down party member, then fast hands a potion to pick up another. 
Finally, evasion to on top of your crown buffs and high charisma means your passing every check you need. Play what you love but understand that thief is overpowered. 

The Build

Sylvan elf 
Spy for poisoner 
Primary scores 
Dex, Cha, and Con in that order. 
Intimidation, Persuasion, Acrobatics, and Insight 
Thieves Tools and Persuasion 
Sell Rapier and pick Explorers pack. 


Early game 
Hide from everything, even if it means not attacking for a turn; always attack one target at a time and help your teammates. 
Mid game 
Boots of levitation are a game-changer, go to the center of the map and get into the air with an elemental bow. 
Late game 
Cloak of arachnida’s pass without a trace and summon 4 minor elements (Wizard) summon beast 2 (Ranger) is powerful so long as you stay hidden and at range. 
When you have too much money, buy every potion and craft arrows with paralyzing and restraining no need for any stealth gear full kit of recharge items. 

Written by They1AboveAl1

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