Slime Rancher How to have the cutest feline slimes

Slime Rancher How to have the cutest feline slimesSlime Rancher How to have the cutest feline slimes 1 -
Slime Rancher How to have the cutest feline slimesSlime Rancher How to have the cutest feline slimes 1 -
This guide is about how to squeeze the most out of your feline slimes’ cuteness.



Hello! . . .

Do you like Tabby slimes, and Hunter slimes, and even Saber slimes? well if you do, than i do too!
You already know what this guide is, so i’ll just get to what’s (not actually) important

What not to mix your felines with.

So.. Almost all slimes look cool, the only slime you shouldn’t mix your felines with.. is the PINK SLIME

You may be wondering ‘why?‘ ..unless your like me.
Pink slimes, one of the most EVIL of slimes. would be the most evil, if not for The tarr.
Why are Pink slimes one of the most evil slimes, you may ask? because they eat EVERYTHING!
other than slimes.
So, sure, they are annoying, but wouldn’t that be helpful for you? then you wouldn’t have to feed them only 1-2 kinds of foods.
Yes, that may be true, but this isn’t about efficiency! this guide is about CUTENESS! And all that Pink slimes do is make them.. PINK!

and you may be wondering, What’s wrong with pink? sure, it’s not that bad, but still, all it does is make them pink, that (almost) doesn’t effect the cuteness! at least, to me

The only other slime you shouldn’t mix with them, is tarr slimes. It’s obvious.

What you SHOULD mix your felines with

Now, i’m going to make a list of what i think looks best, and first off, of COURSE, is the other felines.

First off, there’s the Hunter Saber slime.

( and yes, i would put a picture here, but this is my first guide, and i’m too lazy 🙂
Might add ’em later )

Here’s some facts on why the Hunter Sabers are adorable,

First off, There’s the vac pack, and when i say that, i mean when you are sucking them up. (not really, they’re too big) Hunter slimes make all slimes look ADORABLE when they are being sucked up.

Just look at them for yourself! Even the pures do it!

Second off, they look cool. They do. Trust me. They got fangs! Fangs are cool! why am i making this so long?- a n y w a y s . that’s all for the Hunter Sabers. and yes, the coolness adds to the adorableness

Now, there’s the Hunter Tabbies.

The first Hunter mix i had. They are adorable.

Here’s why;

The Hunter thing with the eyes. they are adorable.

It’s like you have a giant Tabby colored Hunter slime!

the only downside about the hunters & sabers is the hostility. beware of that. otherwise, ADORABLE!

That’s kinda all for the Hunter Tabbies.

Then, there’s the Saber Tabbies.

Personally, i have not ranched them, only seen them in the wild.

And here’s why i think they’re cute.

They’re big, adorable, F i e r c e Tabbies.

They look cool, they have fangs, just yes. don’t question it.

That’s all for Hunter Tabbies.

And now, for the Rad slimes, you may be wondering why i’m saying Rad slimes instead of a certain kind of mix, that’s because, I’m not gonna write all that!

So, here’s why the Rad mixes are so.. Rad

To be honest, i haven’t seen any of these slimes, but based off of knowledge, they look pretty cool.

The Rad Hunters have.. T h e E y e s.

The Rad Sabers.. they have fangs! so cool.

The Rad Tabbies are.. So rad. they are g r e e n , and can kill you (not really, you just faint)

And then there’s the Boom Tabbies.

I’ve had them. sure, they’re dangerous, but they’re red, big, e x p l o d e y Tabby slimes.
Nothing wrong with that!

The adorable risks

There are some risks to having these slimes, but those don’t effect adorableness.

Most of the slimes have dangers, for example, Pink slimes make lots of plorts, which can lead to Tarr

Most slimes only have one risk, so i’m just going to make a list

Hunter and Saber slimes get feral when you don’t feed them. (When mixed)

Rad slimes.. they’re so rad that they are toxic

Boom slimes.. i think you can guess, but in case you can’t, they explode

those are all the slimes that have risks, that have been listed in the adorableness list

That’s all!

That’s all i’m gonna write for now. I might add more mixes later, or if you want me to add certain mixes, than I might add them/make them higher adorableness level.
when i see that you want that.

i also might organise some things.

By madredhen

This is all for Slime Rancher How to have the cutest feline slimes hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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