Slasher’s Keep All Recipes for Empty Bottles – New Patch 1.1

Slasher’s Keep All Recipes for Empty Bottles – New Patch 1.1 1 -
Slasher’s Keep All Recipes for Empty Bottles – New Patch 1.1 1 -

This guide will show all current recipes as of Patch 1.1 to fill an Empty Bottle.


Empty Bottles were introduced as a rare item in Patch 1.1, as a normal consumable drop and on sale once per shop vendor. To use the Empty Bottle, right click on it, then left click on a consumable to fill half the bottle. Certain weapons and components with +stat points can also fill a bottle. Each item used yields a certain reagent, and it takes two reagents to completely fill the bottle. Because of the range of effects that you can receive, it’s almost always worth it to purchase this item at the vendor.

Reagent Types

There are only a small number of reagents that can be distilled from the various items in Slasher’s Keep:

  1. HP Potion – Distilled from any health potion (e.g. Shot of Health, Healing Elixir, etc)
  2. Liquid Steel – Distilled from any Invulnerability Potion (e.g. Shot of Invulnerability, Invulnerability Potion, etc)
  3. Chromatic Dust – Distilled from any Wand Recharge item (e.g. Chromatic Crystal, etc)
  4. Liquid Ice – Distilled from Flask of Frost
  5. Explosive Gel – Distilled from Fire Bomb
  6. Kinetic Goop – Distilled from Volatile Goop
  7. Blade Oil – Distilled from Blade Oil
  8. Club Rub – Distilled from Club Rub
  9. Liquid Amber – Distilled from Liquid Amber or weapons and components that give +Strength
  10. Shadow Philter – Distilled from Shadow Philter or weapons and components that give +Dexterity
  11. Dungaberry Concoction – Distilled from Dungaberry Concoction or weapons and components that give +Intelligence

Note: Not all weapons and components that give +stat points can be distilled. I haven’t quite figured out 100% how it works yet.

All Empty Bottle Recipes

All recipes are contained in this spreadsheet: – []

The strength of the reagent used has an effect on the stats of the crafted item. For example, mixing two HP Potions will always give Max HP+, but 2x Healing Elixirs results in Max HP +18.8, and 2x Revitalizing Drink results in Max HP+23.0. Use the table as reference for what general effects you will get for a particular combination.

Flask of Frost seems to be a pretty rare drop – I’ve only seen it drop twice in ~20 hours, but the effect of +1 skill point when mixed with Liquid Amber is the best of the bunch in my opinion.

Written by GAR

Here we come to an end for Slasher’s Keep All Recipes for Empty Bottles – New Patch 1.1 hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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