Sigma Theory Technological Ramifications Guide

Sigma Theory Technological Ramifications Guide 1 -
Sigma Theory Technological Ramifications Guide 1 -

The Cold War Deux: Electric Boogaloo is when an opponent nation attains certain tech prior to your nation. These are their descriptions.

Sigma Science



  • MENTALIS — [Foreign Power A’s] scientists get an Intelligence boost.
  • HYPNOS – [Foreign power A] – You can immediately acquire one of your scientists and then randomly repeat them later.
  • FIDELIS — One agent switches sides.
  • SOMA —




  • PANACEA — Scientists flock towards [Foreign Power A].
  • MIRACLE — Creates difficulty in armed conflicts by [Foreign power]




  • LIGHTNING — Exfil. LIGHTNING — Exfil.
  • SWITCH — Drone Countering from [Foreign Power A].
  • ARES — [Foreign powerA] allows you to acquire up two of your scientists.
  • FORCE 1
  • ABADDON — The Doomsday clock accelerates to 10, [Foreign power A] falls.




  • STABILITY — Scientists who have acquired the Incorruptible trait of Foreign power A’s acquire Stability
  • SHARE — [Foreign power A] research speeds up.
  • E COINS — -2 Scientists
  • ZERO — Doomsday clock accelerates at 10.




  • SOLAR NETWORK — Slows one’s research.
  • GEOFORCE — The trust in leadership has dropped by 10%
  • GATE — [Foreign power] kidnaps one your agents.


Favors for Faction

Private Groups


  • Council of Nations — +25% Nation, -5 To Doomsday per Technology; +1 Puppet Masters/Bonus to Negotiations/+1 Omerta/Conversion Boost/Extra Time for Double Agent Relations
  • Covarys – PANACEA =+15% Country
  • Defense Robotics
  • Star Frontier — +10% to all national relations per Tech; 1-day drone speed/Boost for antivirus


Influential Groups


  • Opus Mariae — US/UK/France/Germany/Korea; -1 to Doomsday per Contract


Armed Groups


  • The Caliphate of the Levant — US/UK/France/Germany/India
  • The Anti-Capitalist Brigade — US/UK/China/Russia/Brazil; -1 Doom/Con; +1 Smuggler
  • The Savastino Cartel — France/UK/German/Turkey/Nigeria
  • The Eye of the Dragon — China/Korea/Japan/India/Brazil



The Doomsday Counter cap at 30.


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