ShellShock Live Bonus Missions Tips

ShellShock Live Bonus Missions Tips 1 -
ShellShock Live Bonus Missions Tips 1 -

I am creating this Guide because I haven’t seen any other guides here that speak about the Bonus Missions that you can complete by defeating the final boss. I hope I explained everything understandibly.

Target Fanzy

First, you drive to the (from the left side) third Target row and you line yourself up on the target.
Then, you aim straight up and do 7 Arrow-Key presses down.
Now you drive one row of targets further and do the same again (Don’t change the force).
This should completly remove the left side of the targets.
Now there should only be 3 rows of targets on the right side left.
Drive to the (from the right side) second row of targets and do 23 Arrow-Key presses down OR go back to full force and do 30 Arrow-Key presses down.
Now you should hit all remaining targets.

Banana Boat

You have 50 bananas and need to eliminate 4 Tanks with each 300HP.
Everyone shots bananas.
The middle of the enemy group is full force straight up and 14 Arrow-Key presses to the right.
There isn’t much else I can help you with so good luck!


You are on to of a hill surrounded by 6 enemies with each 100HP and are all called Smith (Matrix reference).
They can use every weapon but you only have 50 Clocks, 5 M4s and 5 Uzis and you have 600HP.
You also have 2 Jetpacks and 100 Fuel.
I would suggest focusing on one side and going from top to bottom because it’ll be harder to hit the upper ones after they shoot you down.
They also can (and will) kill each other, at least while I played they killed 2 mates and damaged each other good.

Bounce House

You are once again surrounded by 6 enemies with each 50HP while you have 100HP.
You have 20 Bouncy Balls and everyone shoots Bouncy Balls, so it is purely RNG-Based if you win or not.
Also you have 10 Seconds to move with 100 Fuel before it changes to “Shoot only”. Would I recommend moving? Maybe.


You got 3 Boomerangs but you’ll only need one if you do as I say.
Aim at a 45° angle to the right (Or just click at the line that points diagonally to the right) and go full force.
Before you shoot do 3 Arrow-Key presses to the right and then shoot. You should hit all targets by doing that.
Now I haven’t testet it with Boomerang Lvl. 2 but you can just restart or click at Lvl. 1 to switch to Lvl. 1 Boomerang.

Anonymous Autonomy

The only way you can eliminate your enemies is by “collecting” the drones by shooting them, since they can shot through any obstacle.
I would highly recommend using spreading weapons like fire or frogs so you collect as many drones as possible at once
because the only attack they can use is earthquake so you should collect them fast.

Doors to Nowhere

There are alot of portals in this one but they are always the same. The only weapon you have is “Shot”.
First, you aim at a 45° angle to the right. Then, you do 13 Arrow-Key presses to the right and 16 Arrow-Key presses down.
If you want to do it with “Big Shot”, then do 14 Arrow-Key presses to the right instead and 15 Arrow-Key presses down.
I haven’t unlocked the higher levels yet so just switch to the lower levels of the weapon to do this.

Forced Sabotage

This level is pretty easy. Just aim straight up and do 8 Arrow-Key presses to the right to snipe the highest tank.
The death of Yertle can finish the job, but if his “death bullets” (?) don’t kill the left tank because of RNG, then do 7 Arrow-Key presses down.
It is slighty RNG-Based, so just restart if the death of Yertle doesn’t finish the job.

Hole Vaulting

This one is also a bit RNG-Based since Rapid Fire shoots randomly, but what you need to do is to drive as far left as possible.
You should have 46 fuel left. Then you aim straight to the left. Then you do 25 Arrow-Key presses to the right and 35 Arrow-Key presses down.
Then you spam Rapid Fire or the higher levels of that weapon. As I said, it is slighty RNG-Based and I beat it by randomly hitting one AI enough until it was defeated and theexplosion of that AI finished the other AI off. So if you don’t get it first try, this is why. Just try it until you got it.

Covert Ops

This mission is RNG-Based in terms of how hard the AI destroys the map or damages you. The only weapon you have are 20 knives.
You only have 10 seconds to move and only 100 Fuel, but you get 5 Teleporters and 5 Jetpacks, but not only do you need to move fast,
you also have to have good RNG with teleports, map damage and player damage. There are 7 AI’s that need to be eliminated but they can eliminate each other and only have 50HP.

Last words to this

If you didn’t understand something or I did an mistake, then let me know in the comments. I hope I could help at least one person with this guide.

Written by Leon

Here we come to an end for ShellShock Live Bonus Missions Tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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