Secrets of Grindea How to Make Mods + Installation Guide

Secrets of Grindea How to Make Mods + Installation Guide 1 -
Secrets of Grindea How to Make Mods + Installation Guide 1 -

Create your own mods for Secrets of Grindea using the work-in-progress modding tool.


Note: This guide is lackluster for now, and will be updated over time! If you have the time and know-how, reading the source code of the project (and the included FeatureExample mod) can help.
Note 2: Back up your vanilla save files before doing any modding of any sort!
GrindScript – []  is a WIP modding tool for Secrets of Grindea. It facilitates creating new game objects, such as custom items, enemies, quests, and miscellaneous things such as audio, or commands.


To “install” GrindScript, unpack the latest release from GitHub in SoG’s install path. You can find out where SoG is installed with “Library -> Secrets of Grindea -> Properties -> Browse local files”.
Once “installed”, GrindScriptLauncher.exe should be in the same folder as the game’s executable. From here, you can play modded game instances using the launcher. You can also play the vanilla game as usual by launching through Steam, or running the vanilla executable.

Transferring save files

Vanilla SoG and Modded SoG have separate save folders. Your vanilla saves are located in “%appdata%\Secrets of Grindea”, while GrindScript stores its saves in “%appdata\GrindScript”. This means that your vanilla saves are safe from accidental corruption, but you’ll need to transfer any save files you wish to use.
You can transfer your arcade save from Vanilla to GrindScript by copying the “arcademode.sav” file into the save folder. For story saves, you copy the world and character save pair from the “Worlds” and “Characters” folders. You can also transfer “Config.txt” to copy the game settings from Vanilla.
Afterwards, you can launch GrindScript to see the transferred saves appear. The game may complain that some mods are missing from the save file, but that’s okay for now.
Keep in mind that your modded saves won’t get saved on the cloud by Steam, so you’ll have to do that yourself.

Installing mods

Since the selection of mods for GrindScript right now can be counted on one finger, you can download the Arcade Extras – []  mod to try things out.
If the mod you downloaded has neatly packaged mod DLL and assets (such as the mod above), you can just copy those inside SoG’s folder, and they should go in their respective folders. If not, you’ll have to do a bit of manual copying:

  • Copy the mod’s DLL in the “Mods” folder, inside SoG’s install path. If it doesn’t exist yet, create it.
  • Copy the mod’s assets folder in the “Content\ModContent” folder. Usually, the mod’s assets folder has the mod’s name.

After installing your mods, GrindScript should automatically load them upon launch. It will also generate a text file inside the “Mods” folder that can be used to disable mods from loading. You can specify a mod as disabled by entering the file’s full name on a new line.

Making mods

If you want to make your own mods (may God have mercy on your soul), you will need the following:

  • C# knowledge
  • Visual Studio with .NET desktop development
  • The latest GrindScript release from GitHub

You can use VS 2019 Community edition, since it’s free.
Optionally, you can download ILSpy – []  or any other decompiler of your choice. You can then use it to inspect Secrets of Grindea’s code. This allows you to gain a better understanding of how the game works in places.
If you do decompile the game, keep in mind that some of the vanilla code is patched by GrindScript using HarmonyLib, so that custom content can be added.
Once you’ve got everything ready, create a new project using the “Class Library ( .NET Framework)” template, and add “GrindScript.dll” and “Secrets Of Grindea.exe” as references. Afterwards, create a class that derives from Mod, override any hooks from Mod that you want to use (such as OnPlayerDamaged), and create any custom content (such as items, enemies, etc.) inside the Load method.
Finally, you can specify unloading for your mod by implementing the behavior in the Unload method. Load and Unload are called when needed by GrindScript.
You can look at FeatureExample – []  or ArcadeExtras – []  mods for examples of how to write mods.

Written by Marioalexsan

Here we come to an end for Secrets of Grindea How to Make Mods + Installation Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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